Friday, November 23, 2012

Skin vs. Food: Skin Food Fit for Living

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A battle ensues every day. It’s not between countries or between people. It’s not even between neighbors or family. The battle is closer to home as our skins are bombarded with food that not only causes unwanted fat but also unhealthy skin.

The skin protects the body from the world’s dangers. It is the first to face damages that everything around us can do. But when the dangers are inside, the skin will ultimately suffer. It shows from acne and the horrible marks it leaves. An unhealthy lifestyle will inevitably show on our skins.

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Food not only nourishes the body – it keeps it healthy and it provides the necessary tools to make it fit for living. With the constant improvements in the science of food making, food becomes easier to prepare but at an inconsequential price. The nutrients are depleted and the fat and sugar are at an all-time high. That burger you had for lunch could be beginning to show on your skin.

That is why people in our generation suffer most from the constant onslaught of acne. They are more prone because the food that they devour isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Not only are the food we eat are becoming more cringe-worthy by the minute, our skins suffer the horrible consequences.

Lifestyles are not what they used to be.  Before instant food and extra conservatives, people lived naturally. Foods that they consumed were more likely grown on the farm manually, which contributes to their healthy lifestyles. Food was naturally made. No chemicals were used to grow whatever they consumed.

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It’s no wonder that our grandparents’ black and white and even sepia photos showed clear healthy skins! Imagine your skin being as regal as your grandmother’s when she was your age.

Healthy eating naturally equals clear healthy skins and it will inevitably show. Show the world that healthy eating truly contributes to the equation. Try eating only healthy foods for a week. Drink only water and avoid colored and concentrated drinks. Increase fiber intake and choose “superpower” food like dark chocolate, blueberries, spinach, salmon, and more.

Prove to the world that a healthy lifestyle is the one way to get clear healthy skin. Religiously keep a food diary. Share what you eat. Be creative! Use picture collages and video logs as you rediscover the power of healthy food on making and keeping skin clear and beautiful.

Using the right skin care products like Papulex™, which helps in fighting the three root causes of acne, will definitely keep the skin clear and healthy. Papulex™ is made with three active ingredients (EU-patented ABA technology, Nicotinamide and Zinc PCA) that are clinically proven to address the root causes of acne. It helps you manage acne to keep you confident so that you can be a little more positive every day.

Being careful of what you eat is one of the simplest ways of caring for our skins. The truth of proper skin care is available right at your fingertips. With Papulex™, seek the truth behind proper skin care amidst the cluttered food choices available in the world. Papulex™ leads the way in encouraging people to become Truth Seekers.

Food shows the life we’re living – healthy or not. Food is not our skins’ enemy. It’s the choices we make that matters. Is the food you’re eating fit for living? Prove to the world that you truly are living a healthy lifestyle with your skin. Find out for yourself what’s real and what’s not. Be a Truth Seeker.

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