Friday, August 31, 2012

Pupung goes SOLO | Solo Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia featuring Tonton Young’s Pupung

After Slice of Life and Kenkoy, Solo now pays tribute to Pupung. Check out this new Proudly Pinoy collection ...

Press Release:

About the Collection

SOLO never failed to give us nostalgic attack with its Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series. Yearly, Solo pays tribute to Pinoy Pop Culture with homegrown Pinoy iconic cartoonists.  Solo brought us back to the heyday of Filipino comics when komiks magasins used to be a big form of entertainment of most Pinoys. The creative collection spearheaded with the playful and witty characters of Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life in 2010, followed by no less than the greatest work of the Father of Filipino Cartoons, Tony Velasquez’s Kenkoy in 2011.  This year,  the series proudly features Tonton Young’s Pupung.

How do you best remember Pupung? It could be his family’s lugawan and their hilarious adventures that reflects the typical Pinoy family.  Pupung is a lovable kid in the comics created by Tonton Young in 1983. The strip revolves around the family of Pupung and their hilarious adventures. The comics strip focuses on Philippine pop culture, fascination with basketball as well as business trends and rarely tackles political issues.  Pupung became popular for its punchlines and the humor used in the strip is lighter than other Filipino comic strips which gives it a family-oriented theme.  Up to this day, Pupung appears in Manila Bulletin and continues to make Pinoys laugh everyday. Pupung and all your fave characters from the strip, Mommy, Daddy, Lolo Dom, Day, Jordan, Lelong and Larry Bird will be immortalized in a pop collection!

The most-loved Solo’s Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series takes Pupung and puts in on His&Hers graphic tees, popular varsity jackets, polo shirts, woven tops and dresses, men’s long sleeves and shorts and adorable accessories such as necklaces, toilety pouches and coffee ceramic cups with covers. The collection hits the stores in September. Perfect for fun wearable collectibles as Christmas gifts.  To view the entire Men's collection, click here and Ladies' collection, click here
About Solo’s  Online Model Search 2012

Following Solo’s tradition, the collection will be celebrated with a simultaneous launch of its Online Model Search, now bigger and more exciting on its 4th year! Starting September, the search is on for two new faces of Solo to be officially unveiled in the Spring of 2013. Visit for contest details.

Previous years’ winners reflected the personality of the brand – young, hip and bold. Jaggy Tallada and Joanna Flor in 2010, Mehran Khaledi and Phoebe Rutaquio in 2011 & Edward Espinola and Sophia Balagat in 2012. This year, Solo is excited and all geared up and looking forward to finding the next faces of the brand.

Solo Online Model Search contestants can enter by visiting Facebook or via website  Entrants must complete the entry form and submit their creative photo entries wearing any apparel Solo x Pupung collection. See complete contest details and rules by logging on the Facebook. Contest and voting period starts September 1 until November 30. Grand Winners will receive cash prizes and gift certificates from Solo, fabulous photoshoot for a year and will be featured in all Solo stores in 2013. 

Keep posted on everything about Solo! Visit, like them on Facebook,  follow them on Twitter and Pinterest and join them on Instagram @mySoloOnline

Also, check out Behind the scenes video of Pupung shoot here:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Team O Strikes in Bulacan!

This sounds like fun! I hope Oishi's chopper would also pass by one my my sons' schools. That would be awesome!

Press Release:

While the wet season continues to bring rain showers all over the country, students of Marcelo H. Del Pilar High School in Malolos, Bulacan were treated to a delicious new kind of downpour.

Last July 20, the school administrators gathered the students in the Bulacan Sports Complex supposedly “in preparation for intramurals.” There was anticipation in the air as the students were told that a celebrity guest would be arriving, but they had no idea who. At 2:20 pm, the students were surprised as a helicopter unusually appeared in the sky, thundered over the sports grounds, and circled above them. There was a wave of excitement that filled the entire complex, as thousands of students shouted with joy and started to run and jump after the helicopter.

As the chopper hovered over the gathering crowd, what happened next took everyone by surprise and caused them to cheer even louder. The helicopter began to shower the students with Oishi O, Wow! Surprise Packs from a height of 200 feet. The students excitedly grabbed what they could like there was no tomorrow, as the deafening sound and strong gusts of wind from the chopper beat upon the sports grounds. From Potato Fries, to Marty’s Vegetarian Chicharon, to Bread Pan; from Gourmet Picks to Baked Porky Popps, to Oishi Prawn Crackers, they didn’t know what they got until they open the Oishi O, Wow! Surprise Packs!

After circling the grounds five times, dropping thousands of snacks on its extraordinary mission, the helicopter finally came in for a landing. As it touched down amidst the thousands of onlookers, the celebrity guests finally revealed themselves as Elmo Magalona and fellow Team O member Tim Yap emerged from the chopper. The crowd went crazy, with many shouting “I love you!” while others snapped pictures of the famous pair. The festivities had only just begun!

Yap and Magalona proceeded to a small platform, having prepared a special program for the students. The helicopter took off once more and finished with its shower of Oishi snacks before bidding the crowd at the Bulacan Sports Complex farewell.

Team O warmed up the crown with a snack-eating contest. Yap then invited students to take turns showing off their dancing skills, and the crowd’s favorites got to stay on with Elmo Magalona as he performed a dance number to the tune of “Teach Me How to Douggie”. Then Team O tested the crowd’s familiarity of Oishi products in an Oishi-themed guessing game. After a game of “The Longest O”, the program ended with Elmo and a lucky female student singing a duet of “Call Me Maybe.”

By the end of the day, thousands of students had fun and over 3,000 Oishi Surprise packs were given away. It was a thrilling experience for everyone, Oishi and Team O included! Elmo says of the experience, “It was O-some! Let’s do it again! [laughs]”

The chopper shower was the first of its kind in the Philippines and is the first of Oishi and Team O's big surprises. Team O is a unique group of individuals from different parts of the media and entertainment industry consisting of Oishi brand ambassador Elmo Magalona, Tim Yap, Smart C+ endorser Slater Young, Rock Ed’s Gang Badoy, and Ramon Bautista. A mystery girl is set to join the team at a later date, though Oishi is keeping her as a surprise for now. Team O emphasizes the Oishi catchphrase “O,Wow!” by creating everyday surprises for various audiences. The next Team O event is set to happen in August and will feature a Team O member going on a one-of-a-kind run that's going to be “O,Wow!” and fun! We hope you can join us for Oishi and Team O's next big surprise!

View the video of Team O's chopper shower in Youtube via this link - Follow Oishi on Facebook – and Twitter - (@oishi_tweets)

Friday, August 24, 2012

SM Kid’s Warehouse Sale: Fashion at Discounted Prices

Sale alert fashionable moms and kids!

Press Release:

SM is giving parents and kids something to look forward to with its bi-annual Kids’ Warehouse Sale, beginning on August 30 to September 2, 2012. With 38 participating brands including Elle, Moose Gear, and Garfield, families can enjoy up to 70% off on selected items, as well as a 0% interest on all major credit cards for a minimum purchase of PHP 3,000.00

“We aim to provide trendy yet affordable clothes. The warehouse sale is a great opportunity to shop for stylish pieces at even more affordable prices,” shares Jo Dy Juanco, Vice President of SM Kids. “These days, children are more fashion-conscious and selective about what they wear. Letting kids build their own wardrobe allows them to develop their own sense of style.”

SM Kids caters to boys and girls, from infant to 14 years of age. Be it preppy or rugged, casual or quirky, SM Kids has something for every style imaginable. Girls can mix and match their outfits from a variety of clothing lines, such as Barbie, Gingersnaps, and Moose Girl. Young boys, on the other hand, can choose from favorite brands like Mossimo Kids, Colours, and Jag.

Mommies also get the chance to dress up their little ones in fun, colorful apparel. Sanrio Babies, Winnie the Pooh, and OshKosh B’gosh are just some of the brands that offer garments for smaller kids ranging from newborns to toddlers.

The SM Kids’ Warehouse Sale will be held at SM Mega Trade Hall 2, at the 5th Level of SM Megamall B.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

J.CO Donuts and Coffee: More Than The Usual Sweet Stop

I love, love J.CO's Donuts especially the Alcapone and their beverages go well with all the yummy treats you can buy at the store. Drop by and see for yourself!

Press Release:

Right from the beginning, J. CO Donuts and Coffee has seized all commonalities, as if to scream, “WE ARE NOT YOUR USUAL DONUT PLACE!”  This rings true for the common donut-lover, who soon learns that a donut flavor is not limited to Bavarian, chocolate, and butternut.  Have you met Alcapone?  What about going out with Blue Berrymore or Jackie Chunk?  With its wide array of flavors, J.CO Donuts and Coffee has redefined how we think of donuts; and a quick stop to the store may soon change your favorite flavor.

J.CO’s “unusual-ity” is not only driven by its unique flavor selections, it also goes against the pastry flow by being a donut store that offers  a wide array of unique beverage concoctions.  It has been known that coffee is the donut’s perfect companion.  But at J.CO, coffee is just one option.  Little did we know that beverages, like the donuts, can also be beyond our imagination. An unusual thought? Well, here are a few sample-suggestions:

For the Coffee-holics, J.CO prides itself in being the “Cappuccino Specialist” serving up its unique J.COFFEE blends:

1. Jcoccino: It’s cappuccino – J.CO style!  Sip on a blend of bold Italian espresso and milk topped with a masterfully-crafted foam art.  Especially mixed by a World Barista Champion, Jcoccino reflects the world-class flavor found in the brand.  This is a classic drink that has an exclusively J.CO taste which will go well with any flavor!

2. Cappuccino Avocado: Definitely one of J.CO’s unique liquid sensations, this freshly-made espresso infused with creamy avocado flavor is a cup to come back for.  Try it with the Avocado DiCaprio donut and experience a well- balanced coffee kick with its mellow fruity taste.

3. Café Avocado: For the less daring, this is a lighter coffee-avocado alternative that’s surprisingly refreshing with just a hint of coffee boosted by accents of avocado flavor and chocolate syrup.

Coffee Alternatives

4. Iced Thai Tea: J.CO’s light and refreshing milk tea blend made from brewed tea extracts and the creamiest sweetened milk.  Stick with J.CO.  We can also meet your milk tea fix.

5. Green Tea Frappe: At J.CO, we love our green tea!  One may notice it just by looking at the donuts.  This drink is their perfect match as it is made from genuine Japanese Matcha green tea, blended with ice and milk for that incredibly smooth zen-like sip.

6. Strawberry Yogurt Frappe: Berries and yogurt have always been a good mix and J.CO has its own version, with this blended frappe that uses J.CO’s own yogurt base.  Only the freshest strawberries go into this drink for a refreshingly cool, tart and sweet beverage that you can have on its own or with a nice warm donut.

7. Mixberry Yogurt Frappe: If you’re a “berry” adventurous person, this variety of berries in a cup is the yogurt-based drink for you.  With every sip is a sweet and tangy mix that delights your taste buds.

Yogurt-love -- Yes, yogurt.  Have it on its own, but also discover that this too can go well with the donuts.

8. J.COOL: J.CO’s very own healthy frozen yogurt mix that brings together the right sweetness of a frozen treat and the right tartness that is naturally found in yogurt.  It comes in 3 sizes:  Single (with 1 free topping), Couple (with 2 + 1 free toppings), and Sharing (with 3 + 1 free toppings). What’s more is that you can bring the same cool goodness home with J.COOL To Go, a box that keeps your J.COOL in its proper temperature – perfect for that house party you’re organizing or for that me-time you’ve long been waiting for.

9. J.COOL Twist: A sundae-like mix of layers of guilt-free J.COOL yogurt with 5 toppings in between each swirly delight

These are just a few among J.CO’s varied sensations.  For a complete experience, drop by our stores at SM Megamall, Greenbelt 3, Mall of Asia and Trinoma Mall. Watch out as J.CO will soon be laying out its delicious donuts in SM Fairview, Alabang Town Center and Eastwood City. For more info, visit our website at, like our Facebook page at, or tweet us @J.COPhilippines1. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Under New Moniker “The Morning Episodes,” Local Artist Signs Up with Los Angeles based Grammy Nominated Producer

Press Release:

After 5 years n the Philippine Music Industry - including 4 releases with MCA Music Inc., chart topping singles, nationwide touring, a 2 year stint on mainstream television and opening for Kelly Clarkson at the Araneta Coliseum - Miguel Escueta and Co. are now on the cusp of the global music scene.

As "the Morning Episodes," Escueta and the rest of his band (Juni Devecais, Roy Secillano and Jeng Tria) have just signed up with Sly Doggie Productions, a Los Angeles based company headed by Grammy Nominated producer Christian “Davis” Stalnecker and Music A&R Executive Bernard Baur. Working directly with record labels like Interscope, Geffen and EMI,  Stalnecker  co-produced and co-wrote El de Barge's latest album, which was nominated  for R&B Album of the Year at the recently concluded  2012  Grammy Awards. Baur, on the other hand, has done marketing and promotional work for artists such as Guns ‘N Roses, Nickelback, Dishwalla, Puff Daddy and Matchbox 20. He has also appeared in half a dozen music documentaries, and several VH1, MTV and CNN specials  

"the Morning Episodes"  have just finished recording what is to be their first international  album, Never Felt So Alive, which was mixed and mastered in  Los Angeles  by  Stalnecker and his team.  The album will be distributed digitally in  the  U.S., U.K., Europe and  Asia via the Isolation Network - the same platform used by Universal Music International for their global music distribution. The band is set to be featured in the September 2012 issue of Music Connection Magazine, a nationwide publication in the U.S.

A local release of the upcoming album will be done through MCA Music Inc. in cooperation with Deca Homes, AudioTechnica and VANS. Presented to you in part by Police Watches, Rayban Eyewear, Southern Musician and Emperador Light. The 1st single ALIVE is currently available on iTunes and My Music Store PH. The music video to the single is expected to premiere within the month of August, under the direction of Luis Diokno / Pixeleyes Multimedia.  You can check out the preview on the band’s official website  

A sampler CD from “the Morning Episodes” (featuring the single ALIVE) will be given away at all VANS Concept stores in Metro Manila with every pair of shoes purchased. The CD features 3 tracks from the coming album and 2 club remixes. This promo will also be available at VANS Concept stores in Cebu, Davao and Bacolod by the end of the month. 

The full 12 track album is expected to hit iTunes and My Music Store PH mid September.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jumpstreet’s Jonah Hill In Another Outrageous Comedy – THE WATCH

Press Release:

After debuting in the comedy “I Heart Huckabees,” Jonah Hill has steadily posited himself as a solid hilarious support in the string of his movies that followed.  Appearing afterwards in acclaimed hits like “The 40-Year Old Virgin,” “Knocked Up,” “Superbad,” “Forgettting Sarah Marshall,” “Get Him to the Greek,” “Moneyball” and the most recent “21 Jump Street” with Channing Tatum which is Hill’s highest grossing film after “Superbad.”

His latest movie “The Watch” which is about to open in Philippine cinemas this September 5 allowed him to work with Ben Stiller, one of moviedom’s great comic talents.  In “The Watch,”  four suburban guys formed a patrol which they tagged as ‘Neighborhood Watch’ after a mysterious incident left a security guard lifeless in the town’s superstore Costco.  Headed by the civic minded Evan (Ben Stiller), he recruits fun-loving family guy Bob (Vince Vaughn), tough-talking ‘wild card’ Franklin (Jonah Hill) and the recent divorcé Jamarcus (Richard Ayoade).
Even with – or maybe because of – their spiffy new “Watch” jackets, which are emblazoned with fiery wings and a tiger head, the not-so-fearsome foursome initially gets no respect from the residents they’re supposedly looking out for.  A group of kids plaster them with eggs, and the local cops think they’re a joke:  the Hardy Boys…only far less savvy.

“When they formed this ‘band of brothers’, the guys thought, sure, they might encounter some weird neighborhood stuff – maybe a burglar here, or peeping tom there – but suddenly they realize they’ve facing something extraordinary,” says producer Shawn Levy, the director of such hits as “Night at the Museum” and “Real Steel.”  “And The Watch is not just unprepared or unqualified, it’s not remotely equipped to deal with this problem; yet it’s all on them to stop it.”
The youngest member of the team is Franklin (Jonah Hill), a twentysomething, militant looking tough guy with, notes Schaffer “a sweetness just underneath.”  (He still lives at home with his mom.)  Franklin has a planet-size chip on his shoulder because he’s been rejected as a candidate for the police force and all other law enforcement organizations. So for Franklin, The Watch is the only way he can legally kick ass and take names.  “Franklin is alienated from, well everything,” says Hill.  “He’s very strange and very funny.” 

Coming off his Oscar®-nominated performance in the drama “Moneyball,” and executive producing and starring in the critically-hailed hit “21 Jump Street,” Hill was not looking to return to the kind of raucous comedy that had propelled him to superstardom (like “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express”), but he “couldn’t resist the chance to perform opposite alongside Ben, Vince and Richard,” notes the actor.  “It was something I had to do.”  Moreover, “if I was going to do another broad comedy, I wanted it to have no basis in reality, and portray a character that could say or do anything.  Plus, anytime you put an extreme amount of danger in the hands of irresponsible people, you know the results are going to be really wild.”

More of Jonah Hill and the movie in this interactive trailer of “The Watch”
*“The Watch” is a 20th Century Fox movie to be distributed by Warner Bros. in local cinemas starting Sept. 5.

Monday, August 20, 2012

CCIP Holds 5th Phil-Cosmetics Expo In September 2012

Are you into beauty? Know the latest trends in cosmetics. Find a career in beauty. Create or launch your own products or break into the beauty business!

Press Release:

The Chamber Of Cosmetics Industry Of The Philippines (CCIP) Inc. will hold its fifth staging of the annual exhibition of leading cosmetics and personal care products on August 31-Sept. 2, 2012 at the Megatrade Hall 1, 5th Floor, Mega B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

CCIP is an organization of companies composed of manufacturers, importers, distributors, traders and retailers of cosmetic products, as well as suppliers of cosmetic ingredients and packaging materials. CCIP is a proud founding member of the ASEAN Cosmetics Association (ACA), the ASEAN Federation of National Cosmetic Associations.

This year’s Phil-Cosmetics Expo: 5th Pilipinas ang Ganda Mo! Exposition is also being staged in celebration of the Cosmetics Month in September.  Entrance to the Expo is free of charge.

Over the years, this Expo has established a loyal and growing market, and has always been one of the most anticipated annual events.  For the past four years, this Expo has provided CCIP members and other companies in the same industry, with great opportunities to showcase their products and services to the dynamic market.  The Expo has also become a venue for launching, promoting and demonstrating new products and services.   It has also proven to be an ideal environment for generating contacts and sales leads, as well as for networking with vendors, suppliers, and distributors.  The exhibit goers have also benefited tremendously from the great promotional values and entertainment during the event.

This year, the Expo has also opened its doors to the public who are interested in breaking into the business of beauty through its seminars and its exhibitors who offer opportunities other than big discounts on their product lines. Furthermore, the event showcases hair and make-up  and nail art competitions (contest guidelines here and here) and the prestigious Mr. & Ms. Cosmetics 2012 which discovers new talents that represents and supports the objectives of the industry.

The event also aims for CCIP members and non- members to interact with each other and establish camaraderie within the industry.

For more information, inquiries or reservations, please contact  Jonathan Roxas or Emer Dela Cruz of MCT Events Management, the marketing arm of the Expo, at telephone numbers 5766362, 6435490, 3992935 and 502 1546 or thru its email address

Sunday, August 19, 2012

DepEd and HP’s Write&Read Workshop Opens a World of Creative and Dynamic Storytelling to Students

Nice advocacy HP!

Press Release:

The country’s most promising young writers from various schools in Metro Manila recently converged at the Write&Read Workshop, an educational event conducted by Hewlett-Packard Philippines (HP), in partnership with the Department of Education-NCR (DepEd-NCR). A major part in HP’s A+ campaign, the workshop offered talented writers with a series of activities aimed at raising enthusiasm for the two fundamental pillars of education, writing and reading.

The Write&Read Workshop utilized different tools including educational games and hands-on teaching techniques to hone the participants’ creativity in story writing and visual storytelling.

CNN Hero of the Year for 2009 Efren Peñaflorida, Write&Read program ambassador and guest speaker for the day, shared words of wisdom to the attending students: “Listen and Practice- these are the two words I hope will inspire students in their dream to become better writers. Listening to their teachers’ and mentors’ advice is the best way for them to gather knowledge, and giving life to that knowledge through practice is the best path to gather experience,” he says.

The kids enjoyed learning how to write creative stories and draw illustrations through educational and entertaining lectures facilitated by teachers Sheryl Verdadero and Jonathan Nacua. Verdadero, an English III teacher at Quezon City Science High School, taught the students the basic elements of story writing, while Nacua, a visual arts adviser at Maligaya High School and a practicing editorial cartoonist, taught and inspired the students on how to create illustrations for their stories.

Education aided by technology

Combining technology with education, the campaign continues to make reading and writing more interesting for students all over the country. Through the help of effective visual aids created with HP’s Ink Advantage printers, teaching children has become easier, more interesting, and cost-efficient as it lets instructors save both time and resources. The HP Ink Advantage printers also allow students to achieve their full potential through stunning school projects and prints that capture their creativity.

HP Printing and Personal Systems Country Manager Albert Mateo shares his insight on HP’s A+ campaign’s Write&Read program: “As part of the A+ campaign, the Write&Read Workshop reinforces HP’s commitment to improve children’s education through advances in modern technology, helping them realize their dreams and harness their full creative potential,” he says.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ballet Philippines presents ANTING

Press Release:

On September 14 to 16, 2012, Ballet Philippines performs its second season offering, Neo-Filipino: Anting.

Anting brings to life pre-eminent dramatist Tony Perez’s libretto that explores the world of talismans and amulets of Filipino magical traditions. It is made up for four separate movements, each depicting a specific kind of amulet and its powers.

Each movement is interpreted through dance by noted Filipino choreographers: BP artistic director Paul Alexander Morales, BP associate artistic director Christine Crame, BP alumnus and E-Dance Theatre artistic director Gerald Mercado, and Airdance artistic director Ava Villanueva-Ong. They will work with the music of noted musicians Jed Balsamo, Jerrold Tarod, Teresa Barrozo and Israel Rodriguez.

Anting promises to take audiences to a different world, one that is altogether historical, traditional, and familiar yet edgy and unusual in approach. As the 43rd Season: Dragon Song continues, Ballet Philippines keeps the magic and wonder alive in us all.

Neo-Filipino: Anting has six (6) performances at the CCP Little Theater: Friday, September 14 at 3pm and 8pm; Saturday, September 15 at 2pm and 6pm; and Sunday, September 16 at 10am and 3pm. Tickets are at P600 (matinees) and P1000 (evening shows). Student and senior citizen discounts apply. For tickets, call Ballet Philippines at 551-1003 or Ticketworld at 891-9999. Visit

* Photo by Jojit Lorenzo

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Coffee Passport: Another Krispy Kreme Birthday Treat Brewing Your Way

Love Krispy Kreme's coffee and espresso drinks? Get freebies!

Press Release:

For a world-famous doughnut and coffee brand that’s all about the gift of sharing, Krispy Kreme furthers its 75th birthday blowout with another treat in store for everyone.

Starting August 17, Krispy Kreme will be providing perks for those who delight in its Signature Coffee and wide variety of espresso-based drinks crafted just the way they like it—whether rich and bold, topped with thick foamed milk, or drizzled with syrup—as the Coffee Passport makes a comeback.

The Coffee Passport, granted to each Krispy Kreme aficionado upon purchase of a medium or large cup of Signature Coffee or espresso, gives everyone a chance to get free treats from Krispy Kreme. 

All a customer has to do is to collect stamps to fill it: one cup of Signature Coffee or espresso for one stamp, and a Brew Box or a Brew Box Jr. for two.

The completion of three stamps will get a customer a free half dozen of Original Glazed doughnuts. Six stamps will equate to a free Krispy Kreme birthday mug, while a box of a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts will be given in exchange of a dozen stamps.

These passports will be available in Krispy Kreme stores nationwide until September 30. On the other hand, stamps will be given until October 14, while redemption of the free items will extend until December 14—letting everyone revel in this one-of-a-kind goodness brought by the brand’s delightful treats until the end of its birthday year.

As it spreads joy in the most thrilling way possible, Krispy Kreme is definitely on the move to etch its flavors in the palates of many. And now, with the Coffee Passport, every trip to a Krispy Kreme store is once again made more exciting—adding delight to the brand’s one-of-a-kind offerings.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Team James and Team Phil Unveiled, The Clear Dream Match Set on August 25th

Last month, I blogged about the press con of the Philippines' first-ever CLEAR Dream Match. Read all about it here. Now, the lists of team players are finally revealed! 

Press Release:

In light of the growth of Football in the Philippines, this year, CLEAR Philippines celebrates the sport with the nation’s first ever CLEAR Dream Match. The first of its kind, the CLEAR Dream Match will feature some of the best United Football League (UFL) players, members of the Philippine National team, some of the best college players in the nation, and footballing celebrities. Fans were encouraged to go to and choose from an all-star ballot of 60 players who they want to see on the pitch on August 25, 2012.

Launched last June 25, the CLEAR Dream Match has become one of the most awaited sporting events of the year. After 6 weeks of voting, the all-star pool of 60 players comes down to the Top 40, each one to be drafted by captains James and Phil Younghusband into their respective Dream teams.  

On August 11, the CLEAR Dream Match beneficiary Tuloy Sa Don Bosco Foundation in Alabang, hosted the CLEAR Dream Clinic and Draft. Conducted by the Younghusband brothers, together with the likes of Nate Burkey and Jonah Romero of Kaya FC; Roxy Dorlas, Park Minho, Byeong Jeong and Davide Cortina of the Loyola Meralco Sparks; top university players Mikko Mabanag of Ateneo and Patrick Deyto of La Salle and celebrities Slick Rick and Tony Toni, more than 100 kids from the Tuloy Foundation, the Younghusband Football Academy (TYFA) and adoring football fans were treated to an exciting morning of football and fun.

Conducted by The Younghusband Football Academy (TYFA) in collaboration with CLEAR Men, the morning clinic consisted of various stations highlighting different football skills, capped off by scrimmages at the end.

“Having a clinic for the children of Tuloy and the fans who have supported us is a pleasure for us,” Phil Younghusband said.

James and Phil Younghusband have always stated that promoting football throughout the nation was one of the main reasons they moved to the Philippines in 2010.

James says, “Phil and I have had the privilege of making a living out of playing the sport we love, we just want to show that other kids with a passion for football can do the same.”

Brothers James and Phil Younghusband who both played for Chelsea FC, one of the largest football clubs in the world, established TYFA in January 2010. Both have UEFA coaching credentials with Phil having a level 2 UEFA coaching badge and James having a level 1 UEFA coaching badge.

John Imperial, Clear brand manager, said “I think what the brothers are doing for Philippine football has been so great. Their passion for football is what made their partnership with Clear so successful. Thus the Clear Dream Match.”

After the Clinic was the moment everyone was waiting for. The CLEAR Dream Match draft consisted of three rounds. The first pick was decided by a coin toss, which Phil eventually won.

At the end of the Draft both teams were finally determined.

Team Phil’s roster consisted of the following players: Saba Gamaroudi (Kaya FC), Park Minho (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Yves Ashime (Pachanga FC), Roxy Dorlas (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Armand Del Rosario (Kaya FC), Eric Tai, Fabio Ide (Team Socceroo), Rafael Rosell, Paolo Bediones, Daniel Matsunaga (Team Socceroo), Tony Toni, Yannick Tuason, Freddy Gonzales (Pachanga), Davide Cortina (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Byeong Jeong Yeol (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Ojay Clarino (Stallions FC), Dexter Versario (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Janrick Soriano (Pachanga FC), Alvin Ocampo (Green Archers) and Wilson Munoz (Stallions FC).

Team James consisted of the following players: Anton Del Rosario (Kaya FC), Nate Burkey (Kaya FC), Pat Bocobo (Green Archers), Jonah Romero (Kaya FC), Patrick Deyto (Green Archers), Rudy Del Rosario, Eric Dagroh (Kaya FC), Andrew Wolff, Marvin Kiefer, Jolo Durian, Jake Cuenca (Team Socceroo), Slick Rick, Mikko Mabanag (Ateneo), Patrick Ozaeta (Loyola Meralco Sparks), Raymark Fernandez (Diliman FC), Ronald Ong (Pachanga), Andrew Santiago (Diliman FC), Nico Bolzico (Kaya FC), Steven Silva (Team Socceroo) and Ref Cuaresma (Loyola Meralco Sparks).

Both brothers had the privilege of having one wildcard pick each. Phil made a strategic selection with fellow Loyola Meralco Sparks team member Anto Gonzales, while James selected Wally Javier.

James and Phil also announced their assistant coaches with James selecting Vince Santos, Loyola Meralco Sparks coach and Fr. John Cordero, and Phil choosing Randy Roxas, Loyola Meralco Sparks and UFL President.

With both teams set, the question of who is the better Younghusband will finally be settled on August 25th at the University of Makati football field. Aside from being the first all-star charity Football exhibition, the CLEAR Dream Match will mark the first time that Philippine Football superstars James and Phil Younghusband will play against each other.

Tickets to the Clear Dream Match are free, simply go to the Facebook site

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LINKIN PARK Returns With Fifth Album, “LIVING THINGS”

Press Release:

Living Things is the fifth studio album by the American rock band Linkin Park was scheduled for release last June 20, 2012. Production was handled by vocalist Mike Shinoda and Rick Rubin, who both co-produced the band's previous studio albums Minutes to Midnight (2007) and A Thousand Suns (2010).

The band states that Living Things combines elements from their previous four studio albums to create a new sound. They stated they finally felt they were in "familiar territory" and "comfortable in their own skin" after years of experimentation that resulted in their two previous studio albums, Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns. Living Things was chosen as the album's title because of the numerous personal topics about people implemented on the album.

The lead single for the album, "Burn It Down", was sent to radio and released to digital music retailers on April 16, 2012.

Shinoda spoke to Co.Create about the album's art, saying that it will "blow them [the fans] away...the average person is not going to be able to look at it and go, I understand that that’s completely new, like not just the image but the way they made the image is totally new. So there’s going to be that." On April 9, 2012, the band released a teaser video for the album on Tumblr. Warner Bros. Records announced that the album's art will be released on April 16, 2012, the same day "Burn It Down" will be released.

On April 15, 2012, Mike Shinoda posted a blog update confirming that the new album title will be Living Things and that the album will be available for pre-order through their website, starting April 16. Living Things will be released on June 26, 2012. Pre-orders for the album began in April 17, 2012; upon purchase, fans will be subscribed to Living Things Remixed, remixed songs from the album. In celebration of the release of Living Things, the band teamed up with music streaming website Spotify to release live compilations of each album era.

The band had numerous influences and inspirations for Living Things. Shinoda told Rolling Stone that "Skin to Bone" and "Roads Untraveled" contained folk music influenced by the works of Bob Dylan, as well as the inspirations of Dylan. In the seventh track "Victimized", which Rolling Stone described as "the band's most aggressive track in years", were influenced by punk rock bands such as Pennywise and Dirty Rotten Imbeciles.Shinoda noted the minimal content of numerous punk rock songs attributed to the short length of "Victimized"; bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrel noted that the song's working title, "Battle Axe", "which to me is..what that song is; it's just this big 'crack' and then you're out." Like the band's first two albums, the penultimate song ("Tinfoil") is an instrumental. Brad Delson, the band's guitarist, had vocals in the tenth track "Until It Breaks", which was Delson's idea.

On March 28, 2012, Shinoda confirmed that the album's first single is "Burn It Down". On April 11, 2012, it was confirmed that it would be sent for radio airplay and released to iTunes digital download on April 16, 2012. Shinoda also confirmed they were filming a music video for the song, with the band's turntablist Joe Hahn directing the video. The band teamed up with the Lotus F1 team to create a musical racing iPad app entitled Linkin Park GP, where players drive a Lotus E20 and interact with an environment that allows the player to create a remix of "Burn It Down", as well as zooming into individual sections of the song. The music video for "Burn It Down" premiered on MTV on May 24, 2012.

Living Things is now released globally and being distributed in the country  by Warner Music Philippines.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

International And Local Artists Join Mtv Exit Roadshow Concert At Dumaguete To Fight Human Trafficking

Lead Singer from the Click Five, Kyle Patrick and top Filipino bands Franco, Lucid Interval, Standout, The Chuckoy Vicuña Thrive will perform this August 17 at Freedom Park, Dumaguete

Press Release:

14 AUGUST 2012, MANILA/ DUMAGUETE: MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and the Movement of Anti-Trafficking Advocates (MATA) announced the full artist line-up that will be performing at the MTV EXIT’s National Anti-Trafficking Roadshow Concert at Dumaguete’s Freedom Park on 17 August, 7:00 p.m.

Kyle Patrick, the lead singer of The Click Five and MTV EXIT’s Celebrity Ambassador will also be joining MTV EXIT’s youth leaders as well as the leading youth performing arts group, Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts (YATTA) at Dumaguete to educate and inspire Filipino students at St. Paul University on key messages on human trafficking and how they may further develop campaigns to spread awareness across the Philippines.

Kyle Patrick said, "I'm really excited to be in the Philippines to use my music to spread the word about human trafficking, let people know that it is wrong, and that they can help to make a difference and end it. I've heard personal stories straight from survivors and I can't believe what they have been through. They are the strongest people I have ever met in my life and I don't want anyone else to go through that."

Blasting out of the gates with his debut solo album on 20 July, Kyle Patrick’s new singles showcase his powerful voice and knack for writing pop songs with the leadoff single Go For Gold released along with a 3D music video. Kyle Patrick has sold over two million records to date with number-one singles in no less than eight countries and awarded Male Vocalist of the Year, including a win for Outstanding Pop Act of the Year at the Boston Music Awards and many other outstanding achievements. Kyle Patrick also performed with his band at several MTV EXIT concerts over the years and has made a personal commitment to further engage himself to support the cause by using music as a universal language to spread key anti-trafficking messages to his fans internationally. Kyle Patrick will also mark his musical journey in his upcoming visit in the Philippines with a special visit to the Visayan Forum (VF) Center of Hope shelter to further learn of this critical social issue affecting Filipinos. The Click Five’s collaboration with MTV EXIT also includes the music video, Don’t Let Me Go, which is now seen by over a million international viewers online and on-air television.

Human trafficking is a crime that affects 2.5 million people worldwide. Of those, more than half are living in or are from Asia and the Pacific. It is also happening here in the Philippines. Often, the victims are young people who are guilty of nothing more than wanting a better life for themselves and their families. It is the second-largest illegal trade after drugs, with criminal traffickers earning over US$10 billion every year through the buying and selling of human beings.

The first-ever MTV EXIT National Anti-Trafficking Roadshow Concert was launched in early March this year with the aim to reach out to Filipinos across the Philippines to educate about key safe-migration messages via a peer-to-peer learning approach on a grassroots level.  The Roadshow Concerts feature a series of engaging music performances by young leading musicians, dancers, and comedians, including educational workshops and interactive sessions to engage youth participants in the provincial municipalities.

MTV EXIT National Anti-Trafficking Roadshow Concert is produced in partnership with MATA and VF, as well as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Australian Government’s Agency for International Development (AusAID), Walk Free: the movement to end modern slavery (WF) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

For more details about human trafficking and exploitation in Asia, visit or follow MTV EXIT on the following social media platforms: Twitter @mtvexit and

Monday, August 13, 2012

Katy Perry: Part of Me First Solo Movie in 3-D

This sounds like a very interesting film that every Katy Perry fan shouldn't miss!

Press Release:

The first woman in music history to produce five Number One singles off of one album, Katy Perry has scaled the heights of pop music stardom few have reached before her.  So when the artist invited two young filmmakers to tag along (and “catch everything on film—nothing off-limits”) as she circled the globe on her record-breaking “California Dreams Tour,” she thought it might produce something of interest to her legions of fans.  But it proved to be bigger than anyone could have predicted…

The result is the 3D movie music event of the summer—Katy Perry: Part of Me—a backstage pass, front row seat and intimate look at the fun, glamorous, heartbreaking, inspiring, crazy, magical, passionate and honest mad diary of Katy herself.
This is an intimate, fly-on-the-wall portrait of a natural born performer hitting the very peak of global popularity—the unflinching and ever-present cameras reveal the highs and the lows of Perry’s extraordinary trek, both personally and professionally. 

The genesis of the project lies with the artist herself:  “I could instinctively feel that something important was about to happen that year—it felt like this big wave was coming, and it felt like it was going to be a long one.  So, I reached out to two filmmakers and said, ‘Hi, guys, I’d like to you come on the road and document the ride.’”
That ride was a yearlong world tour – selling out 124 arena shows – across the United States, Europe, South America and the Far East, and cameras were able to not only capture the palpable excitement and fun of her live concerts, but also to follow Perry back to the ‘reality’ of her day-to-day life, away from the stage lights and candy-colored costumes.  Frank interviews with those who perhaps know the real Katy best—her family and her assembled family of “Team Perry”—offer glimpses into Perry’s background, as well as create a picture of a woman giving her all onstage…while pressing personal challenges await offstage.  

Per Katy:   “This movie is a journey.  Last year, I had a year I’ll never be able to re-create…amazing highs and some big lows, but that’s life.  Everyone goes through the good and the bad, but it makes you stronger.  But no matter what, as with my live concerts, my ultimate goal with this movie is to make people smile.”

“Katy Perry : Part of Me” is released and distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp. Katy Perry albums are available in the Philippines from PolyEast Records.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ultrabooks for Everyone – Dell Introduces New Ultrabooks

Press Release:

Dell introduces new XPS 14 and Inspiron 14z Ultrabooks, joining the successful XPS 13. As part of Dell’s Ultrabook portfolio, this array of laptops enables customers to choose the one that best suits their needs. Both 14-inch screen laptops have an updated design and craftsmanship that deliver multiple uses and functions.

Having known the success of the award-winning XPS 13, the new XPS 14 Ultrabook is designed to provide longer battery life and connectivity, catering to those customers who need to get online wherever they are. The XPS 14 is also distinguished by its vibrant display with hardened Corning Gorilla Glass, and uses the latest Intel technology such as 3rd Generation processors, and Intel Rapid Start, Smart Response and Smart Connect technologies, to enable users to be productive, connected and responsive anywhere.

Dell likewise expands its Ultrabook laptop collections by offering the Inspiron 14z Ultrabook with Intel Rapid Start Technology for a fast boot and resume that last up to seven hours of battery life. Thus, it is an updated design for Inspiron line with curved edges for a smooth, contemporary look that combines premium design and multimedia performance.

XPS 14: Exceptional Features

Designed for mobile users, the XPS 14 Ultrabook features a design that goes beyond beauty. It has a highly-durable machined aluminum chassis with innovative silicone base in a compact, thin, 20.7mm design. It comes with a powerful 3rd Gent Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processors and delivers an exceptionally long battery life. XPS 14 also includes a backlit keyboard and optional performance graphics to keep pace with your busy life. Customers can also enjoy the ample storage of a traditional hard drive with the responsiveness of a solid state drive with a 500GB hard drive and 32GB mSATA cardvi, including Intel Rapid Start and Smart Response technology. Rapid Start delivers fast boot-up and hibernate response times, while Smart Response quickly recognizes and caches the most frequently used files and applications, allowing customers to access critical information quickly and easily.

Inspiron 14z: Outstanding Performance

The newest Inspiron 14z Ultrabook is more than just a typical laptop. It’s an Ultrabook with a superpowerful long battery life and a built-in DVD drive which makes Inspiron 14z a fully featured Ultrabook. It is also made with a premium brushed aluminum finish in two color choices of Moon Silver, and coming later this year, Fire Red. Customers can expect ultraportable entertainment of music and movies on the go while indulging in the experience of a 14” HD display, and built-in Skullcandy™ stereo speakers.

Pricing and Availability

The Dell XPS 14 and the Inspiron 14z Ultrabooks are retailed at a starting price of Php 68,990 and Php 44,990 respectively.  Both ultrabooks are available at Dell concept stores and authorized retailers nationwide.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sneak Peek Trailer of “THE CAMPAIGN”

Found the trailer funny especially the part where Ferrell said Thank You in Filipino :p  

Press Release: 

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis join the political fray in Warner Bros.' new comedy “The Campaign” from director Jay Roach (“Meet the Fockers”).

Synopsis: When long-term congressman Cam Brady (Ferrell) commits a major public gaffe before an upcoming election, a pair of ultra-wealthy CEOs plot to put up a rival candidate and gain influence over their North Carolina district.  Their man: naïve Marty Huggins (Galifianakis), director of the local Tourism Center.  

At first, Marty appears to be the unlikeliest possible choice but, with the help of his new benefactors’ support, a cutthroat campaign manager and his family’s political connections, he soon becomes a contender who gives the charismatic Cam plenty to worry about.  

As election day closes in, the two are locked in a dead heat, with insults quickly escalating to injury until all they care about is burying each other, in this mud-slinging, back-stabbing, home-wrecking comedy that takes today’s political circus to its logical next level.  Because even when you think campaign ethics have hit rock bottom, there’s room to dig a whole lot deeper.
“The Campaign” stars Jason Sudeikis, Dylan McDermott and Katherine LaNasa, with John Lithgow, Dan Aykroyd and Brian Cox. Directed by Jay Roach and written by Chris Henchy & Shawn Harwell, from a story by Adam McKay & Chris Henchy & Shawn Harwell, it is produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Jay Roach and Zach Galifianakis. Amy Sayres, Jon Poll and Chris Henchy serve as executive producers.

Opening across the Philippines this August, “The Campaign” will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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