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Nurture Versus Nature: Are You Up To The Challenge?

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Humans are holistically gifted with a set of genes that is perfect for the life that they are living. But with the ever changing tides of the environment, it is safe to claim that life as we know it is no longer what it used to be.

Our bodies are built to adapt to the constant inimitable changes. Our skins being our bodies’ protection from the world is the most exposed to these changes.

Our genes and our environment play a big role in the changes that our skins undergo. Our parents may have had clear skin when they were our age, but we may not share that same condition especially now in a fast-food and pollution driven environment. Not to mention the effect of our present environment on our skin as we age.

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The challenge is in finding the balance between nurture and nature – genetics and environment – when we consider skin care.

It is not that acne is inheritable. It is in the likelihood that our genes say that our skin especially on our faces is prone to acne occurrence.

Our genes dictate the way our bodies will be the moment we are born. Our genes decide if we are tall or short, black or brown eyed and dark or light skin. As Filipinos, we are of course given the sun-kissed skin that many morenas have today.

With the constant influx of people since the years when our parents were our age, the way we care for our skins have changed. Gone are the days when people no longer have to worry about a zit appearing after a night-out at the local bar or a fun excursion to the farthest corners of the country. Our generation simply cannot afford to be as complacent with skin care with the change in lifestyle.

It seems that this generation enjoys more freedom in their lifestyles. From travel to eating and family to friends, the people of today are more prone to the dangers of society so different from what our parents lived in.

Luckily, modern medicine has made profound advancements in skin care. Many remedies and products have been made as the times passed that can help alleviate the environment’s dire effects on skin.

A person who knows his or her family history and balances it out with knowledge on how to deal with his or her current environment has the advantage of maintaining clear and healthy skin.

Genetics may not always be on our side but we can always control and remedy this by maintaining a healthy environment, living a healthy lifestyle, eating right and, of course, choosing the right skin care products like Papulex™.

Papulex™ is specially formulated to address three root causes of acne: bacterial colonization, inflammation of the affected area and excess sebum or facial oil. It contain three active ingredients (EU-patented ABA technology, Nicotinamide and Zinc PCA) that are clinically proven to address the root causes of acne. It helps you manage acne to keep you confident so that you can be a little more positive every day.

Learn more about your genes. Interview your family members to learn more about their skin history and experience with acne. Your interviews can come in the form of pictures coupled with captions, videos, or a dialogue. Let loose and have fun with it.

Have you been misled by thinking that acne is simply in your genes? Many skin care products may leave you on your own in caring for your skin, which may lead to dire consequences. Papulex™, however, will lead the way by encouraging people to become Truth Seekers. With Papulex™, seek the truth on how to keep your skin clear and healthy despite what your genes dictates.

The challenge of nurture versus nature has been called. The prize is clear healthy skin. Are you up to challenge?

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