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Meditate Towards Lasting Happiness

Sharing this for those who are searching for a way to achieve peace of mind and lasting happiness ...

Press Release:

Think of the human mind as a hard drive where all your life experiences are stored like pictures. We’re all familiar with the phrase, “I just can’t shake that picture out of my mind”, and this is also true in the metaphorical sense. We just can’t let go of certain experiences, and this affects how we go about the world. Often, this holds us back from achieving our true potential self because we are bogged down by the emotions and memories that our minds have held on to for so long. 

We tend to look outside ourselves for the answers to life’s pressing problems, but to practitioners of meditation the answer always lies within ourselves.  Makati Meditation and Ortigas Meditation are two groups in the Philippines that encourage the practice of subtraction meditation as a method towards lasting happiness

Humans take pictures of all experiences through the five senses – eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and body- and store those pictures in the mind. Pictures of our family, our childhood, fighting with friends, even memories of our first love, we have taken pictures of them and stored them in our mind. Stress, worries, and all the moments of hardships are pictures in our mind. These pictures trouble us and we cannot escape from this for the rest of our lives. Throwing away these pictures in the mind is the Subtraction Meditation method. 

The Subtraction Meditation is a meditation method that is composed of seven levels which is about throwing away the false mind or pictures in the human mind. The meditation helper guides students in each level. As one goes through the levels, practitioners eventually enlighten by themselves. 

The first step is letting go. For stand-up comedian Tim Tayag, this has been key, “Now I can let go of my past, my mistakes, my false minds, and even meditation itself. As a result, I have a better disposition, and I am much happier.”

The change towards lasting happiness starts with self-reflection. Through the practice of meditation, the time and energy spent on useless thoughts are lessened, allowing one’s self to focus on the most important things in life. Before we start new things we should take time to look back to the past and assess ourselves. This also applies to our workplace, school and community. We examine our success and failures; we learn from our past mistakes and prepare to do better in the future. For Emil Capino, a Chief Technology Officer, this came in the form of a more efficient work performance that has also spread to other areas in his life. “I can break-free from all the stress, worries and anxieties coming from my job,” says Capino. “Now I can do and accomplish more with a peace of mind and real happiness that no amount of money can provide.”

Meditation is the process of reflecting on one’s inner self to deeply understand ourselves. When we know ourselves completely, we can live the life that we want. Through meditation, we can find wise and practical solutions to all the root cause of our problems and complex situations that we face in our daily lives. “I have realized many benefits including mental clarity and greater patience,” says Reggie Ofrin, a Mechanical Engineer by profession. “Now I can smile even on the road during blood-curdling traffic jams.”

As much as we empty our mind, the more our inner strength takes root. When we empty our minds, the human mind transforms. Through meditation, one can have a broad and caring mind, being considerate of others, smiling more often, being calm and becoming more focused coming from inner peace. Having a clear mind, one can make wiser decisions in every moment. “I can find my inner peace without self-defeating talk or having to worry about judgement or criticism from other people,” says practitioner Gerilyn Baltan, who is a marketing manager by profession. The benefits of meditation bleed onto every aspect of your life. The normal tendency is to fix problems at hand which may not necessarily address the root cause of those problems, meditation is a holistic approach that everyone can do if they just take the time. 

At Makati Meditation practitioners come to the center usually after work. Some of them come around lunch time or before work so they can make use of their time meditating in the center instead of being stuck in traffic.

They cannot emphasize enough that anyone can do meditation. Practitioners range from businessmen, employees, students, housewives etc.  People from all walks of life with diverse religious beliefs and nationalities come to meditate. While the language that surrounds meditation can be a heady concept, the objectives are very grounded. Increasing self-confidence, overcoming traumatic experiences, eliminating stress are just some of the main ones. So for people who hesitate with the jargon and find that inner peace is a little too abstract, there’s still a takeaway for them here. 

At Makati Meditation and Ortigas Meditation, they often start with a lecture before meditation, which includes achieving the proper posture and participants are guided through the session accordingly. For beginners, this is a helpful process to orient oneself to the practice. Even longtime practitioners find guided meditations helpful when they’re finding it particularly difficult to quiet the mind. 

At Makati Meditation they encourage participants to meditate twice a week. At first, a one on one session with an instructor is advised, but after two weeks, practitioners can choose to join the group class. Studies show that group meditations are an even more powerful force for peace. 

Entrepreneur Catherine Dy credits meditation as a practice that helped her live a happier life, “I am free from stress, fear and anxiety. I am living a life full of joy, peace and gratitude.” 

Book your free introductory seminar at Makati Meditation Center or at Ortigas Meditation center now. 

Classica Tower 2, 114 H.V. Dela Costa, Makati 1227 Metro Manila

#2505 AIC Gold Tower, F.Ortigas Jr. Ave., Pasig City

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Back To School: The Season of Exciting Finds at NBS

Too busy to go shopping for back-to-school items? National Book Store now has an online shopping option! Check out NBS' various promos and save on your kids' school supplies!

Press Release:

The end of summer vacation means one thing: back-to-school season. The rush to find the best deals on school supplies is starting, and families get together to prepare for the next school year.

It may be a busy time, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one.  At National Book Store, back-to-school season is a time for endless discoveries for every family.  Convenience, budget-friendly options, and a superb selection await every customer at National Book Store.

National Bookstore Managing Director Xandra Ramos-Padilla and Daphne Osena-Paez
Convenience at Your Fingertips

Grab & Go packs are as convenient as their name suggests. With everyone’s favorite back-to-school items together in one pack, you can just pick one and head straight to the cashier.  There’ll be no need to visit different aisles looking for those individual items, saving both time and energy.

The store layout has been improved as well, making it easier to go around and shop for the items you need. Tables and shelves are clearly labeled, and items are carefully arranged to make the most of your shopping experience.

If you can’t find the time to go to the store, NBS still has you covered. Call the delivery hotline 8888-627, or shop online at their website,

Grab & Go packs are perfect for on-the-go moms like Nikki Tiu of
Call the hotline, give the list of supplies you need, and have them shipped to you. If you’re not sure what items to get, NBS customer service specialists can recommend supplies for every grade level so you can pick what’s best for your needs.

Shop online and enjoy a dedicated back-to-school section when you go to the NBS website.  You can shop by grade level to immediately see the recommended supplies for each one.  Just choose what you need, check out, and have the items delivered to your home.

Orders worth P1,000 or above get free shipping. The convenience and ease of stress-free shopping is simply priceless!

Best Buys for Every Budget

National Book Store knows that every back-to-school shopper has an idea of how much they’ll spend this season, so they have the best deals for every possible budget.  

Go for the Low Price Deals if you are looking for items at P20, P50, or P100 each. Buying 12 notebooks for the price of 10 is now an option! Get the most out of every peso with the Budget Bundles.  For affordable and quality school supplies, look no further than Best Buy.

Youtubers Say Tioco, Janina Vela, Nate Punzalan, and Anne Clutz and daughter 
gear up for the Back-to-School season with National Book Store
But, National Book Store didn’t stop there. For every P500 purchase, you can get a colorful backpack for just P100. And for every P1,000 purchase, you will get a free tote bag to carry all your new school supplies in.

A Superb Selection: From Faves to Finds

School supplies aren’t the only items students need to enjoy their learning experience. That’s why National Book Store also offers lunch boxes, mosquito patches, personal care products, as well as emergency, survival, and first aid kits.

Beyond that, National Book Store exclusively houses world-renowned brands whose products add style and inspiration to the back-to-school experience.  

For budding artists, the Swiss fine art brand Caran d’Ache School Line is a must-have.  Its colored pens and pencils deliver highly-pigmented colors unlike any other.  For high schoolers and college students who do drafting and sketching, Blackwing Pencils are the best of the basics and a long-time favorite.

Frances Sales of hand picks 
the Leuchtturm for her journaling needs
For those who want pens that will make them stand out in class, Online, a brand from Germany, is a great choice. And for the college fashionistas, Kate Spade’s stylish stationery can complement their everyday style.

Why make National Book Store your destination for back-to-school shopping?  Because it has everything you need and everything else you want!  By giving parents and students convenience, budget-friendly options, and a superb selection of products, the back-to-school season has just become one of the most exciting times of the year!

For more updates, follow them on social media - @nbsalert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube – and visit the NBS Blog –

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The Game of Human Hunting is Now a Reality TV Series on KIX!

Cops and robbers, for real! This is an interesting show. Let's watch! :)

Press Release:

Good guys always win in the movies. But does that actually apply in reality? Criminals all over the world try to run away from justice and it requires tremendous skill to actually capture fugitives. Running into criminal masterminds is a tough job because they could be the most resourceful and tactical people you could ever meet, which make it difficult for investigators to catch them. 

If cops and robbers is the game for you, then you should tune in every Wednesday at 9pm to KIX’s newest reality show, Hunted. Join Lenny Depaul, Robert Clark, Myke Cole, and the rest of Hunted’s investigation team as they track down 9 teams of two of fugitives in a span of 28 days. Follow their special team made up of army veterans, FBI detectives and intelligence agents as they search door-to-door trying to track wanted contestants down. Watch them work together to identify behavioral patterns, search their target’s homes and cellphone histories, as they try to arrest fleeing criminals. 

Time is crucial because if the investigation team does not catch them within 28 days, the team of fugitives will win $250,000.  Every move counts when it comes to figuring out how to capture them. Watch the process of how detectives work to capture a criminal; from studying their network and potentially figuring out their next move. 

It is like playing a game of human chess. It is all about figuring out what the fugitive’s next steps are and being ahead of their next move by setting up traps based on their weaknesses and mistakes that could potentially lead to their capture.

Do the good guys have what it takes to capture the criminals? Or will the criminals successfully escape the system? Put your detective hats on and be on the look out! Watch Hunted every Wednesday at 9pm on KIX and get ready to hunt!

KIX is available on (Cablelink Ch. 54, Cignal TV Ch. 264, Destiny Cable Ch. 63, Gsat Ch. 18, and SKY Cable Ch. 63.).  For more information, you can log on to . 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Celebrate Your Perfect Wedding Only At Royce

Sharing this info for those who are looking for a great venue for their wedding ...

Press Release:

Your wedding day is among the most important milestones in your life. It has to be perfect, not just for you and your life partner, but to all your guests. It is the day when you become one with your chosen beloved, the day when the rest of your life begins. That’s why for this special once-in-a-lifetime event, it’s best celebrated in an integrated leisure and entertainment destination that can give you and your loved ones an unforgettable experience. Here are the top reasons why Royce Hotel and Casino is the best place to celebrate your special day. 

The Touch of Timeless Elegance. The beauty and radiance of gold can be seen throughout the property. Its use of sleek, architectural, and contemporary design gives it a timeless look, a simple elegance that lends a comforting and regal appeal. The rooms and suites are relaxing, sprawling nooks where you can unwind. For an intimate reception, the Rochester Function Room is perfect. As for the Somerset Grand Ballroom? It is a place where grander and more splendid weddings can be held – as it can fit up to a thousand guests. 

Banquet Food. Royce offers the flavors of the world all in one place. You and your loved ones are sure to have your fill of culinary creations on the wedding day itself, with menus that span recipes from Asia to Europe. Expert chefs have curated the most mouth-watering of offerings to give you and your loved ones a veritable feast for your palate. Those who choose to stay after the festivities can also sample the other delights served in The Lounge, CafĂ© Majestic, and Amare by Chef Chris.   

Non-stop Fun. After the wedding celebrations, you and your loved ones have a two-level gaming area where you can simply have fun. Adorned in gold and bright lights, the gaming area has casino classics that you can enjoy. To make the most out of the experience, you can even avail of the Royce Rewards membership card to earn you perks and special treats the more you play. The gaming area is absolutely alive with music and entertainment that never ends, a fantastic place to experience excitement with your loved ones after the wedding. 

Impeccable Service. When you have your wedding at Royce, you and your loved ones will have the full assistance of Royce’s expert teams to make it seamless and hassle-free. They will help set-up everything necessary for the wedding celebrations. They’ll help you coordinate the entire event to make sure you and your loved ones simply enjoy the festivities without anything to worry about. Wedding packages at Royce can accommodate up to a thousand guests. At Royce, every guest will experience indulgent treats for all the senses. 

Royce has everything you need to make your wedding perfect. From its elegant ambiance, great food, endless fun, and impeccable customer service, no other integrated leisure and entertainment destination can make your dream wedding a reality. 

To learn more about Royce and its special Wedding Packages, simply visit or subscribe to their Facebook page at   

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Gift Ideas for Dad: Banana Peel's ‘Zach Ebony’ Collection!

Still looking for a gift for your dad? Here's a suggestion from Banana Peel!

Press Release:

Dads are always on their feet, juggling between being a provider and making sure that quality time is spent with the family. How dads manage through their day exhausts one of the most hard working part of the body—his feet. Wearing comfortable footwear is essential in making everyday tasks easier. Being in comfortable footwear enables you to do more of what is important, and what you enjoy the most.

However, we easily neglect the importance of wearing proper footwear all the time. Poorly designed footwear can harm far more than your feet. They can cause pain throughout your body such as back pain and joint problems. You can avoid these, by picking the right footwear. The quality, style and fit must be all considered.

The quality used for your footwear should not irritate your skin. It should make your feet comfortable. More importantly, good quality footwear doesn’t easily get worn out. 

In considering the style, you must look at how the arch support is shaped and how deep the heel cup is—in order to support you properly and have proper stability as you move. 

And lastly you must highly consider the fit. Just like a car, you need to “test drive” the shoe by walking in them to see how they feel while moving.  

Just in time for Father’s Day, Banana Peel introduces its new collection ‘Zach Ebony’ collection. These flip flops are layered with high-density EVA insoles and rubber outsoles to create a foot-bed that's firm on the ground but comforting for hardworking feet. This is perfect for fathers who put a premium in good footwear. Zach goes beyond the usual man flip flops as it offers more benefits like:

o Arch support 
o Easy on-and-off means it’s convenient to wear at any point
o Even more breathability than slippers

Affordable, fashionable, and functional, ‘Zach’ is the perfect flip flop gift you can give your father this Father’s Day. After all, don’t they just want comfy footwear after a long and productive day, just like everybody else? 

To know more about Banana Peel, go to

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A #DelightfullyReal Father’s Day with 2nd Avenue

Make Father's Day weekend an extra special one! Read how ...

Press Release:

Our dads are our first hero, ultimate fan, friend, and a whole lot more. This Father’s Day, 2nd Avenue gives you a chance to score the perfect gift for your dad!

All you have to do is answer the question: “What is your most #DelightfullyReal moment with your dad?” via for a chance to take home an Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1! Everyone can join until June 18, Sunday. One (1) lucky participant will be selected via raffle on June 20, 2017.

You are in for another Father’s Day treat on 2nd Avenue with the PRISON BREAK marathon on June 18, Sunday at 6 AM to 9 AM and to be continued at 12 PM to 6 PM.

In the new event series PRISON BREAK, original series stars Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies, Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper, Rockmond Dunbar, and Paul Adelstein are reunited for an all-new adventure spanning the globe and featuring the signature thrills and cliffhangers that were hallmarks of the original series when it aired from 2005-2009.

Don’t forget to share your #DelightfullyReal moments this Father’s Day with 2nd Avenue! Check out 2nd Avenue on,, follow on Twitter via @2nd_Avenue and on Instagram via @2ndavenuetv.

2nd Avenue is the only general entertainment channel on Free TV and Pay TV that offers diverse content, featuring delightfully driven characters for the discerning market. Seen on UHF Free TV Ch. 29, SkyCable Ch. 19, Global Destiny Cable Ch. 29, Cablelink Ch. 35, Cignal Ch. 28, and Dream Channel Satellite Ch. 32.

DTI FTEB Permit No.: 6658 Series of 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Designer Boyet Fajardo: Divine Inspiration

Many times, we need to hear stories of inspiration and hope like these. Please take time to read. I hope you'll be encouraged and reminded that each of us has a purpose why we were brought into this world. May you find yours and touch others positively with it ... 

Press Release:

Many might perceive “fashion” to be something reserved for a chosen few, or only for those deemed fit to grace a magazine: celebrities, models, or those living the so-called “high life.” However, to designer Boyet Fajardo – now a successful household name in Filipino fashion design – his work in fashion is a way to make lives better for more people. As a recipient of miracles himself, he desires nothing less than to be one to others. 

Angelino Boyet Fajardo
A Big Hit
He pioneered Plus Size fashion in the Philippines. He says that before, women who were on the bigger side were not thought of as deserving to wear something as beautiful as their smaller counterparts. Or, they were given awful euphemisms. 

“Before, when you ask, ‘where is the big size?’ you are pointed to the dark corner where there are nothing but dasters (house dress). And we called those who asked, “matron, donya, lola.” There are so many words for them, which were really bad. It’s as if they have no right to wear something nice! And no designer would dare to touch plus sized clothing. Big women were relegated to nothing but dark colors, ¾ sleeves and closed necks. “God – they were like suman! So my line was really a big hit!” A big hit indeed, also for Robinson’s who had enough foresight to sign him up immediately. 
As a designer for plus size clothing, Boyet not only made a mark in the industry, he made his first considerable fortune. He was also able to make better clothes available for those whom society excluded from the fashion world.

“I won’t lie that I didn’t make a fortune. That was the time when success came into my head. I was really making millions and millions. It became a necessity for the plus size people because my clothes are complete, very well done, and I was the cheapest. That’s why they (other designers) were so angry with me!” Quality and affordability became the key drivers of his RTW business. 

Seeing the need 
Boyet Fajardo sees the needs of the market, arguably even beyond the usual designer. Now, he also has an advocacy for Persons with Disability (PWD) and works with Ephpheta Foundation for the blind. He has a special heart for people who have this disability, because he himself was born with it. 
“There are so many people who are blind simply because of poverty! What can I do? My heart breaks because of them. They go blind because they cannot afford a simple cataract or a simple glaucoma operation. So this involvement with Ephpheta, who does outreach for the blind, I helped them by investing in a machine that could help restore sight to the afflicted,” he beams. 

He received an award for his efforts with the PWD (Inocencio Magtoto Memorial Foundation), as he extended his outreach even to those who could not walk and to the PWD who would not be accepted into jobs simply because of their handicap. 

These, to him, seem to be not just CSR efforts on the side, or the clichĂ© of “giving back to society.” His using his gifts for those less privileged or those marginalized because of their handicap, is borne out of understanding first-hand how it felt like to be maltreated because of disability. He himself struggled with a descent into darkness. 

Boyet with Dr. Padilla
Going blind
It was sudden, he recalls of the moment when he lost his sight. “All of a sudden, both eyes went blind! I could no longer see. I was unable to take care of myself. I had to be bathed and fed. I could only see shadows and figures. No colors or details” 

A designer, for whom his eyes were one of the most important tools of the trade, was now legally blind. 

He thought he could rely on his family to take care of him. However, they saw this as a chance to make a play for his money, to the extent of making him sign documents he, of course, could no longer see. “What made me so angry with my family was that they knew I had enough money anyway, they could have brought me to a hospital. But they never did. And what I found out was this was because they were killing me softly!” 

It just kept getting darker for Boyet. Not only because of the blindness, but because of the shadows of depression. He attempted suicide twice. “Firs, I tried shooting myself. But I couldn’t see because I was blind.” 

The second time had cinematic proportions. “It was dawn. I was brought to a farm. They told me it would at least allow me to breathe fresh air. Little did I know it was there that they wanted me to die.” He tried to escape his dire situation by trying to have himself killed on the highway, as the rain kept pouring. However, thankfully his loyal associate, Bing, had found him before he could do himself harm. Looking back on that unfortunate night, he was so thankful to Bing for protecting him.

But that was not the end of his suffering. He swears he went mad, even smashing his own head on walls. And if not for the intervention of Bing and those around him who put a towel on his head, he would have broken his head, and what was left of his spirit. 

He felt so forlorn that he asked God, “Lord, saan ako nagkamali? Why did you allow these things to happen to me?” 

In the course of his blindness, he went to different sources for treatment: doctors, faith healers, and in his desperation to take away the darkness plaguing his life, he even went to exorcists. Then the light came. And he attributes it to nothing short of divine intervention. 

He suddenly then  became the beneficiary of a treatment that cost no more than 2,000 pesos. He recalls Dr. Minguita Padilla asking him, “Are you willing to undergo laser now?” 

Doktora kayo na po ang bahala. Kahit anong gusto niyo, bahala na po kayo,” he replied.Then, as if it was so simple after all, the doctor said, “Tara, let’s go to the eye center”. 

“Maybe she thought I didn’t have money, so she asked ‘Do you have 2,000?’ to which I replied, ‘Meron po.’ “The doctor then said, “O sige, 2,000 ang charge ko sa’yo”. 

He recalls being stunned: “I had already spent millions over the course of the two and a half years, but here she was offering redemption for only P2,000.”He didn’t fully believe in the effectivity of the treatment at first, because, after all that he’d been through, could a simple 2,000 pesos really solve his eye problem? However, “In about 10 minutes, I had gained my sight back in one eye! That was the first miracle of God. I could see!” He was so ecstatic he ran to the lobby of St. Luke’s Medical center and shouted with joy.  “Nagtatatalon ako and nagsisisigaw. I just went wild there, that’s why they probably won’t forget me! I could see!” He even finally got to see the plate number of the car, which he had bought when he was still blind.

Then the second miracle came when he gained sight in his other eye. He was given an eye transplant that turned out to be very successful. Full vision could not be recovered, however, because of other internal damages, but he’s willing to take what he can. “Even those doctors who said that there’s no miracle, now I want to write to them. To tell them that God exists.” 

A new perspective 
When he was finally seeing out of both eyes anew, he cut cloth, created an outfit, and gave it to Dr. Padilla who soon became a true friend in life. This doctor, who was giving a talk abroad was able to tell the audience, “This was made by a patient who was blind. Now, he can see.”  Amazing grace told through a designer’s life. 

While his vision is not back to the perfect 20-20 (from a 20-100, it can get to 20-50 after another treatment), he definitely sees life in a perspective much clearer than ever. He dedicates his life to God and service of others. This, to him, is not just an empty platitude, but a conviction from a core that has been touched by the Divine. “That’s a miracle, I can attest to that!” 

Now, he does not want to compete, but inspire. “I’m into a new life. I don’t want to talk about competition because my purpose now after what happened to me, it changed me, the whole of me. The reason why I’m still here is because God has purpose for me. Now I am here to spread awareness specifically for the PWD, and also for those aspiring designers who want to go into this kind of business, and to keep their feet on the ground.” 

That is why from Plus Size Women to the PWD, he tears down the traditional walls of fashion design so that more people will benefit. 

“I talk about  plus size fashion  and how this is fashion discrimination, too. I want these beautiful women to come out in the open and say, ‘Ano ba’ng kaya ng mga sexy na hindi natin kaya?' Discrimination stemming from plus size fashion is no different from discrimination felt by the PWD!” 

He dispels the notion that he is into an advocacy just to get money. Rather, it is now about giving. “I’ve come a long, long way, and I praise God. Now, I practice all his teachings. This advocacy is not for me to ask for money, this is for me to be able to give more to a lot more people. “

To him, it’s about designing a way to help others more. And to him and those whose lives he touched, these miracles will always be in fashion. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

More than P100,000 up for Grabs in Robinsons Supermarket’s Biscuit Run

Love online games? Play and win!

Press Release:

Now on its 2nd year, Biscuit Run is even bigger and better this year! Biscuit lovers now have the chance to play for free when they download the game app from Google Play or access it at

This is the first game app for Robinsons Supermarket and it aims to create a fun activity for customers both young and young-at-heart. Here they can unleash their competitive spirit by choosing one of the three (3) characters – Peter Pretzel, Bobby Biscuit, and Chloe Cookie and run their way through five (5) exciting and colorful stages. 

Score the most points to get a chance to be one of the top three (3) Biscuit Run players who will win PHP3,000 each. Winners will be determined every two weeks.  Get a game code when you purchase Php 70.00 worth of select participating products of Monde Nissin, Rebisco, Mondelez, and Universal Robina Corporation (URC).  Enter the game code to unlock and use power-ups to fight enemies, earn extra lives and to join the exclusive raffle. 

Customers that enter their code in the game will get a chance to be one of the following winners of: P50,000 grand prize, P5,000 2nd prize (5 winners) and P2,500 3rd prize (10 winners). There is over Php100,000 worth of prizes will be given away. Raffle draw winners will be announced on August 5.

So hurry, download and play Robinsons Supermarket’s Biscuit Run now! Promo is valid from June 1 – July 31, 2017. See posters and print ads for more details.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hurom: An Exceptional Juicer for an Exceptional Dad

One of the best things in life is the gift of good health. This Father's Day, may all kids (old and young) be able to inspire their dads to start living a healthier life. How about helping him discover the wonders of juicing? ;)

Press Release:

Kick start Father’s Day by encouraging your Dad to adapt healthy habits. Juicing is a convenient and delicious way to get nutrients from fruits and vegetables every day. Hurom’s innovative cold-press technology helps fruits and vegetables retain their nutrients and taste better than traditional juicers.

It used to be that fitness wasn’t high on the goal with dads, hence the term ‘dad bod.’ But, these days, dads are increasingly getting into running and triathlons, and all manner of sports activities that have become fitness goals for some dads. No matter your dad’s level of fitness is, though, all dads will benefit from more intakes of fruits and vegetables, and this is infinitely easier with juicing.  

According to Food Industry & Nutrition, there is no better way to absorb vitamins, enzymes and minerals from fruit and vegetables than by drinking juice. Studies have shown that the absorption rate is up to 4 times higher and digestion times are also significantly improved. Furthermore a cold pressed juice retains up to 5 times more vitamins, nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants than juice from blenders.

Hurom takes their juicers seriously.  Hurom’s State-Of-The-Art Slow Squeezing Technology works just like a manual citrus press, by gently squeezing the juice from fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, while preserving the natural enzymes, nutrition, color and flavor. You could say it’s pure nutrition straight to your glass.

As technology evolves and we strive to source healthier alternatives, the benefits of Cold Press Juicing are now more apparent than ever. Many health professionals advocate the use of Cold Press Juice to assist in the fight against a number of diseases, including cancer. Health, fitness and wellbeing experts recognize the nutritional advantages of cold press juices compared with traditional high speed alternatives.

By gently squeezing your ingredients rather than blending them, Hurom Cold Press Juicers will deliver the smoothest, silkiest, froth-free juices with less pulp and less waste, while always preserving the natural taste and nutrition of each ingredient. Their versatility allows you to create delicious recipes ranging from wholesome green juices and wheat grasses to nut milk and sorbet.

Explore the many creative combinations of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. Try squeezing a whole bunch of fruits or keep it simple and make yourself a nice glass of orange or dalandan juice. Load up on protein with cashews and almonds or go for a detox with green veggies and citrus. You’ll quickly find that healthy foods you don’t typically like to eat are addictively tasty in juice form.

Boost Dad’s Immune System with this Hurom’s Immunity Support Juice Recipe 

Immunity Support juice recipes are packed with iron, vitamin C, E, and B6 to strengthen the immune system. Drink these recipes frequently to ensure a balanced and healthy immune system. Our Immunity Support juice recipes consist of much more than citrus fruits, but also leafy greens such as spinach and kale, bell peppers, and strawberries.

Here's a simple recipe for Bell Pepper and Orange Juice:

When juicing for health it is important to keep the proper minerals and vitamins in your diet. Adding this Bell Pepper and Orange juice recipe will ensure you get plenty of vitamin C, calcium, and iron -- minerals that are essential in a daily diet. 

1 ½ cups of orange slices
½ bell pepper 

1. Peel orange and cut into appropriate slices 
2. Alternating the ingredients, insert bell pepper and orange into juicer 
3. Pour over ice, if desired. 

2016 New HuromH-AA Series Slow Juicers are available in Abenson, Anson Link, Duty Free, Gourdo’s, Rustan’s, Landmark, Royal Duty Free, SM Appliance, SM Home, True Value, and Western Appliances. 

To learn more about Hurom Slow Juicers, visit the official website at and follow these social media accounts:, and @HuromPHofficial on Twitter and Instagram. You may contact directly to hotlines (+632) 376-0568/ (+632) 926-8009.

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