Monday, November 1, 2010

Jollibee Kids Meal Toys for November 2010

Press Release:

Take the fun outside with the Jollibee Kids Meal Outdoor Fun Adventure collectibles! Kids can play with the lovable Jollibee, Hetty, Popo, Twirlie and Yum in their first-ever action figure versions that also double as tools for school. Available from November 1 to 30, these awesome toys come with with every delicious Jollibee Kids Meal.

See Jollibee skate and spin with Jollibee Ruler Skater. Pull the toy backwards and then release to watch him skate. For a spinning motion, slide Jollibee towards the back of the skateboard, pull the entire toy backward and then let go. To reveal the hidden ruler, just slide it out from underneath the skateboard.

Make stamp designs with Hetty as she skips rope with the Hetty Skip N’ Stamp. Just remove the stamp cover from her shoes, and wind her up to make her skip rope.

The boys can grab the Popo Stamping Scooter. Just remove the stamp cover, push Popo on the floor and watch his foot sway. The wheel of the scooter also makes stamp designs!

Dance with Twirlie with the Twirlie Hula-Hooper Sharpener. Just wind her up to watch her hula-hoop and dance. There’s also a sharpener under her feet that can be used for crayons.

Kids can also have fun with the Yum Pogo Pen by making him hop around on his pogo stick. They can also detach the pogo stick from the base and use as a cool pen.

Grab these collectibles with every Jollibee Kids Meal. Kids can choose from their favorite treats like the Yumburger, Spaghetti, 1-pc Burger Steak and the 1-pc. Chickenjoy meals, for only P72 to P98. Head down to the nearest Jollibee store and collect the Jollibee Kids Meal Outdoor Fun Adventure toys and school buddies before they run out!

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