Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blue Light and Its Effects on Children

Press Release: Know how to shield your child’s eyes from blue light

For growing children, the eyes are their windows to the world as they explore new surroundings and learn new things each day. Thus, assuring their healthy vision is vital in providing them the best foundation for their early development. However, active children’s eyes undergo plenty of stress daily. Aside from the invisible ultraviolet light that can damage their eyes, there are also blue light rays that can harm their vision.

“Blue light is a wavelength within the visible spectrum of light. Despite having a wavelength that is less strong than ultraviolet radiation, it still has the ability to penetrate the skin and cause cell damage,” explains Dr. Mary Rose Teodoro-Chang, a pediatric ophthalmologist. “It’s the most energetic portion among visible light and is present in varying degrees and intensity in everything we see.”

A child’s eyesight, rapidly developing from birth to four years of age, continues to develop its 20/20 vision, until he reaches the age of 7 when the process begins to slow down. Being at their healthiest at the onset, the eyes’ lenses can be very clear and can absorb more light, making them more susceptible to damage caused by the accumulation of free radicals on the eyes. This eventually causes lesions on the retina.

In order to avoid the hazardous effects of blue light on children’s eyes, mothers should be equipped with the proper knowledge on how to shield their children’s eyes through proper nutrition. Mothers should be aware about Lutein, a key nutrient that helps shield the eyes from harmful blue light rays. It also slows down oxidation, preventing free radicals in the eyes.

“Accumulation of free radical in the eyes can cause irreversible damage,” Dr. Teodoro-Chang says. “Lutein serves as a filter against the damaging effects of overexposure to blue light.”

Experts highly recommend introducing Lutein-rich food sources to a child’s diet. Spinach and other vegetables, preferably green and leafy ones, are excellent sources of lutein.

With studies proving the importance of Lutein in children’s eye health, leading children’s nutrition company Wyeth has also pioneered the inclusion of the much needed nutrient in its milk formula. A constant innovator when it comes to healthcare and nutrition, Wyeth has been working with mothers to promote healthy eyesight among children.

Apart from diet considerations, children can also be trained to maintain healthy eyesight habits. Caution them from watching too much television, spending plenty of time in front of the computer, and overexposing themselves under the sun’s direct rays.

With the healthy habit of staying away from too much light exposure, a steady supply of green vegetables and recommended servings of a Lutein-rich milk food supplement, mothers can be assured that their children are in the best condition to see the world through a brighter point of view.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Research on Milk Parents Should Read

Study: Milk fortified with micronutrients is proven to help prevent childhood sickness

Milk fortified with specific micronutrients can greatly reduce the risk of childhood diseases especially in the first two years of life, report researchers in milestone study.

The clinical study has proven that milk fortified with a special combination of micronutrients can improve the health of children by reducing the incidence of childhood diseases including diarrhea, acute respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia, or nutritional deficiencies like iron deficiency and anemia, and can have a positive impact on the weight and height of growing toddlers.

These results hold considerable significance on child health throughout Asia, especially in the Philippines where nutritional deficiencies and infectious illnesses like pneumonia and diarrhea are still among the leading causes of mortality in children aged one to four years. (Source: Philippine Health Statistics 2000 and National Objectives for Health Philippines 2005-2010,

Researchers studied children residing in New Delhi, India who received supplementation of milk fortified with a specific bundle of micronutrients including Vitamins A, C, E, Iron, Zinc, Selenium and Copper over a period of one year. The children who consumed the fortified milk were better protected from common illnesses and were able to benefit from improved immunity to certain diseases compared to children who consumed milk with natural levels of micronutrients.

Lead researcher Dr. Sunil Sazawal, a distinguished expert on child health and an Associate Research Professor at the Department of International Health, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, stressed the importance of the correct combination of micronutrients to provide the maximum health benefits to growing children.

“It is always a question and an issue of the right combination of vitamins and nutrients for any form of nutritional supplementation to achieve full effectiveness. That is why it is crucial to utilize a carefully selected bundle of nutrients and use it in the right levels. Iron and zinc, for instance hold key roles in the immune system, while vitamin C was added to the formulation to aid the absorption of specific nutrients.”

He also shared how the vehicle in delivering essential micronutrients is equally important in making sure young children are able to successfully receive the nutritional benefits, and milk offers a great and natural method of delivery.

“It is important to use a certain vehicle that is acceptable to the population. Milk is a very good delivery method for fortification since it is a universally acceptable food source for children after one year of age. Milk is also easy to administer and is more child-friendly compared to non-food based delivery systems like tablets,” he said.

Yielding groundbreaking results that can help improve child health, the research was funded and supported by Fonterra, the world’s leader in dairy nutrition that is committed to bringing the best quality dairy products designed to improve the health of children around the globe.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun Saturdays with the Jollibee Kids Club Talent Workshop

Press Release:

Metro Manila’s jolliest bunch of kids flocked to Jollibee stores during the past weeks and had a fruitful time at the Jollibee Kids Club Talent Workshop.

For four Saturdays, seasoned mentors taught club members the basics of acting, singing, dancing and arts and crafts. Through the Jollibee Kids Club Talent Workshop, kids learned to cultivate their special skills, making them more well-rounded.

“As the most fun kids’ club in the country, Jollibee Kids Club has long been an ally of every parent when it comes to fostering a child’s creativity,” said Coleen Niguidula-Ducusin, Jollibee Marketing Manager. “We believe that initiatives such as the Talent Workshop help children get to know themselves better, making them happier and more confident about their talents while having a lot of fun in the process.”

Bustling with kids ranging from three to 12 years old, select Jollibee stores overflowed with the energy of children eager to learn. The Talent Workshop participants got the chance to hone their special talents in two-hour classes that were capped off with free Jollibee meals after.

“This was my first acting workshop,” shared 11-year-old Bryan Abalos. “It was fun and I hope that I can do it more often.”

“I love dancing,” 8-year-old Andrei Arapeles said. “The workshop was really enjoyable.”

Aside from the valuable knowledge that the participants got from the sessions, another highlight was the surprise visit of pop princess Sarah Geronimo to selected Jollibee Kids Club classes. “It is really important that you hone your skills at such a young age, so pagbutihin niyo ha,” the pop princess told the awestruck kids. She added, “I am so happy to be a part of the Jollibee family kasi parang naging parte na rin ako ng pagtupad ng pangarap ng mga bata.”

In return, the kids gamely rendered their Ate Sarah—who recently celebrated her 22nd birthday—a happy birthday song as the Jollibee crew brought out a cake. “All JKC members were given free access to the Jollibee Kids Club Talent Workshop.” said Niguidula. “We are so happy with the turnout. All of the participants were very active and enthusiastic, and we are glad that Jollibee served as a platform for them to realize and tap their creative potentials. There will be more of these to come and we hope to have a bigger number of kids and their families there.”

Friday, September 10, 2010

Due Date Not Yet Due!

I recently watched, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie Going the Distance with my husband. You can find my full length review of it at

Before the main feature started, one movie preview caught my attention. Even before I saw who was starring in it, I immediately recognized Robert Downey Jr.'s voice narrating part of the story. Unfortunately, I heard that the film won't be showing in the Philippines until early 2011. Awwww!

So until then, let's enjoy watching the trailer for now :)

Edit, Nov 3: I was glad I heard wrong! Due Date opens in Philippine theaters this Nov. 5! My son and I watched it last night during the Press Screening and the movie was HILARIOUS! :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am always fascinated by the world of nature. I don't have a high-end camera nor high-tech photography equipment but I do try to capture some of the wondrous things I see once in a while in my own backyard.

It is always a pleasure to come across photos taken by expert photographers. I couldn't help the amazement I felt when I saw this photo among other close-up shots of mantises.

Beautiful colors huh? For more of these, mosey over to this website page and see other shots of mantises taken by Jimmy Hoffman.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thoughts of a Mother

Most of us are familiar with the book/movie The Color Purple by Alice Walker. It is that familiarity that led me to buy another of her books entitled Anything We Love Can Be Saved. This is a collection of different articles, essays and stories that Alice had written over the years. They are mostly about the things she advocates for and feels passionate about.

Although I don't agree with many of Alice Walker's beliefs and actions, (I don't think I can leave my kids for days and months at a time to pursue my passions), I do appreciate her ability to transfer her thoughts in beautifully composed words. One of the passages I highlighted goes:

"However, what is more important is that we remember that wars are fought not against leaders only but against the people, who may or many not even like the leader. And that children are the most devastated victims."

Thus, it is with sadness that I read an article recently, written by her daughter, Rebecca, about the rift the two of them have. The piece, entitled "How my mother's fanatical views tore us apart" can be found here. Rebecca had verbalized what I have been thinking as I was reading Alice's book. Her mother does have some rather fanatical views and it is very regrettable how those views seemed to have prevented Alice from thoroughly enjoying what many women hold dear and true -- family.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


"Like that's [on] the top of my to do list - molesting an alligator!" - a tweet from Curt Smith of Tears for Fears. LOL!

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