Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Kaspersky Lab Presents New Version of Its Flagship Consumer Security Solution with Enhanced Data Protection Features

Recently, Kaspersky Lab has presented the new version of its flagship security solution Kaspersky Internet Security, which provides users with additional opportunities to manage their Internet protection and to ensure their data safety. Read this to know how you can better protect yourself from cyber threats ...

Press Release:

Kaspersky Internet Security is the security solution for the whole family; it protects Windows, Mac, and Android users against malware, dangerous sites, online tracking, fraud and money theft.

This year Kaspersky Lab products for Windows have integrated several new functions. Now users can protect their data from being intercepted during an unsafe Internet connection with the help of Secure Connection. In addition, they can patch potential "holes" in their device security with Software Updater and Software Cleaner.

Marilen Young, Consumer Sales and Marketing Manager at iSecure Networks 
and Anthony Chua, Territory Manager for PH and SG at KL Southeast Asia 
"At Kaspersky Lab we believe that IT security is not only about the effectiveness of a security solution. It is also about the user’s own cyber savviness. Cyber savvy people behave carefully and watchfully online, and they are also ready to apply the latest technological achievements to protect what is most important for them – whether that’s personal information, files, privacy, their devices or peace of mind for their family members. We are striving to offer the user these possibilities with each new version of our solutions," commented Sylvia Ng, General Manager at Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia.

Secure Connection
Secure Connection allows users to connect to the Internet safely, by encrypting all data sent and received through the network . This is especially important when performing financial operations, authorization on sites, or transferring confidential information, as in these cases traffic interception by a stranger could cause users serious (for example, financial) losses.

This function is especially useful while traveling, when many people are increasingly connecting to insecure Wi-Fi networks to stay in touch.

According to the Kaspersky Lab study, every fifth (18%) user has fallen victim to cybercriminals when traveling. This is not surprising considering the fact that – what a coincidence! – one in five (18%) travelers does not take any steps to protect them online. Secure Connection is now a necessary protection measure when connecting to a public Wi-Fi.

The Kaspersky Lab protection component, Secure Connection, can be launched from the main window of Kaspersky Internet Security. It can also be activated automatically when the device is connected to public Wi-Fi or the user is inputting confidential information online, such as on banking websites, online stores, payment systems, e-mail, social networks, etc.

Within the security product’s license, users have 200 MB of encrypted traffic at their daily disposal, and for an additional monthly or annual fee they can get an unlimited volume of traffic.

Software Updater
One of the common methods of malware penetrating the computer is the use of errors (so-called vulnerabilities) in the programs installed on it. Developers regularly update their products, however not all users regularly update these on their devices.

Software Updater can automatically find the applications that need to be updated and, if the user agrees, install the latest versions from vendor sites on their computer. The user can also request the update of an application manually or add any of them to the list of applications that should not be updated (for example, if the older version is required).

Software Cleaner
According to the Kaspersky Lab study, 37% of users store programs that they do not use on their device. In addition to the fact that this overloads the device memory, it also provides extra opportunities for cybercriminals to penetrate the system.

Software Cleaner scans all applications installed on the computer and marks those posing potential risk. Users sometimes do not even know about these applications being installed on their devices or are unaware of their negative effects.

Software Cleaner will inform users of a program if it has been installed without their awareness or clear consent (for example, as additional software during the installation of another application), or if it slows down the user’s device, provides incomplete/incorrect information about its functions, operates in the background mode, shows banners and messages without permission (e.g., advertising), or is rarely used.

Upon receipt of a report from Software Cleaner, the user can either remove or leave the application in question.

In addition to the new functions, Kaspersky Internet Security has been enhanced with improved advanced technologies such as the multi-level protection of financial transactions (with Safe Money), the prevention of the installation of unwanted applications (with Application Manager, part of the former Change Control feature) and the blocking of advertising banners in the browser (with Anti-Banner).

“Filipinos are heavy mobile and internet users. Filipinos are also known as one of the most active social media users. Through social engineering or hacking of the human mind, careless and unaware Filipinos could be easy prey for cybercriminals. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2017 is equipped with new features designed to protect Filipinos and their devices. But more than installing an awesome security product on a device, being cyber savvy online matters the most. It is highly important to behave carefully online. Think security at all times,” adds Anthony Chua, Territory Channel Manager for the Philippines and Singapore at Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cord-Blood Banking: One Way to Preserve a Mom's Unbreakable Bond With Her Child

It's good to know that parents these days have this option, especially if their family has worrisome medical histories ...

Press Release:

Seeing your body change, hearing the heartbeat for the first time, feeling the first kick from your insides—these are the moments that build the invisible but irrevocable connection between a mother and her child.  

Because of this growing connection, you feel most responsible for your baby, so it is all but inevitable for anxieties to spring up left and right. 

You worry if you are giving enough nourishment. You worry if your baby is developing normally. You worry if your baby will get diseases passed down from your family. 

“I’m always thinking about my baby 24/7. I worry about his life so much so that besides adjusting my lifestyle for him, I also do a lot of research online.  I ask advice from my friends and family about how I can take better care of my baby because I can never be truly 100% sure about his well being all the time.”  – Lea, 30, first-time mom

Like mommy Lea, maybe it has dawned on you that you cannot protect your baby for the rest of your lives, but what if we can alter that reality. What if there is a way to help secure your child’s life from several life-threatening diseases by preserving that one-of-a-kind connection between you and your baby?  

The umbilical cord is your child’s lifeline inside your womb. It is through this physical connection that you are able to give your child the gift of life. But after childbirth, this life giving cord is simply thrown away, not realizing the worth of the blood inside it.

Throwing the umbilical cord is like throwing life away. Cord blood contains the youngest and inherently valuable stem cells that may help save your baby from leukemia and other blood cancers, solid tumors, immunodeficiency, and metabolic disorders.

With Cordlife, you can now make that one choice to take that one chance to protect your child’s life. Being the 1st and only registered Cord Blood Bank in the Philippines and part of the largest stem cell banking network in Asia, Cordlife gives you the chance to save your family by banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood. 

By storing your cord blood that is painlessly extracted from your umbilical cord right after giving birth, you can give your child a fighting chance to survive life-threatening diseases. 

Cord blood banking can provide the stem cells needed to replace and regenerate damaged bone marrow, treat blood cancers, correct genetic defects, and be a potential source for cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. 

By preserving the visible connection between you and your baby, you can have your much-needed peace of mind when it comes to doing everything you can to secure your baby’s life.

Don’t throw life away. Save your baby’s cord blood. Save your baby’s life.

To know more about cord-blood banking, call (02) 332 1888 or visit https://www.cordlife.ph/

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Alviera’s SandBox Launches Night Operations

Looking for a place to unwind with your family? Here's one option! To read my review of our visit to SandBox, please read this blog post.

Press Release:

The SandBox in Alviera has announced that it is extending operating hours for guests to enjoy all the outdoor adventure park's attractions until 9 PM every Friday and Saturday. Weekends become extra special with the "SandBox Holiday Beats" concert. 

Alviera, an Ayala Land sustainable estate in partnership with Leonio Land, is located in Porac, Pampanga. The estate is accessible via NLEX-SCTEX and is envisioned to become a regional growth center of Central Luzon.

“SandBox in Alviera is popular with families, especially those with small children. Our newest facility will service the needs of families with little kids. This way, all family members, not just the adults, can have a great time in Sandbox,” said Jomi De Guzman, Alviera Project Development Manager.

Li'l People, a new entertainment facility welcomes children up to 12 years old. The air-conditioned indoor playground is filled with colorful play areas where children can interact with each other. Educational toys abound to help them learn while playing.

New dining choices have also opened in SandBox. El Pedro Cubano is an authentic Cuban restaurant that offers Cuban sandwiches, arroz, mariquitas (chips with salsa), tucca fritas (cassava fries with salsa), tamales, and empanadas.

Another new dining option is Morgan’s Comfort Food. A visit to a Kapampangan household will not be complete without good food, animated laughter, and loud conversations. Inspired from what a Kapampangan lola, or apu will prepare on a typical Sunday lunch gathering, dishes are filling, uncomplicated, and comforting, like giving you a hug from home.

Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate Monster Milkshake’s creations. They serve over-the-top milkshakes, ice cream, and bubble waffles, along with savory snacks like hotdogs and waffle fries to complement the icy comfort goodness. With the unique infusion of flavors in each milkshake, Monster Milkshake creates an unforgettable experience for everyone.

“We continually strive to make SandBox a place where everyone, young and old, can enjoy their time and appreciate the outdoors. There is something for every member of the family here,” said De Guzman.

Through the years, SandBox has attracted not only visitors from Pampanga, but also those coming from Manila and nearby provinces. The longer and now tougher Aerial Walk takes visitors through an obstacle course above ground. The Giant Swing keeps riders thrilled 10 meters up, and many are lined up for the Adventure Tower’s offerings:  rappelling, wall climbing and free fall. Other thrill seekers enjoy Avatar One, Asia’s first roller coaster zipline at 180 meters long. The open fields of Sandbox are ready for outdoor activities like camping, kite-flying, field games, and other sports.

For more information on SandBox at Alviera, visit http://www.alviera.ph/ and http://www.facebook.com/AlvieraPH. For inquiries, email info.alviera@gmail.com or contact 0917-803-3099 / (045) 432-0014.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Give your Loved Ones a Hurom Slow Juice Squeeze This Christmas

Give the gift of health this Christmas! Here's a great suggestion!

Press Release:

The feasting has already begun, and there will be more as you make the round of holiday parties and reunions before the year is over. Then there’s that steady line of food gifts, likely sweet and decadent pastries most often than not that may be too tempting to resist. Of course, this is the season of indulgences, but it’s time to mitigate that with a delicious squeeze. It’s time to apply a full court press…of slow juicing. 

benefits of slow juicing
The best gift we can give and indeed receive this Christmas is the gift of health, because without it, we can’t enjoy all the beautiful things that come with the season such as waking up early for dawn masses and staying up late to watch the various Christmas light shows and displays. For this, you need stamina, but the weather and the stress doesn’t necessarily make it easy for a lot of us to be in the pink of health. 

available colors: (from left) black gold, dark grey, ferrari red, white, and rose gold
A gift of Hurom is not just a gift of health for Christmas, it’s for life. It’s a good idea to start drinking delicious, healthy juices now rather than making a New Year’s resolution in January next year. Besides, more fruits become readily available this season. You know you can’t eat all those 12 fruits people try to gather for a prosperous year ahead. You can, however, juice them and have the healthiest fruit punch to pass around.

Hurom Slow Juicers are the product of 40 years or research and development. The difference is in the squeeze. Normal juicers with high-speed blades shred fruits and vegetables, which damage the natural enzymes of the plant. But Hurom has the patented slow juice technology that presses the juice and keeps the taste and nutrition as close to its most natural state. You can even see the difference in the color. Hurom juices retain their natural color, and a microcospic inspection of the juice shows that the fruits have kept their cellular structure. Hurom Slow Juicers are made of materials like ultem, tritan, and stainless steel, some of which are used to build spaceships. They also come with a long lasting AC motor. Hurom juicers produce a higher yield of juice. They want you to get every last squeeze of healthy, unprocessed juice that you can consume immediately or keep for 72 hours.  

get nutrition naturally from fruits and vegetables
Versatility is also something Hurom has taken a lot into consideration. It’s easy to juice luscious fruits, but even crisp greens like kale and spinach are juiced to their maximum with a Hurom Slow Juicer. They also make superior nut milks such as almond, which needs high performing juicing. Asians tend have a higher degree of lactose intolerance in their systems, which makes this a really handy tool for those who need milk substitutes, or indeed just because nut milks in themselves just taste delicious. 

With a Hurom juicer, you can confidently pick and choose from a wide range of ingredients. You can also make smoothies, ice-cream and sorbets, using the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Safety in juicing is something Hurom has gone to great lengths to ensure. Hurom juicers are 100% BPA free and come without any blades or sharp parts, making it safe even for children to use. Over a million customers in more than 70 countries make juice with a Hurom juicer, making Hurom the global leader. Don’t miss out!

2016 New Hurom H-AA Series Slow Juicers are available in Abenson, Anson Link, Duty Free, Gourdo’s, Rustan’s, Landmark, Metro Gaisano, Royal Duty Free, S&R, SM Appliance, SM Home, True Value, and Western Appliances. To learn more about Hurom Slow Juicers, visit the official website at www.hurom.com and follow us on our social media accounts: http://www.facebook.com/huromphofficial, and @HuromPHofficial. on Twitter and Instagram. You may also contact hotlines (+632) 926-8038 / (+632) 926-8009 directly.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

King Sue Recipes For Beautiful Christmas Traditions

Still looking for recipes for Noche Buena or Media Noche? Here are several recipes courtesy of King Sue!

Press Release:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be with family and friends and share good food. Made with love at the hearth of every kitchen and helping each other cook up a delightful Holiday feast is a lovely tradition. King Sue has some suggestions for that perfect Christmas spread—from ham steaks, burritos, pasta, gratin, and bruschetta, to a host of other recipes—that will not only make this year’s Yuletide celebration more meaningful:


1 kilo King Sue Sweet Ham, cut into 2 inch slices
1 can crushed pineapple
2 Tbsp. brown sugar / muscovado sugar
1 Tbsp. butter
3 Tbsp. honey
Shallow baking pan
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
Heavy skillet

Cooking Directions:
* Open the can of crushed pineapple and pour the contents into a sauce pan.
* Add the brown sugar, butter and honey to the pan, and stir to combine.
* Turn the stove on medium and heat the glaze until hot.
* Take it off the burner and let it cool for about five minutes.
* Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C or 350 degrees F.
* Line a shallow baking pan with aluminum foil, and place the ham steaks in the baking pan.
* Pour the pineapple glaze over the steaks. Spread the glaze completely over the steaks.
* Cover the pan with a sheet of aluminum foil and put it in the oven.
* Cook the glazed ham steaks 18 to 20 minutes.
* Take off the aluminum foil covering the ham steaks and let them stand for five minutes.
Serve while warm.


2 tbsp  olive oil
1 small onion, minced
1 small tomato, diced
1 small green bell pepper, diced
1 pc chicken breast, strips
½ King Sue Chorizo Filipino
3 slices King Sue (your choice of ham)
¼ tsp paprika
Salt and pepper
1 cup cooked rice
Tortilla (optional)

Cooking Directions:
* Heat the pan, pour in olive oil. Sauté the chorizo for a few seconds to get its flavor, then remove chorizo from the pan.
* Sauté onion, tomato, and chicken.  Let the chicken for a few minutes.
* Add in the ham and chorizo.
* Season it with paprika, salt and pepper.
* Add in the cooked rice, turn off the heat and add the bell pepper.
* Serve on plate or wrapped in tortilla.


1 pound penne pasta
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 medium yellow onion, diced
1 tablespoon garlic, chopped
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning mix
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flake, optional
4 King Sue Hungarian-Style Sausage, cut into 1/2-inch slices
1 (28-ounce) can diced tomatoes, drained
salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup heavy cream
¼ cup parmesan cheese
Basil leaves, for garnish
Store bought garlic bread.

Cooking Directions:
* Bring large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Cook pasta according to package directions.
* In a large deep skillet over medium-high heat, add olive oil.
* Add onion, garlic, Italian seasoning mix and red pepper flakes, if using.
* Stir frequently and cook until the onions are soft and fragrant, about 3 to 4 minutes
* Add sausage and cook for 1 minute
* Add can of crushed tomatoes, stirring all the ingredients together to combine.
* Season with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste and let simmer for 10 minutes.
* Stir in heavy cream and mix well.
* Drain the pasta and add directly to the skillet with the sauce Toss the pasta to coat with the sauce.
* Transfer to a serving bowl or platter, top with parmesan cheese and garnish with basil leaves.
* Serve with garlic bread.


King Sue Chorizo Bilbao
1 kilo marble Potatoes
1 pack all purpose cream
1 bar cheddar cheese (easy melt) grated
½ cup parmesan cheese grated
1 bar (200gms) mozzarella cheese

Cooking Directions:
* Cut potatoes in half and boil with a little salt until done, let it cool.
* Cook chopped Chorizo in oil set it aside.
* Toss potatoes with all purpose cream, grated parmesan cheese and cheddar.
* Add in Chorizo bits. Left some for toppings.
* Put in baking dish and top with grated mozzarella cheese and chorizo.


3-4 slices King Sue Sliced Bacon
1 teaspoon olive oil
2 whole tomatoes, cubed
Portion of Zuchinni cubed
1 pc  green capsicum, cut into thin strips
1 French Baguette (small)
Olive oil cooking spray
1 large garlic clove, halved
150g mozzarella cheese, thinly sliced

Cooking Directions:
* Preheat oven toaster. Sprinkle olive oil, salt and pepper over the tomatoes, zucchini and bell pepper. Roast for about 8-10 minutes.
* Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Cook bacon for 5 to 6 minutes or until golden and crisp. Remove and drain on paper towel.
* Preheat oven toaster. Cut four 2cm-thick slices from loaf.
* Heat bread in oven toaster for 1 to 2 minutes until golden. Rub both sides of bread with cut side of garlic clove. Top bread with capsicum, bacon and mozzarella. Place in oven toaster and cook for 2 minutes or until cheese melts. 
* Serve immediately.


500 gms King Sue Hawaiian Ham Loaf cubes
1/3 cup white or rice vinegar (Note: rice vinegar gives better results)
4 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon ketchup
1 teaspoon soy sauce
2 teaspoons cornstarch mixed with 4 teaspoons water

Cooking Directions:
* Mix the vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup, and soy sauce together and bring to a boil in a small pot.
* Mix together the cornstarch and water, add to the other ingredients and stir to thicken then pour in King Sue Hawaiian Cubed Ham.
 * If desired, you can add 1 green pepper, cut into chunks, and pineapple chunks as desired after adding the cornstarch. For a thicker sauce, increase the cornstarch to 4 teaspoons while keeping the water constant.

For more easy-to-make recipes using various King Sue products, check out their website www.kingsue.com/recipes and start planning a special Yuletide table. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

NTC Breaches 2016 Collection Target by P 34.5M Three Weeks Before the Year Ends

It's good to know that there are government agencies working towards, and achieving, their goals ... 

Press Release:

With three weeks left in 2016 to collect Administrative Fees, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), an agency under the Department of Information and Communications Technology, has already breached its P 4.835B target for 2016 as its collections have amounted to P 4.870B to-date.  The P 4.835B target was set by the Development Budget Coordination Committee (DBCC) composed of the Department of Budget Management (DBM), the Department of Finance (DOF), and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).

The achievement came from the NTC’s concerted efforts to strictly enforce stakeholders’ compliance in remitting administrative, spectrum, and penalty fees.  Stakeholders regulated by the NTC include cable and commercial television operators, broadcast radio stations, telecommunications companies and 2-way radio operators.  

With still three weeks to go, NTC Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordoba said that “the NTC management is rallying its entire workforce to try to reach the P 5B mark before the year ends.”  He added that, “this last ditch effort is NTC’s humble way of contributing to various national government public service programs pushed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte - priorities of which are on infrastructure, agriculture and rural development, as well as peace and order.”

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Patrick Formanes Launches "Saw Her Standing There" Book in Manila

Hey, bookworms! Here's a new book with a curious title and interesting synopsis! Patrick was recently in Manila to promote it ...

Press Release:

Patrick Formanes, a first-generation Filipino-American, was born and raised in New York City to immigrant parents and has one brother.

He attended New York University and majored in Journalism. He proceeded to work in the field of publishing for over 14 years before writing and completing his first novel, Saw Her Standing There.

The author currently lives in NYC, dividing his time unevenly. If depicted on a pie chart (one will not be provided here), the largest chunk (99.8%) would show the amount of time he spends with his family. Other multi-colored slivers (the remaining 0.2%) would consist of: rooting for the New York Mets, improving his guitar playing, pestering his brother about stickball, and playing tennis.

He married his high school sweetheart and they have two daughters.

Here's the Synopsis of his novel:

In New York City there were these people, Ryan and Lane. They met in high school, fell in love, and later married. Yes, to each other.

From here, it would easier to ask, “Did they turn into wizards? Witches? Vampires? Zombies? Or, are they monsters of unknown origins, their only aim to annihilate their neighboring monsters by gnashing them into delicious morsels with their ridiculously sharp incisors, leaving the planet to stew in the juices and horrific odors of rotten animal flesh, splintered bones, and exposed innards, then kill each other because: (1) they get hungry again and (2) they don’t like vegetables?”

No. None of that stuff will be found in this novel.

Through these pages, you will learn about Ryan and Lane, who are regular humans devoid of super powers, as well as their fellow Filipino-American friends, and how they maneuver through personal challenges while attending their Queens high school. Follow them as they play sports, kiss (some attempt more than that), use the foulest language, excel academically (at least most of them), fight, go to parties, eat food, take public transportation, and, most importantly, learn about each other.

Initially published, December 2014. Revised, July 2016 292 pages

Young Adult/New Adult

Age: 15+ (High school and above)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Find Gift-Giving Ideas For Different Personalities at Daiso Japan

Clueless on what to give friends and family this Christmas? Daiso Japan shares these gift-giving ideas for different personalities!

Press Release:

This season of gift-giving, put a little more thought on your shopping list and get loved ones something they actually want and would use. Finding the perfect gift for the right person might seem challenging  but wrapping up items that suit their personality is a good rule of thumb.

How to start? Jot down all the names of the people you’ll give gifts to this Christmas.  Then beside their names, write a word or two that best describe that person. This will be your cheat sheet when buying presents. To save on time hopping from one store to the next, shop at Daiso Japan where they have a wide selection of cute, practical and useful  merchandise at affordable prices  which have been neatly organized in sections for different personality types.

There will always be that kikay friend in the group who adores make-up and takes vanity seriously. A whole bunch of cosmetics, beauty implements and hair accessories offered under Daiso Japan’s Beautyholics display are perfect stocking fillers. There are make-up brushes in different sizes and tips, false eyelashes which can be stored in an eyelash case can also be bought at the store, trendy nail top coats in glossy and matte finish are also available, leather pouches and an assortment of cosmetics – from mascara and blush pots to eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. 

If you have a co-parent in school or a goddaughter who loves crafting, they will be delighted to receive fresh supplies from the store’s Crafter aisle filled with  pretty paper products such as stationeries, memo pads and sticky notes as well as colorful washi tapes, craft punchers and storage boxes in exuberant patterns. 

For the person on your list who loves to whip up something delicious from the pantry, head over to the Foodie section which is teeming with kitchen tools, baking equipment and cooking accessories. Get them to be inspired with new dishes by gifting them with these prezzies: portable hand mixers, wide assortment of baking pans and cake molds, biscuit-shaped stamp sets, cute cookie cutters, and colorful spatulas and cutlery sets. 

What to give your BFF or boss who’s always traveling? The choices are ample at Daiso Japan. Pick up travel essentials such as eye masks, travel organizers that can hold anything from cosmetics, clothes, toiletries and footwear, and inflatable neck pillows. To make their jaunt more comfortable, slip in a pair of fluffy foldable slippers. 

For nephews and nieces, gadget accessories and trappings are always appreciated. Browse through Daiso’s Tech-Savvy shelves for quirky contraptions which nicely complement most gadgets. Best buys include trendy earphones and earplugs, earphone cases, cord organizers in cute animal shapes, and a USB LED lamp that can be plugged in a laptop. 

With prices starting at P88, you can shop for all the names on your list at Daiso Japan and be assured that you’ll find the right gift for each of them.  

Daiso Japan has 56 stores nationwide through Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. which holds the exclusive sub-license to sell authentic Daiso merchandise from Japan and operates the legitimate Daiso Japan store concept in the Philippines. 

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter at @DaisoJapanPH  and @daisophilippines on Instagram.  

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