Monday, December 31, 2012

At The Beginning: the Tale of Your First Zit

There is hope after an acne outbreak. Read on ...

Press Release:

At the beginning, you had glowing clear skin. That may last until your thirteenth birthday when to your utter dismay a pimple may have grown.

Acne can be rid of with different skin care products available in the market. Ideally, acne should be treated by normalizing the skin renewal process or exfoliation; killing the p. acnes bacteria; reducing the inflammation; and regulating oil production.

Different ingredients are involved in the treatment of acne. Not all products will cater to that need.  Many explore the possibilities of different products but not all results are satisfactory. Occasionally, our experiments with different products will be cringe-worthy at the beginning of the zit outbreak.

Many products promise clear healthy skin but not all hold true to their promises. Sometimes the products we choose are not compatible with our skin types, which may react negatively to products introduced to the skin. Many try different products at the same time, juggling one product’s effects with another’s bad side-effects. The results are almost always depressing.

Getting pimples no matter how horrible the first time around is an experience everyone goes through at one time or another, and once you get past it you’ll be laughing with your friends about what you did, what you said, and how you cried, the first time you got that acne.  Many have the marks to tell the world that they once chose a product that they regret to have ever used. Luckily, we still live to tell the tale of our first zit.

Now it’s your turn to spread the word on this new-found truth. Be a Truth Seeker. Discover the story of your zit and tell everyone about it.

Tell the story of your zit and what product you used to remedy it. Conduct interviews as well with your closest friends or family and survey them on what they did during their first encounter with acne. One requirement is that you must absolutely interview a dermatologist who could tell you the truth about acne and how to care for it. The dermatologist may even explain to you what you did wrong when acne came the first time around.

Our first brush with acne may have left us unwanted scars on our faces but it is the mark that we face acne bravely and that we challenged it by boldly using skin care products that may have not worked. Thank goodness that we not only live to tell the tale, but we learned to become more discerning of the truth behind the products we use on our faces.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Fruity New Twist to Welcome the New Year

Jazz up your New Year's eve tables with these beautiful centerpieces!

Press Release:

At last 2013 is finally here! It's time to once again be in a festive mood for another year was survived. And as a year ends, a new one dawns with more challenges to face and more opportunities to grab. So take out the glasses and the plates, empty the pantry and call friends and family for a special celebration the Mayans and Nostradamus himself never saw coming.

And as always, the new year is a perfect opportunity to try new things and to add an exciting twist to shake things up a bit. It's time to add more color to the Media Noche with a centerpiece as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers but very edible. SM introduces the fruit bouquet; the first and only commercialized fruit bouquet service in the country. It is the perfect combination of beauty and fruity made from carefully carved fruits arranged perfectly to emulate the aesthetic appeal of flowers. Not only are they good looking, they are very good for the health and the taste buds too.

Absolutely fruity

“[The Fruit Bouquet service] is available in SM Supermarket and Savemore branches like Makati, Megamall A and B, North Edsa, Fairview, Southmall, Marikina and Festival mall. We are currently training more staff for the other SM Food stores in Greater Manila Area,” said Ms. Leah Lee, Assistant Vice President for Merchandising.

The fruit bouquet service is not seasonal. It is intended to be a regular service for the said stores. The bouquets are made from only the freshest fruits uniquely designed and cut into fanciful shapes that are creatively put together in an attractive mix of colors and a delicious variety of flavors. Though there are ready made fruit arrangements, customers have the freedom of having their own personally designed bouquets because all fruit carvers are specially trained to make intricate fruit carvings and pleasing arrangements just for you.

It might be hard to believe but the service is actually free of charge; all customers have to do is to purchase the fruits from SM and the staff will make one while you wait. The fruit bouquets can also be pre-ordered for your convenience. It is part of SM’s consistency in introducing fresh ideas and offering extra services to its customers in 2013 and for the years to come.

New year, new center of attraction

So why not try something new today? Dazzle your friends and loved ones with a fruit bouquet. It's an impressive way to add color to the dining table and a fun way to serve dessert. It's healthy and yummy too! So before lighting the fireworks, banging the pans, and ringing the bells, stop by the selected SM Supermarkets and Savemore Markets to have your very own fruit bouquet, you can shop for anything and everything else that you need for the Media Noche while you wait too. An SM fruit bouquet is definitely what you need to welcome 2013 and everything it brings.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

NetSuite Makes Dreams Come True This Holiday Season

It's always nice to know about companies that give back to the needy through their CSR programs. Great job NetSuite and PCF!

Press Release:

Leading cloud ERP software company, NetSuite and members of SuiteImpact team – the company’s employee-volunteer group, held its 5th annual Adopt-a-Child giving program with non-profit partner Philippine Christian Foundation (PCF). Employees generously provided gifts for 120 children, which included one of the popular gifts - a bicycle! 

Dozens of employees were present to share the special moment with the young owners of new bikes and other Christmas presents. Gracing the event were NetSuite senior executives (standing, last row) James Dantow, General Manager & VP Worldwide Customer Support and David Geilhufe, Program Director.

Other executives present were NetSuite Social Committee headed by Jheng Ponciano, Vice Pineda, Mitch Lucentales & Bernie Cadaing, NetSuite SuiteImpact Team Ambassador headed by Louie Baltazar and Team members Mariel Bertumen and Rhoda Navarro. is the corporate citizenship arm of NetSuite, leveraging the company’s assets to create social impact for charities and social enterprises around the world. Through our unique initiatives, including product donations, pro bono service grants and social solutions we are supporting organizations worldwide better achieve their missions.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Countdown to 2013 at Marriott Manila

Looking for somewhere to spend New Year's eve? Check out these exciting offers from Marriott Manila!

Press Release:

No local worthy of the name would let December go by without coming to Marriott Manila for a night of luxurious and outrageous New Year’s Eve countdown party. Aside from the dining deals from Marriott Café to Cru Steakhouse, the lobby will be transformed into a hip hangout to welcome 2013! With a menu that is one big staple and a selection of seafood and meat dishes that offers a welcome variety, why not avail the P3, 888 net buffet cocktail package at The Garden Room? Coupled with a complete access to the countdown party from The Lounge to The Hub, it’s a year-ender party guaranteed to leave everybody feeling good

Style-savvy clubbers would be thrilled to know that two floors of the hotel will be occupied with music of In Session with live DJ at The Lounge while Belvedere’s Blue Bubble Room takes charge to the party ambience at The Hub. Party with us from 9 PM to 1:00 AM for only P1550 net cocktail package, featuring an open bar stocked up with beers and wines matched with easy-to-handle-entrees for a perfect boogie-down experience.

There’s nothing quite a satisfying meat indulgence before making your way to the party, so have Cru Steakhouse for dinner if rooting for a happy place for carnivores.  With well-prepared steaks as the main star on the table for only P5, 300 net, the menu features an indulgent 4-course set dinner in an intimate atmosphere with swift and polite service.

Make this most happening event your memorable last hurrah for the year. Whether with family or friends, luxuriate over a good meal on December 31 and make your way to 2013 socializing, dancing, and enjoying good music in this biggest countdown party ever.

For inquiries or reservations, call the Festive Season trunk line at 988-9980.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ortigas Sets Example for Effective Urban Planning in Circulo Verde

Press Release:

Premiere property developer, Ortigas & Co., recently announced its plan to construct a two-way, 137m link called the Circulo Verde Bridge that would connect Quezon City to Pasig.

Quezon City is home to Circulo Verde, a 12-hectare residential project located in Bagumbayan, which has access to key cities like Makati, Pasig, and Mandaluyong. It was designed to maximize the area’s natural features and provide as much as 70% open space for various recreational activities.

Map to Circulo Verde

The object of constructing the bridge is to mitigate traffic in nearby barangays and provide alternative routes to private vehicles going to Amang Rodriguez and parts of Ortigas Ave. Extension.

In a traffic study commissioned by Ortigas, an average of 1,400 vehicles pass by Calle Industria between 7:00 – 8:00 AM and 1,000 between 5:00 – 6:00 PM; from Caruncho Road to Amang Rodriguez, the average is 1,800 in the morning and 1,500 in the afternoon.

The steel suspension bridge, which length is about a quarter of the Guadalupe bridge, will have a 7.32-meter carriage width at 3.66m for each side. Anchored on Circulo Verde’s perimeter road, the Circulo Verde Bridge will have a capacity of at least 840 vehicles that could reduce the volume of vehicles from Calle Industria and a portion of the Ortigas Ave. Ext. by as much as 60%. Based on the final design, construction can be completed in approximately 12 months, from June 2012 until June 2013, with an estimated cost of P200 million.

The Guest House at Circulo Verde

“The strength of Circulo Verde lies in its size. It is big enough to be master-planned, to create ideal conditions for effective traffic flow, privacy for residents, and a very generous green space,” says Joey Santos, General Manager of the Real Estate Division of Ortigas & Co.

The first two towers of Circulo Verde, Majorca and Ibiza are set for turnover this 2012, while the third and fourth towers are currently under construction. By June 2013, during the completion of the bridge, residents of the two towers should have already settled in.

Aside from the construction of the Circulo Verde Bridge, the enhanced master plan also calls for the relocation of retail spaces from each tower to a 10,000 sqm. standalone retail center.

Circulo Verde's Multi-Purpose Open Field

Circulo Verde also boasts of an expansive open space that includes a central community park and other amenities such as basketball and tennis courts and swimming pools.

The development is made even more exclusive with the elevation of the residential towers to an expansive podium that is accessible only to residents.

 “In keeping up with our tradition of delivering highly coveted residential developments, Ortigas has master planned Circulo Verde, making the one-of-a-kind community even better while maintaining the promise of delivering an exclusive urban sanctuary,” concludes Mr. Santos.

Ortigas & Co. is the company behind longstanding residential developments like the Greenhills Subdivisions and Greenmeadows, as well as commercial centers like Greenhills Shopping Center and Tiendesitas. For more information, visit or contact +632 6381641.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With the Natural Sweetness of SIP

Love milk tea? Discover SIP!

Press Release:

Those looking for a milk tea fix can find a refreshing alternative in the natural sweetness of SIP’s steeped milk teas. SIP offers naturally sweet tea-based drinks that can serve as dessert substitutes for those who want to limit their sugar intake.

SIP uses high-grade pekoe loose leaves, which naturally sweetens the milk tea and reduces the sugar content in a unique blend. Between three weeks to three months old, pekoe loose leaves are known for their sweet and floral qualities. These leaves are perfect for making tea because its essence is strong enough to withstand the milk and flavoring, unlike the younger blossom leaves that are too delicate and the much older souchong leaves that taste bitter. Made from only natural ingredients to make the best quality teas, SIP also boasts of a superior method of tea preparation⎯steeping. Steeping tea instead of brewing it retains the traditional flavors and aroma of the tea, thus making it the healthier and tastier choice. Steeping also maximizes the flavor that can be extracted from the leaves. And because SIP uses sweet pekoe leaves, they don’t need much sugar to sweeten their drinks.

The other secret to SIP’s naturally sweet chilled tea blends is their use of spring teas, which are actually found to be sweeter and more fragrant than those harvested during the summer and autumn seasons.

“Visit our branches for a unique milk tea experience,” says owner Jon Kui. “It is perfect for fans of milk tea who are looking to enjoy drinks that won’t make them feel guilty about their love for sweets.”

Jon personally recommends the plain milk tea at 75% sweetness level for classic milk tea lovers, the mango milk tea with citrus topping at 50% sweetness level for those in search of fruity goodness, and caramel milk tea at 75% sweetness level for those who want their blends creamier and sweeter.

So go and satisfy your sweet tooth with SIP’s naturally sweet steeped tea drinks! SIP is located in six branches: Robinsons Galleria, Pearl Plaza, Malate (Dr. Quintos St.), SM Sucat, SM Manila and E. Rodriguez St.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's a Battle Against Baby Blues on BIRTH-DAYS

FYI, another interesting new series from Discovery Channel!

Press Release:

While it is predicted that the world population would hit an all high of eight billion in 2025, experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the challenges of overpopulation. For many countries in Asia however, their worries lie elsewhere. Asia's most developed economies like Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan are among the top six countries with the world’s lowest fertility rates in 2012. Despite growing worries about Asia’s trending aging population, there is still great reason to celebrate the incredible miracle that is life, and how far we have come. On BIRTH-DAYS, get an in-depth look into Taiwan’s ever-evolving birth scene, amidst an era of tremendous changes. From Dragon babies representing the symbol of imperial power, to the nature’s babies of aboriginal tribes, to the children of science and the new age babies of today, BIRTH-DAYS explores the traditional, contemporary and future of childbirth and parenting. BIRTH-DAYS premieres on Tuesday, January 1 at 9:00 p.m., with two 30-minute episodes airing back-to-back. Encores every Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Ancient Taoist ritual is performed for wishful parents
Copyright - Beach House Pictures Pte. Ltd.
A four-part series, BIRTH-DAYS explores the phenomenal wonders of procreation in today’s Chinese society; from the mystical rituals engaged to guarantee the baby’s gender or design the fate of the unborn child, to undergoing birth through the most natural way - water birth, to cutting-edge “genetic engineering” technologies that help create the perfect baby, and even to a host of new methods that will ensure the smoothest pregnancies and provide the best chances for the newborns to thrive in today’s competitive society. BIRTH-DAYS also travels back in time and unravels the 

traditional rural Chinese values which are now being slowly replaced by modern lifestyles.

Despite an increasing focus on material possessions, personal growth and career advancements, the one thing that remains constant is the baby boom that sweeps Taiwan every twelve years as many couples attempt to time their baby’s arrival in line with the Year of the Dragon, one of the most desired zodiac signs in the Chinese calendar. In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon symbolises imperial power, intelligence and strength, and is often considered auspicious and believed to bring about great luck. With the dragon being a highly regarded zodiac sign, the word “competition” is inevitably inscribed in the lives of these children as parents have high hopes for their little ones. So, would being a Dragon or a perfectly genetically engineered baby be a blessing or a curse? Discover all these and more on the following episodes of BIRTH-DAYS:

Hospitals in Taiwan are ovewhelmed by large number of dragon babies
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A mother of two welcomes her unexpected pregnancy by undergoing a mystical ritual to guarantee that her dragon baby will be a boy, while a proud expectant mom relies on ancient fortune-telling to design the fate for her unborn child. Parents of Dragon babies will do everything possible to ensure their little ones will come out on top.

It is a journey as old as humankind itself; the path through the birth canal and into the world. Modern-day Taiwanese women revert to century-old wisdom in delivering their babies. One mother chooses a water-birth while another opts for a home birth. In each case, the emphasis is on easing the baby into a welcoming world.

Talisman inscribed 'praying for son' is planced in an urn
Copyright - Beach House Pictures Pte. Ltd

Assisted reproductive technology is where science meets nature. A woman seeks out new medical technologies to end the family tragedy of inheriting a fatal genetic disease that has plagued her family for generations. Another couple are finally rewarded with a pair of twin girls after many years of reproduction efforts. And a mother resorts to Chinese medicine to rotate and position her baby in the womb for delivery.

Taking note of traditions and innovations, Taiwanese women avail themselves of the latest methods of natural childbirth.  A pair of parents-to-be put their faith in hypno-birthing, while another bank on the guidance of a childbirth coach.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Delicious El Real Pasta Recipes To Brighten Up Your Holiday Feasts

For those looking for holiday recipes, here are a couple of pasta dishes for you!

Press Release:

The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without Christmas and New Year’s eve family gatherings. This well-loved season becomes healthier and even more fun with El Real Healthy Spaghetti, ideal for adventurously prepared meals that the whole family can enjoy. Or you could opt for unforgettable classic recipes made with El Real Spaghetti.

Known for its firm and satisfying noodles, El Real Healthy Spaghetti is fast becoming a favorite in many households. Each serving promises nutritious benefits from protein-packed and fiber-rich ingredients, including real carrot bits and malunggay leaves. Create more unique dishes for family members and friends with a special El Real recipe that will make the holidays more joyful -- the Amatriciana Pasta.

For those looking to make celebrations truly festive and memorable, El Real Spaghetti presents a classic recipe that can satisfy anyone’s palate -- the Chicken Ala King pasta. This traditional pasta dish becomes even more sumptuous with high-quality El Real Spaghetti that’s convenient to cook, and also easy on the pocket. Satisfy your family’s holiday cravings and create the pasta-perfect dish that’s made more flavorful only with El Real.

Amatriciana Pasta

Onion, chopped, 4 tbsp
Garlic, chopped, 2 tsp
Bacon, chopped, 5 tbsp
Tomato, concasse, 1 cup
Tomato Coulis, canned, 1 cup
Sugar, brown, 3 tbsp
Salt, rock, pinch
Pepper, crushed, pinch
Basil, dried, pinch
Oregano, dried, pinch
Olive Oil, 1 cup
Parmesan Cheese, 1 cup
El Real Healthy Spaghetti, 1 kilo

Cooking procedure: Saute and caramelize onions in olive oil. Add garlic, bacon, and tomatoes. After a few minutes, add tomato coulis and sugar to the mix and reduce. Spice up the dish with basil, oregano and pepper. After reaching a desirable consistency, toss the cooked El Real Healthy Spaghetti noodles into the mixture. Finally, top the finished product with parmesan cheese.

Chicken Ala King Pasta

Onion, chopped, 4 tbsp
Garlic, chopped, 1 tbsp
Carrots, cubed, 4 tbsp
Bell Pepper, cubed, 4 tbsp
Green Peas, 4 tbsp
Kernel Corn, 1 cup
Chicken Fillet, cubed, 2 cups
All-Purpose Cream, chilled, 1 cup
Liquid Seasoning, 2 tbsp
Butter, 1 c
Pepper, pinched
Cheddar Cheese, grated, 1 c
El Real Healthy Spaghetti, 1 kg

Cooking procedure: Sweat onion pieces before adding garlic. Add bell peppers and carrots after a few minutes, then continue sautéing. Cook the chicken fillet with the previously sautéed ingredients until it reaches a desirable texture. Add liquid seasoning and reduce. Add the green peas and kernel corns with their brine or juice, and reduce the liquid after a couple of minutes. Put in the all-purpose cream and mix thoroughly. Toss in the El Real Healthy Spaghetti noodles and season with pepper. Sprinkle grated cheddar cheese and serve.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey OST featuring Neil Finn’s “Song of the Lonely Mountain” --- Now Available on iTunes and MyMusicStore!

Here's something fans of LOTR and The Hobbit would be happy to know ...

Press Release:

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey part one in a trilogy has just premiered in local theaters last week. The epic adventure movie gets an appropriately epic ballad with Neil Finn's "Song of the Lonely Mountain." With angelic vocals, swooning strings and a slow, determined build, the tune captures the feel of an arduous trek across a rocky, perilous landscape. Metal crashes invoke blacksmiths hard at work forging weapons in the fire while the classical guitar floats between the chants and clattering percussion.

"'The Song of the Lonely Mountain' was developed from a dark and mysterious theme which the dwarves sing early in the movie," Finn tells Rolling Stone. He says Jackson and his team suggested he get in a "dwarven state of mind" as he shaped the song to play over the end credits. "After some days of mining underground (actually, in Peter’s office) I emerged with the song, then set about recording it with my sons Elroy and Liam. Dave Fridmann came in at the end with a bold mix. He seemed to respond well to my demands for 'more anvil!' Pop music needs more anvil!"





The soundtrack for THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY is now available via digital download on iTunes and

For more information, please visit MCA MUSIC’s official social media sites:

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Japanese National Gets a Taste of Home with Tempura Japanese Grill

After reading this, make sure to also check out the party platters you can buy from Tempura Japanese Grill here!

Press Release:

Japanese restaurants have gone past being trendy to becoming fixtures in the local dining scene. For true Japanese food connoisseurs, however, only a few hit the spot. One such destination is Tempura Japanese Grill, the perfect place to indulge in the best of what the world-class cuisine has to offer.

Just take half-Filipino Japanese national and businessman Bin Ikeda’s word for it. Dividing his time between the Philippines and Japan, Bin initially found it a challenge to find restaurants offering Japanese cuisine that remind him of the food he grew up with. But after having discovered Tempura Japanese Grill sometime in 2003, Bin’s search was over.

“Tempura is my favorite dish so the restaurant’s name was already particularly catchy for me,” he says. “Having tried their signature dishes, I can say that Tempura Japanese Grill lives up to its name.”

At Tempura Japanese Grill, diners can enjoy a full offering of Japanese cuisine, from classic dishes done the traditional way and contemporary dishes made unique with a Filipino twist. “I like how Tempura Japanese Grill incorporates Filipino and Japanese cooking traditions, especially coming from two different cultural backgrounds,” he says. “The core ingredients and quality of taste is very much in line with the Japanese standard but still suited to the Pinoy palate.”

Tempura Japanese Grills’s impressive menu boasts of starters, sushi, seafood, chicken, pork, beef, ramen and dessert. Bestsellers include Ebi Tempura, Teppanyaki, Spareribs Sansho Yaki, and Karaage.

Varied selections and generous portions encourage sharing, making Tempura Japanese Grill ideal for those looking to have a fun family dining experience.

Now married with three kids, Bin treats his family to Tempura Japanese Grill every Sunday to savor their favorite dishes like tempura, salmon sashimi and karaage. He and his family are regulars at the Convergys branch, which is just a quick drive from where they live.

“There are a lot of dishes I enjoy here that aren’t commonly available in Japan so that keeps me coming back for more,” he says. “For the excellent quality, it’s really good value for money.”

Like loyal patron Bin Ikeda, food-loving Pinoys can head to Tempura Japanese Grill to experience a variety of Japanese specialties without having to go over budget. Tempura Japanese Grill has 11 branches: Shopwise Araneta Center, Tomas Morato, Alabang Town Center, UN Avenue and Robinsons Midtown in Manila, Convergys Makati, SM Mall of Asia, Banawe in Quezon City, SM Pampanga, SM Cebu, and Trinoma.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Solid Reputation In Projects Past, Present, And Future Is Key To Company’s Success

Know more about the company behind the following well-known developments ...

Press Release:

Green. Both the color and the environmental movement has played significant and differentiating roles in the development of projects by Ortigas & Co., the firm behind Circulo Verde—a prime riverside address that offers convenience, exclusivity, and 70% open space ideal for  healthy, active lifestyle.

The color green has been particularly lucky for the company from 80 years ago, when it started developing properties. Hence, the use of the words “green” or “verde” (the company has a rich Spanish heritage which it celebrates) in the name of its developments.

“We sell our units on the merit of the product. As a company, we have always been value-driven and have built a solid name for ourselves over the years,” said Joey Santos, General Manager of Ortigas & Co., Real Estate Division. OCLP Holdings is the parent company of Ortigas & Co.

Some of the projects that Ortigas & Co. have put up have significantly changed the landscape of its host cities and the lives of many people for the better.

Greenhills Shopping Center (

In what was a groundbreaking project in its time in the 1960s, the Greenhills Shopping Center was the place-to-be. It was a venue that puts together in one place schools, churches, with a retail component at the center of everything.

The plan was a hit. For almost half a century, the Greenhills Shopping Center has become a landmark venue; famous all over the world over for its items that are unique and pocket-friendly.

With Architect Juan Nakpil at the helm, Greenhills stood out from the rest. It helped that the Greenhills subdivision, all of its 197 hectares, was a ready market for the commercial complex. For the better part of the last decade, the property has undergone a massive redevelopment transforming it into the country’s premiere shopping, entertainment, and dining destination, with over 2,000 stores and venues.

To date, Greenhills Shopping Center is undertaking another redevelopment that includes adding more parking and retail spaces. The plan also calls for the construction of a premiere residential tower called Viridian.

Frontera Verde and Tiendesitas

Frontera Verde is an 18.5 hectare development project at the corner of Ortigas Avenue and E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C-5) in Barangay Ugong, Pasig City.

Its anchor locator, Tiendesitas, is Pasig City’s most happening shopping and family entertainment destination. It is different from other commercial centers as it caters both to foreign and local shoppers looking for the best Philippine products from food to fashion; antiques and accessories; wardrobe and handicrafts; and novelty items among many others from more than 450 traders from across the country.

Tiendesitas sits on a 30,000 square meter area within Frontera Verde, which houses 12 Maranao architecture-inspired pavilions called “villages” instead of the usual departments in malls.

Luntala Valle Verde (

Luntala is a 77-unit residential townhouse development located along Firefly Street, inside Valle Verde 6-A. A mere 10-minute-drive to Ortigas Center, a premiere commercial business district Luntala residents have access to just about everything—from shopping, dining and recreation centers such as the Tiendesitas, SM Hypermarket, Fun Ranch, Ark Avilon, and Silver City, all found inside Frontera Verde.

Should medical need arises, Medical City Hospital along Ortigas Avenue is a 5-minute journey. A cozy low density community, the development catered mostly doctors and people within the Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Ortigas areas.

Luntala was Ortigas & Co.’s first townhouse development venture. In less than a year after its announcement to the public, all 77 units were immediately sold out.

Circulo Verde (

With the sheer size of the property, it would take up to approximately 20 years before the four phases of construction at the 10-hectare Circulo Verde is completed. No doubt that the “community within a community” would be worth the wait.

Designed to encourage residents to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment, it provides a balance between nature and life in the city, where modern amenities coexist with nature’s beautiful landscape. Many properties have a river fronting them, but very rare do you see a development with a river (the Marikina River) that wraps around it. Gifted with unobstructed views of sunsets, the Ortigas skyline, and the Sierra Madre mountain range, nobody would blame you for wanting to be home all the time.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kicking the Habit: Keep that Zit in Check

Press Release:

We’re guilty. There’s no need to hide. We are at one point or another guilty of gross habits that aggravate our skin. They say that habits are hard to kill but it should be worth killing if the end result is good clear healthy skin like we’ve always wanted.

Some may think that their habits – like sleeping facedown on their pillows or even forgetting to wash our faces after a long day at work or school – have no consequences, however the repercussions could be unforgivable.

Interestingly, some habits are paired with other unhealthy habits that aggravate the skin more. Just imagine how much abuse your skin gets with every habit combining by the year’s end.

From keeping your sheets clean to keeping your hands away from your face to even just relaxing, kicking the habit should be easy as one-two-three. The solutions could be simple. Do you know what habits are killing your chances of getting good skin?

Now more than ever is the time to seek the truth. Be a Truth Seeker in your own right and find out what habits are ruining your skin.

Sometimes, the habit is hard to kick. There are simple solutions to keeping your habits and still keep clear skin. It could be changing and washing your sheets often, washing your face religiously, even giving yourself time to relax or even choosing products made with good healthy ingredients that help kill zits like Papulex!

Get the skin that you want, day and night with Papulex. It is specially formulated to address three root causes of acne – bacterial colonization, inflammation of affected area, and excess sebum. Papulex can be used day and night and with or without combination with other acne treatments.

What three bad habits of yours could be causing you pimples? Why do these habits aggravate acne? Create a blog post, a photo collage or better yet a video post showing your habits and explain why they are killing your chances of having clear healthy skin. Be creative!

Is it too hard to kick the habit? Tell us what you do to keep the habit and still have clear healthy and acne-free skin!

Kicking the habit is a simple solution to keeping that zit in check, but when the urge to touch your face or sleep facedown is too overwhelming, we’re lucky to have skin care products to take care of that pimple for us like Papulex.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Turkey to Fly at Marriott Manila

Turkey for Christmas? Why not?! :)

Press Release:

For special occasions, there’s simply nothing like a perfectly roasted turkey for the family. So this Christmas, serve this classic centerpiece fuss-free by leaving the job to our chefs. And at Marriott Manila, we also bring the same commanding presence on your very own holiday table with our Turkey to Fly. There’s nothing petite about this hunk of meat, from the good bones that give it stature to the perfectly marbled flesh and skin in the steer laden with giblet gravy. 

For only P7, 500 net bring home this package that can satisfy a family of ten and includes classic accompaniments from the freshest lettuce salad with Italian dressing, potato salad, buttered mashed potato, sautéed green bean bacon, and baked pumpkin. While these fixins already provide the robust flavors, the two loaves of fresh-from-the-oven corn bread is an equally marvelous pair--no one at the table will miss it with the turkey for sure! Since its executive chef Meik Brammer’s great hope that this package leaves anyone happier, save room for some apple and pumpkin pies. Oven baked and stuffed nothing but the goodness of all-natural fillings, its gentle sweetness and homemade charm make them a perfect foil for the Christmas feast.

Please call to order and allow 48 hours before pick up at the Java+. To know more about Marriott Manila festive season offerings, call 988-9980.

An inviting beacon set in the world-class casino entertainment complex of Resorts World Manila, Marriott Hotel Manila is the place to work and play. Ideally located in Newport City across Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, it is a convenient 15 minute drive from Makati Business District and Bonifacio Global City. Affording a splendid view of the adjoining 18-hole Villamor Golf Course, it boasts 342 exquisite guest accommodations that offers luxurious bedding, in-room safe, mini-bar, high-speed Internet, air conditioning, 40" full high definition LCDs with IPTV, videos on demand and jack pack plug-and-play system. The hotel features excellent dining options such as Marriott Cafe, Cru Steakhouse, Java+ and Lobby Lounge. Leisure facilities include Quan Spa, Health Club, Salon and Newport Mall. With a Grand Ballroom and several meeting rooms, Marriott Hotel Manila is also the ultimate destination for meetings and events, from weddings to gala dinner celebrations.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom’s Spinning and Rocking Christmas

Press Release:

Christmas is in the air! Come and see what’s spinning and rocking this holiday at Enchanted Kingdom. Be part of the theme park’s holiday shows plus events and experience Christmas the enchanting way!

Relive the story of Nativity with Journey of Love and Hope as you walk through various zones listening to the moving story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Be entertained with live performance of Enchanté: the Musicale as it brings you world-class entertainment.

Witness a spectacular array of performances by Ian Jacinto & the Siblings and Victoria’s Way -  a breathtaking saxophone performance by Ian Jacinto coupled with the energetic song and dance feat from The Siblings will make your visit memorable. Get serenaded by the gorgeous ladies of Victoria’s Way and sing to your heart’s content with popular hits.

Enjoy a new brand of entertainment with the Brooklyn Magical Light Show! Wishing for snow this Christmas season? Visit Enchanted Kingdom and experience a magical White Christmas at Brooklyn!

What better way to wrap up the night with stunning fireworks display every weekend.

All of these and more this Christmas season, only from the country’s first and world-class theme park, Enchanted Kingdom!

For your protection, please ensure that Enchanted Kingdom tickets are purchased at the park (Sta. Rosa, Laguna) or at the EK Makati Sales Office (MSO), or from accredited ticket agents or sellers ONLY. Enchanted Kingdom, Inc. reserves the right to dishonor or invalidate tickets purchased from unauthorized sources.

For more information on the updated park schedule and promos of Enchanted Kingdom, you may call (02) 830-3535 loc. 333 or 444 or you may visit and like Enchanted Kingdom on Facebook.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Boost Energy Minus the Extra Calories with Cobra Fit

Press Release:

Today’s young professionals are all about getting the most out of life, beating deadlines and accomplishing big projects while making time for personal pursuits and interests. Always seeking to learn, grow, and do more, they set high goals and push themselves to their full potential.

Helping this generation of go-getters keep up with their endless list of goals is Cobra Fit, a lower calorie energy drink that lets them live an active, fit, and healthy lifestyle. Containing apple juice that refreshes and revitalizes, Cobra Fit is free of artificial sweeteners, fat, and has 39% less calories.

Apart from the immediate energy boost, Cobra Fit also helps burn calories with its ActivBURN™ ingredients, a unique blend of L-carnitine, ginseng, caffeine, and vitamins B1, B3, B6, and B12. This powerful mixture helps convert fat into energy, release energy from food and prevents conversion of calories into fat, for a fitter body.

From blazing through an action-packed workday to pursuing dynamic passions, upwardly-mobile professionals can turn to Cobra Fit to get a much-needed jolt of energy that will help keep them in shape and energized from sunrise to sunset.

Stay fit and get going with Cobra Fit, available for only P21 (suggested retail price) in leading supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide.

All cobra energy drink variants are made with quality ingredients from DSM Qualiblends, world class supplier of pharmaceuticals worldwide. For more information go to &

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Les Misérables Synopsis

I've been a fan of this musical for years ever since I heard Lea Salonga sing On My Own as her Ms. Saigon audition piece. I may not be able to watch this live on stage in Broadway or the West End, but I am looking forward to watching it on the big screen soon. The cast roster is impressive!

Press Release:

Les Misérables is the motion-picture adaptation of the beloved global stage sensation seen by more than 60 million people in 42 countries and in 21 languages around the globe and still breaking box-office records everywhere in its 27th year. 

Helmed by The King’s Speech’s Academy Award®-winning director, Tom Hooper, the Working Title/Cameron Mackintosh production stars Hugh Jackman, Oscar® winner Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit, Samantha Barks, with Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, Les Misérables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption—a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit. 

Jackman plays ex-prisoner Jean Valjean, hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman Javert (Crowe) after he breaks parole. When Valjean agrees to care for factory worker Fantine’s (Hathaway) young daughter, Cosette, their lives change forever.

‘Les Misérables’ is released and distributed by United Intl. Pictures through Solar Entertainment  Corp.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jolly Toy Scouts Unite to Clean Up Books and Toys for Jollibee’s Maaga Ang Pasko

I like reading heart-warming stories like these. May this one serve as an inspiration for all of us to share more of our time and resources with others this Christmas.

Press Release:

Hundreds of Jolly Toy Scouts recently gathered to clean up thousands of books and toys donated in this year’s Maaga ang Pasko spearheaded by Jollibee. The volunteers trooped to Jollibee’s Clean-Up Hub in Mandaluyong City to help out in the sorting, washing and cleaning of gifts to make sure that the books and toys reach their beneficiaries in mint condition. 

Partner schools and companies sent their volunteer students and employees who eagerly took part in the activity. Jollibee was also present to entertain the volunteers and assist in the clean-up. 

“It’s our first time as Jolly Toy Scouts to volunteer in the clean-up and we really enjoyed it knowing that we can help out in our own little way,” shared 16-year-old Zade Mari of Escuela de Sto. Rosario in Pasig City, who participated in the activity together with her schoolmates. 

“Taking part in today’s activity had been really fun. It’s overwhelming to see these many toys because it means a lot of kids will be happy this Christmas. Jollibee’s participation also made our tasks more enjoyable,” said Joseph Lee of Massive Gaming, one of Maaga ang Pasko’s partner companies.

Jollibee’s own employees from the regional business units (RBU) also came in full force to assist in the cleaning. “This is a very fulfilling activity because it gives us an opportunity to involve everyone, including employees who are not in the stores, to share whatever goodwill that Maaga ang Pasko brings. It makes us happy knowing that we have done something meaningful this Christmas,” expressed Jollibee’s Regional Business Head for South Luzon Bambi Bejo.

All books and toys collected and cleaned will be distributed to beneficiaries in Metro Manila, Bacolod, General Santos City, Tarlac and Calamba. This year is the 18th year of Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko, the country’s biggest and longest-running book and toy collection drive. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sale Alert! SM Kids Fashion Holiday Bazaar

Still gotta shop for those Christmas gifts for your kids, nephews, nieces, and godchildren? Head on over to this bazaar starting today!

Press Release:

Get your shopping carts ready for an early holiday outfit shopping or gift buying for your kids! Catch the 2nd leg of SM Kid’s Holiday Bazaar for everyone on December 14 to 16 at Megatrade Hall 2, 5th level, Mega B, SM Megamall. A jaw-dropping 50% off on selected items on your favorite brands - Barbie, Bella Belle, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Moose Gear, Elle and Gingersnaps are in store for your kids.

Plus get a free limited edition tote bag for every Php. 5,000.00 worth of shopping during the event!
So don’t forget to mark the dates on your calendar and spend your early Christmas shopping with us!

All major credit cards are accepted, you may also avail 6 months installment at 0% on Php. 5,000.00 minimum purchase! Admission is Free!

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