Friday, April 30, 2010

Ridiculous Stress Relief Products

According to a 2006 survey of business leaders, Asia’s stress levels are the highest in the world. One website posted 25 oddball products that supposedly relieve anxiety. The webmaster says they can’t vouch for any of the gizmos, but they’re amusing as travel gifts and might elicit a few laughs. After all, isn’t that the best medicine for a rough week?

My favorites among the list include:

These are for those who would like to punch or slap someone. 
Just slip a photo into the provided slot. 
Hmmm, I could think of a couple of people whose pictures I'd love to see on those! :p

The levitating lounge/computer chair which gently swings back and forth 
while you work at your laptop. Looks very relaxing! 
I would buy one if they are not so darn expensive.

For more photos of the other 23 funny/weird products, visit the CNNGO website.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Unique Home Furnishings

I am always fascinated by how creative people can get. Some ideas may be crazy but many are so innovative and wonderful to look at. Here's another batch of cool things that I got from my friend's email.

Talk about conversation pieces, huh?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Space Savers I Want to Have

A friend of mine sent me an email filled with great pictures of innovative products. I wish I can find some of them in a local store so I can use them at home. Here are my top picks:

Someday, I dream of having my own sitting room cum library. 
This would be perfect there.

My husband would probably flip if I buy one of these :p

I want to buy several of these for my kids' numerous gadgets!

Ooooh, this is so practical! 
Will probably lessen tripping on power cords!

Now, this one, I want as my bookshelf!

Imagine having this in your living room. Cool!

This would be great in my kids' room :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tips When Paying Bills Online

The Internet has revolutionalized the way we transact business today. We can now shop for almost anything we want, communicate with clients all over the world and make financial transactions online among other things.

One of the advantages to having an internet connection is the option to do online banking. Although enhanced services may vary from bank to bank, customers can generally check their real-time balances, transfer funds and pay bills online.

Here are several reminders when doing financial transactions over the internet. Please read an article I wrote at the Helium website entitled Guide To Paying Bills Online.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Crazy Painting

My reactions from watching this video: curious, impatient, bored, amazed!

30 Hilarious Print Advertisements


Get some laughs today! See the other 29 funny ads here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Watch a Cool Show This Summer!

Press Release:

Visit Acquatica, the newest water themed park at Manila Ocean Park. Expand your horizon as Acquatica reveals its magic - Maiden of the Sea. Prepare to get wet and be enthralled by the nightly extravaganza bringing you a thrilling show with live cast and dramatic multi-media effects: pyrotechnics, water jets, brilliant lasers, captivating music, and dramatic flaming bursts.

Maiden of the Sea is a “must see” attraction in Southeast Asia, offering fun, multi-sensory experience and ocean conservation. Get the chance to take a photo and admire live animals up close, be awestruck by their intelligence and charm in our live shows and exhibit. Refresh and invigorate with fresh sea breeze from Manila Bay, sparkling water from running water jets, and Jacuzzi in one of the bay area’s largest swimming pool open all day long!

What does it take to bring back the purity of a paradise? The answer is within us, locked within our hearts. In this parable staged with 2010 earth, light, water, air, and fire, an ill-stricken Lakandiwa, King of Tanimpala sends his three sons Anggapo, Gero, and Lapu-Lapu on a quest. He beseeches them saying: “Find me a cure to what is ill that begins with me. Go to the sea and seek until the wise one is found, with humble courage and honor to speak, until the answers to you are bound.” They dutifully obey and, risking peril, brave the very seas that their greed and avarice have angered. Fortune favors them. They wash upon the mystical shores of Sariyaya and meet Apo Seladdin, the wise old one. But Anggapo and Gero refuse to listen to the sage’s advice. They default instead to the same negative attitudes and practices that caused the rift between their land and the waters that sustained them.

Only the youngest son, Lapu-Lapu truly heeded his father’s words. He courageously and humbly opened his heart. His action was small but sincere, and it was enough. “Great things only open hearts can understand.” The story not only reveals a saga but also explores love and passion exemplified by its heroine Dalanggat, the Maiden of the Sea as she falls in love with Prince Lapu-Lapu. The Maiden of the Sea holds the cure to bring Tanimpala back to its former glory. It is our hope that this message inspires each individual to put the balance of things in place and restore the beauty of nature.

This event is brought to you by Johnson’s Baby which wants moms and kids to have the coolest and freshest summer of their lives, despite El Nino, as it launches the “Coolidays” Campaign. Enjoy Acquatica’s cool attractions by purchasing specially-marked Johnson’s Baby products this summer and get P50 off the price of an entrance ticket. Not only can moms and kids visit Acquatica, but visit as many times as they’d like!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Enhance your home audio system

One of the bonding moments we usually do as a family is to watch DVDs together. It’s more cost-effective than going to the cinemas every time a new film comes out. It also gives my husband and me time to screen a movie first before letting the kids watch it.

Make watching movies at home more pleasurable for the whole family. Enjoy the same surround sound quality you experience at the cinema by buying external TV speakers.

Discover the huge difference this will make on your TV viewing experience.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "Apple" that fell from the tree?

There has been much buzz before and shortly after the iPad was finally made available for purchase. Apple has reportedly sold hundreds of thousands of units in the first day of selling alone!

However, it now seems that a lot of people are regretting their decision to be the first in line to try out this new product. Read this article from Daily Mail called "Fears of recall as iPad is hit by iGremlins with users saying they are unable to connect to internet".

On my part, I think I'm even glad I don't have the budget to shell out for one of those glorified computers :p

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Treat for Glee Fans

Saw this from a friend's Facebook wall. Nice! Although I wonder where Cory Monteith's (Finn) photo is ...

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