Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Authentic Italian Flavors at Lombardi’s

Great to know that Lombardi's (read my other blog post about Chef Davide here) will be opening a branch in Shangri-La Mall with more main course delights on its menu! :)

Press Release: 

Since its opening last year, Lombardi’s is no longer just a place to enjoy authentic Italian pizza and pasta.  As more and more diners come to its flagship restaurant in Robinsons Magnolia Place, Chef Davide Lombardi and his team decided to give their patrons more options to experience original, classic Italian gastronomy as he introduces new dishes in their menu.  These new additions will also be felt as Lombardi’s readies to open its second branch at the 4th floor of the new East wing section of Shangri-La Mall in Edsa.

These seven new main course offerings will surely satisfy those who crave for more than just pizza and pasta, as many of these dishes are Chef Davide’s take on classical home-cooked recipes he learned in his home in Milan. Make sure you try each and every one of them before you say, “Magnifico!

Craving for the most exquisite of beef dishes?  Help yourself with Tagliata di Manzo, made with the choicest imported rib-eye steak, thinly sliced and baked in the oven with rosemary and served with mashed potatoes and caramelized balsamic sauce.

Also, give in to the thousand delights of Spezzatino al Vino Rosso.  Using the best imported beef stewed in Italian red wine and hearty vegetables and complemented with mashed potatoes, this is a classic you’ll come back for over and over.

Those who love tenderloin steak will fall for the flavors of Bistecca di Manzo, pan-seared imported tenderloin steak served with truffle cream sauce, patate gratinate (baked potatoes) and buttered vegetables.

Treat yourself to one of the tastiest classical Milanese beef dishes with Ossobucco alla Milanese.  The dish speaks for itself: stewed beef shank cooked ala Chef Davide’s style, with a side of risotto.

Crave for the awesome goodness of salmon with Salmone Arrosto in Cream al Basil.  Even meat lovers will have a change of heart as they sample the tender meat of the pan-roasted salmon, made more mouthwatering with Italian basil cream sauce and buttered greens.

Chicken may be the white meat, but you’ll find out that it can be packed with flavors!  Coscie di Pollo is an elegant chicken dish, composed of chicken thigh stuffed with porcini mushrooms and Italian herbs and served with Salsa Rosa and patate gratinate.

If you want to your chicken leaner but still scrumptious, try Involtini di Pollo della Valtellina – rolled chicken breast with north Italian ingredients  such as smoked Italian ham, fontina cheese and fresh sage, and eaten best with Risotto Ai Porcini.

Enjoy these and Chef Davide’s other culinary creations at Lombardi’s, where you can experience Italian cuisine at its purest form!  Check out their branches 2nd Floor Alfresco, Robinsons Magnolia Place (961-2795) and their forthcoming new branch in Shangri-La Mall. For more info visit facebook.com/lombardiauthenticitalian.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Goutritis Fights Gout With Natural Nutrients From Tart Cherries

Something that might help your loved ones who suffer from gout ...

Press Release:

Think gout and what comes to mind is pain.

Those suffering from this condition know all too well the severe, debilitating pain that emanates from a joint – often the one at the base of the big toe – where uric acid crystal deposits have formed because of the build-up of uric acid in the bloodstream.

Thankfully, relief is in sight with Goutritis, an all-natural food supplement that contains tart or sour cherries, which have a high content of anthocyanins, antioxidants and potassium.  All these natural nutrients combine to effectively and safely reduce inflammation and contribute to alkalizing the body, which is helpful in reducing pain associated with gout.

Three capsules of Goutritis, taken daily before breakfast, will help the patient manage his gout on top of doctor’s orders to take the prescribed medication, maintaining a healthy and  balanced diet low on Purine-rich foods, drinking plenty of water to rehydrate the body and flush out excess uric acid, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Gout affects mostly men between the ages of 40 and 50. The disease seldom occurs in premenopausal women and children.  It is caused by the build-up of high uric acid in the blood. Uric acid comes from the breakdown of substances called Purines.  Purines are found in all of the body’s tissues and in foods like liver, dried beans and peas, asparagus, meat gravies and broths, mussels and sardines and anchovies, among others.

Normally, excess uric acid passes through the kidneys and out of the body in urine. People with gout, however, either overproduce or fail to excrete the substance which then accumulates in their blood.  As a result, some of the uric acid gets deposited in joints and sometimes, even in organs like the skin and kidneys.

Gout is characterized by attacks of severe joint pain and swelling that are sometimes accompanied by fever. The most commonly affected joints are those of the foot especially the big toe, the ankle, and the knee, although gout can affect any joint of the body.

Goutritis can help ward off these painful attacks because its main ingredient, tart cherries (Prunus ceranus), contains a lot of healthy substances that combine to ease this painful affliction.

Included is Quercitin, which prevents swelling by inhibiting the release and production of histamine, which causes inflammation.   Tart cherries also contain a subclass of flavonoids called anthocyanins that can block pain and reduce levels of uric acid. The anthocyanins in tart cherries inhibit xanthine oxidase, an enzyme involved in the production of uric acid.

Tart cherries are high in antioxidants, which are important to gout patients because of their ability to fight free radicals that are responsible for damaging cells and slowing down the repair and recovery mechanism of the human body.

Other substances in tart cherries are potassium, an important electrolyte which helps the body excrete excessive amounts of uric acid.  Potassium helps provide fluid balance and maintain proper kidney functions.  It helps gout patients by turning the hard painful crystals into a liquid form that the kidneys can process in order to eliminate it during urination.

Tart cherries also contain Vitamin C and fiber.  Studies show that consistent intake of Vitamin C can help reduce uric acid levels by up to 50 percent, and control inflammation of gout-ravaged joints, which is a primary cause of severe gout pain. Although an average serving of tart cherries offers only 2g of fiber against the recommended daily dose of 24g, it is a start in the right direction for gout patients who are advised to maintain a healthy weight.

With Goutritis, all these natural benefits of tart cherries are readily made available to gout patients. Goutritis is FDA-approved.  It is available directly from Whealth, Inc. with customer hotlines 524-6549, 354-2208 to 09 and 09474890262.  It is currently sold in jars of 90 capsules priced at P900.  For additional product information, email info@goutritis.com or visit www.goutritis.com and www.facebook.com/GoutritisSupplement.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Blast Year 4 Allots a Day of Discovery and Exploration

I wish there were more of these when my kids were still small!

Press Release:

As more and more diversions are created for children to engage in, how can we help in making sure a child gets the best kind of learning at his or her most crucial stages? Kids nowadays are spending less and less time outdoors, having been exposed to gadgets and other forms of technology even as infants. But recent studies show that children, especially those aged 3 and below, who play outdoors regularly grow up happier, healthier, and stronger!

Since 2010, Baby Blast has spread awareness that enjoyable, unforced learning, as well as hands-on play and parent-child bonding during the age of 0-3 years is critical in laying down the foundation for the child’s future learning and holistic development. Every year, attendance to the event grows in number, as more families enjoy the fun activities and learn from the featured topics.

Outbox Media Production Agency, in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS), once again celebrated the wonder of life at its early stages! EHS advocates, teachers, experts and parents together with their kids, gathered last April 14, 2013, from 10am-8pm at the Trinoma Activity Center for “Baby Blast Year 4: Discover, Create, Imagine and Explore!” a one-day event highlighting the importance of early childhood education.

This year’s event was hosted by Toni Aquino of DZMM, Jackie Go of gojackiego.com, pre-school teacher and TV host, Nikki Veron Cruz, celebrity moms Snooky Serna and Jenny Miller, sportscaster Anthony Suntay and journalist Peach Mascarinas, together with the tandem of Anthony and Rossel Taberna. Performances and messages of support for early education were also given by Gail Blanco, Paolo Santos, Patricia Bermudez-Hizon and Tintin Bersola-Babao. The program was opened by a dance number from talented child singer Pauline Agupitan, together with the Neutron Acrobats and OBM Dancers.

This year’s program highlighted the importance of allowing babies and kids to experience the outdoors and engage in physical activities that can benefit their social, mental, physical and emotional development, given today’s tendency to merely rely on gadgets and technology to keep kids busy.

There were parenting and health talks led by experts and medical practitioners, like Ms. Glenda Derla, Child Welfare Specialist from the DSWD and Dra. Cynthia Cuayo-Juico of the PPS - School Health Committee. Echo Store owner, Sharon Chua, shared an interesting topic on being a “green mom” or “eco mom”, discussing how kids can become more environmentally conscious and giving a recycling demo called “From Trash to Toys”.

Life coach Ms. Maricel Moreno-Laraya also gave a talk for parents on “How To Keep A Loving Relationship With Your Partner.” Essential Newborn Care was also tackled by the Consultant of the MMC and CSMC Pediatrics Department, Dra. Lourraine Co, MD, FPPS. A revival of traditional Filipino outdoor games or “Palarong Pinoy” was also dicussed and demonstrated by TV Host Patty Nuguid-Santos of Buhay Pinoy, promoting the benefits of fun play and interaction for young kids.

On-ground areas like the World of Discovery, Beyond your Imagination, Baby Explorers and Creativity Corner gave kids the chance to play and interact with other kids, browse through books, play with toys, draw with art materials, and get hands-on with the educational gadgets and activities available today.

Contests for the whole family were held before the event, and winners were awarded during the program. Baby Magazine held the “Brilliant Babies Video Contest” where parents sent videos of their babies showing advanced development. The winning entry received a 1-year subscription from Baby Magazine, along with other prizes.

The “We Love the Outdoors Family Contest” gave families a chance to submit their best photo doing a fun, outdoor activity. The winning entry won a family staycation package at the Waterfront Manila Pavilion. Other contests held were the “Design My T-Shirt” art contest where kids submitted their interpretation of this year’s Baby Blast theme. The winning entry became the official Baby Blast event t-shirt design and received art materials and other prizes. For the moms and dads, The Blounge Salon also raffled off a Full Pampering package to give parents a well-deserved treat.

Both kids and parents also joined fun contests from Bye Bye Fever, Rite Med, Refresh Big Sip, Regent, Ferna, Lock & Lock, Bibbo Hotdog, Bounty Fresh, Uratex, Osihi, and Magnolia Frozen Delights. Lots of prizes were given away! The event’s official print partner, Baby Magazine, also held a Search for the Cutest Babies attending the event. Babies were awarded at various times during the program, and all selected babies will be featured in the magazine’s next issue.

Pre-schools like Dynamic Recall, Playlab, LinxProvi8, H.A.N.D.S. of Children, Filway Marketing, and First Robotics also presented their EHS Programs for parents who are looking for schools to enroll their kids for the summer or for the next school year. There were also mascot appearances by Ainon Baby, Bibbo Hotdogs, Robby Rabbit, and TJ Hotdogs, much to the kids’ delight!

Cool science experiments by Mad Science captivated the kids in the audience! Diliman Prep School also had their taekwondo team onstage to demonstrate a routine.  Self-defense techniques to stop bullying were also presented by International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF). Free face painting and kiddie hairstyling was also made available to the event participants courtesy of Outbox Media. Booths and other fun activities wowed everyone, and exciting freebies and loot bags were also given away. It was truly a great day for the whole family!

Baby Blast is an annual event that aims to enlighten parents that enjoyable, unforced learning, as well as hands-on play and parent-child bonding at an early age is the key to an intelligent, well-rounded and well-mannered individuals. See you again next year for another round of Fun Learning!

For more information on this event and other upcoming events from Outbox Media Production Agency, log on to: www.outboxmedia.com.ph

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Be Blown Away by The Body Shop's Mind-blowing Anniversary Sale

Calling all Body Shop members and other loyal customers!

Press Release:

Early TBS 17th Birthday celebration for our special LOVE YOUR BODY members!

Come celebrate with The Body Shop as we mark our 17th Anniversary with a MEMBERS ONLY SALE that is truly mind blowing – up to 70% OFF wide range of products from APRIL 25-29 (Thursday- Monday)

As an added ANNIVERSARY TREAT, get these gorgeous bonuses/freebies.  At a minimum 2000 pesos spend, get an eco-mug designed by student-winners from University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design and De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts.

We are celebrating our 17th birthday with a MIND-BLOWING SALE for our beloved customers. Up to 70% off great and wide selection of bestselling and iconic The Body Shop products. Mind Blowing Sale starts April 30!

Friday, April 26, 2013

BLSS Asks, “Can You Swim?”

One of my sons got to take lessons under BLSS a couple of years ago. You can read his write up here which came out in Manila Bulletin's Funpage section.

Press Release:

The Bert Lozada Swim School (BLSS) continues with its Swim at Any Age (SAGE) Campaign and is inviting everyone—infants as young as 6 months, kids, teens and adults —to join its next wave of swimming classes beginning April 29 at several venues.

The SAGE Campaign underscores the idea that swimming is an important life skill that must be learned and can give any one - at any age – the needed self-assurance and confidence in the water.  It is BLSS’ goal that, after being guided by BLSS coaches, students can proudly declare - “I can swim, can you?”

“We strive to remain the country’s pioneering swimming institution by pushing for improvements in our programs, especially with the SAGE Campaign. We want swimming to become a skill that everyone can enjoy, even those who initially fear water or children who need special attention,” said Anthony Lozada, BLSS President and CEO.

Known for its vision for safety, confidence and power in the water, BLSS will build on over 50 years of swimming expertise and legacy and bring the SAGE Campaign nationwide. In addition to its venues across Metro Manila and in Antipolo, Batangas, Bicol, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Nueva Ecija, and Nueva Viscaya, BLSS has just added two new locations, one at Marcos Stadium in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, and another at the Ladislawa Garden Village Country Club in Buhangin, Davao City. BLSS plans to expand SAGE in several more venues before the year ends.

For details on BLSS courses and complete listing of venues, visit www.bertlozadaswimschool.com, the Bert Lozada Swim School Facebook page or call (02) 563-5532.

# # #

About BLSS
BLSS is affiliated with the United States Swim School Association (USSA), World Aquatic Babies and Children Network (WABC), and Philippine Aquatic Sports Association (PASA); with coaches certified and educated by the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA) and International Triathlon Union (ITU). It is also supported by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) in promoting safety and health.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Heroes Fall Album of Music Inspired by Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” Available in The Philippines April 22

I want a copy of this!

Press Release:

What do Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, Redlight King, Passion Pit and AWOLNATION have in common?

Twelve super heroes of indie and alternative rock have banded together to create Heroes Fall, Marvel Music/Hollywood Records’ compilation of music from and inspired by the highly anticipated movie, Marvel’s “Iron Man 3.” Heroes Fall has arrived in the Philippines last April 22, 2013 under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) and will be available on iTunes by April 30, 2013. The film opens in theaters nationwide on April 24, 2013.

AWOLNATION’s “Some Kind of Joke” is featured in the film.  Other songs recorded exclusively for the album include “Big Bad Wolves” by WALK THE MOON, “Back to the Start” by Mr Little Jeans and “Redemption” by Redlight King.

Songs featured on Heroes Fall include:

1.     “Ready Aim Fire” – Imagine Dragons  
2.     “Some Kind of Joke” – AWOLNATION  
3.     “Some Kind of Monster” – Neon Trees  
4.     “American Blood” – Passion Pit  
5.     “No Time” – Rogue Wave
6.     “One Minute More” – Capital Cities
7.     “Back To The Start”– Mr Little Jeans  
8.     “Keep Moving” – Andrew Stockdale (of Wolfmother)  
9.     “Redemption” – Redlight King  
10.   “Big Bad Wolves” – WALK THE MOON  
11.   “BAD GUY” – 3OH!3  
12.   “Let’s Go All The Way” – The Wondergirls featuring Ashley Hamilton and Robbie Williams

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Stephanie Szostak, James Badge Dale with Jon Favreau and Ben Kingsley, Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” is directed by Shane Black from a screenplay by Drew Pearce & Shane Black and is based on Marvel’s iconic Super Hero Iron Man.

"IRON MAN 3: HEROES FALL SOUNDTRACK" under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) is now available in CDs at Astroplus, Odyssey Music & Video and Fully Booked. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/mcamusic.ccj Also available on April 30th is the Iron Man 3 Original Motion Picture Score Soundtrack, composed and conducted by Brian Tyler (“Eagle Eye,” “Fast and Furious,” “The Expendables”).

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ensembles’ Wear My Design Competition Year 2

Designers! Get your creative juices flowing! 

Press Release:

Calling all aspiring designers! Have you ever dreamed of having your designs being sold in Ensembles stores nationwide?  Following the success of the first WEAR MY DESIGN Competition last year where 5 winning dresses comprised Ensembles' Spring 2013 Collection, the innovative brand is ecstatic to announce the next installation of this much anticipated contest starting on May 1 to June 30, 2013! 

If you have an eye for fashion and a creative mind, then this is definitely for you! All you have to do is submit a dress prototype of your design together with an application form. All submitted entries will be uploaded to Ensembles’ Facebook page for voting. Winning entries will be featured in the Spring Dresses 2014 Collection

Five lucky ladies have already gotten their dreams come true with the last year’s contest. The dresses sold very well with customers having their own faves. Who knows, maybe it’s your time to shine! 

There will be 8 grand winners. Each winner will receive cash and gift certificates from Ensembles, plus Special Gift packs from our wonderful partners VMV Hypoallergenics and Piandre Salon. Each winner shall also be given one produced dress of his/her design (in his/her choice of color and size.) The winning pieces will be reproduced by Ensembles for the Wear My Design 2014 Spring Dresses Collection and the name of the grand winners will be featured on the Ensembles Wear My Design hangtag. 

Learn more about ‘Wear My Design’ Competition mechanics and rules at www.ensembles.com.ph. Like Ensembles Facebook page (facebook.com/EnsemblesOnline).  Follow Ensembles on Twitter and Instagram @EnsemblesOnline.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS Teams Up With VEVO To Premiere The Short Film “UP IN THE AIR”

Press Release:

THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS is partnering with VEVO, the world's leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, to premiere the short film “Up In The Air” this week. Fans can view the film now on the band’s VEVO page (http://www.vevo.com/artist/thirty-seconds-to-mars).

"This short film is quite unlike anything we have ever done before. With contributions from Damien Hirst, Dita Von Teese, US Olympic gymnasts McKayla Maroney + Jordyn Wieber, Maxwell Snow, Neil Strauss, a lion, wolf, a snake (and yes some zebras), we take an epic, bizarre + hallucinogenic journey through a incredibly surreal landscape,” says Jared Leto of THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS. “It was exciting to explore new territory + once again work with the maniacal Bartholomew Cubbins at the helm."

Models Ashley Smith and Anastasia Krevosheeva, USC fencers, performers from Cirque du Soleil’s Iris and many others are also featured in the film. “Up In The Air” is the first single from the band’s upcoming LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS album, which will be released on May 20 by Universal Music. The first copy of “Up In The Air” was recently carried aboard the SpaceX cargo mission to the International Space Station. After the astronauts gave the single its groundbreaking premiere in space, it debuted on radio stations worldwide. “Up In The Air” is a Top 10 hit at Modern Rock radio and is also climbing at the Active Rock format. “On a stadium-ready anthem from their upcoming album, Jared Leto’s band takes off into the U2 stratosphere,” observed People, highlighting the track in its  “Hot Singles” column.

THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS – comprising Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic – has sold over five million albums worldwide and the band’s videos have more than 300 million views on YouTube. The group has received numerous awards, including a dozen MTV awards worldwide, a Billboard Music award and honors from NME, Kerrang! and Fuse. LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS follows This Is War, which was hailed as “an artistic triumph” by Alternative Press and “a shimmering epic” by MTV.com. It contained the No. 1 Modern Rock radio hits “This Is War” and “Kings and Queens.” 

LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS, the new album from THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS will soon be available at your favorite record bars nationwide under MCA Music Inc. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Warner Music Philippines Partners with Petronas

This sounds cool!

Press Release:

Warner Music Philippines, one of the country’s top music labels, signed a partnership with Petronas, a global leader in the distribution of engine lubricants, to offer a new and exciting way of enjoying music on your favorite gadgets. The partnership introduces My Green Card, powered by Warner Music Philippines’ Musikcard, which allows Petronas customers to access the label's vast song catalogue.

Petronas is the first to offer this amazing music experience in the Philippines. Customers with a Petronas My Green Card can download 100 files of their favorite tracks — from pop, rock, love songs, OPM, hip-hop to R&B — into their PC, MP3 or mobile phones.

In photo are Flerry de Leon, Warner Music Philippines President & GM and Carlos Corpuz, Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc. President &  CEO during the signing. Standing are members of the band General Luna, Ebe Dancel, Zendee and Mayeen Ledesma, Marketing Manager of the Petronas Energy Philippines Inc. Lubricant Business Division (far right)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Great Equalizer: Women’s Shoes -- Butterfly Twists For Your Foldable Shoes Delight

Ooooh, I wanna try a pair of these soon! 

Press Release:

Not all girls are created equal – in height, weight, and personality, but one common denominator equalizes each, the love to look and feel good all the time.

We all know that women, when given the right pair of shoes, can conquer the world, and plus points for the men who know this open secret. And in 2009, four men who understood women’s pains started on the road for women’s gains – with affordable, practical footwear – made with an innovative twist.

When foldable and rollable shoes invaded the fashion industry in the latter part of 2009, they were an instantaneous hit. But they were primarily positioned as after-heels footwear, made to give relief after a night of partying in killer heels. So Butterfly Twists took a different route. These foldable shoes are not just a girl’s extra pair, as the quality can withstand different walking surfaces. In fact, the new collection is now sturdier, more comfortable, and more fashionable, that they have moved from spare pair to only pair.

Butterfly Twists offers a set of beautiful foldable shoes that can match any girl’s personality. You can go from girly with laces and ribbons, or rockstar chic with its metallic and studs-designed ballet flats. The technology behind the shoe construction is also a plus; it’s made with durable elastic, with skid resistance and improved comfort and breathability.

There is no question that heels will not leave girls’ closets, but for occasions when a lot of moving around is involved, it’s best to be in a pair to be you’re free from pain and worry. What’s even greater is the convenience of bringing it along just right inside a bag, as these foldable shoes come with a small pouch for easier stashability.

Comfort footwear becomes even more convenient with the arrival of foldable shoes, and Butterfly Twists leads the game by offering stylish ballet flats, and even folding boots, to meet the new lifestyle of women – always on the go, always moving around.

The combination of sturdy shoes, fab fashion, and foldable functionality inspired Lina Claudio, President of Butterfly Twists Philippines, to officially get the sole distributorship for the new and improved Butterfly Twists in the Philippines. As a woman of style and influence, she was attracted to the UK-based foldable shoes’ array of designs and the convenient lifestyle perfect for busy Filipino women.

“Women today are busier. They attend to their families, they have jobs, they work out; some still go to school, and basically, they’re always on the go, so they need shoes to help them do all these things in confidence,” shares Lina. “We offer products that complement the new Filipino women’s lifestyle, more especially now that we’re headed to a more fashion-conscious direction. The new Butterfly Twists just fall right smack in the middle of all these trends.”


About Butterfly Twists
Butterfly Twists collection of folding shoes and folding boots are redefining style, comfort and fashion. We have a wide selection of affordable and practical ballet pumps that can be worn for everyday use and are perfect for almost any occasion from driving to clubbing and shopping to traveling. All of our ballet pumps and boots designs are innovative and include different colours and styles making sure that your foldable shoes always stand out from the crowd. For more information visit www.facebook.com/ButterflyTwistsPhilippines and @BTwistsPH on Twitter.

Monday, April 15, 2013

SELENA GOMEZ Launches New Single “COME AND GET IT” with Summer Album to Follow

Press Release:

World-wide, multi-platinum-selling Hollywood Records’ recording artist Selena Gomez debuted her new single, “Come & Get It,” last April 8 with On Air with Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KIIS FM.  Immediately following the Seacrest premiere, “Come & Get It” became available on iTunes April 8 http://smarturl.it/selena-comegetit, and outlets everywhere April 9.  “Come & Get It” is the first single from Selena Gomez’ upcoming album, to be released this summer.  Beginning April 1, fans were be able to access exclusive content, including lyrics and previews of the single, through www.selenagomez.com

Written by Ester Dean (Katy Perry, Beyonce’, Usher), M.S. Erikson & T.E. Hermansen (Ne-Yo, Rihanna) and produced by Stargate for 45th & 3rd Music LLC, “Come & Get It” showcases Selena’s sultry vocals in a beautiful and simmering love song.  Selena has already  sold over 10 million singles in the US, along with three RIAA-certified top-ten debuting  gold albums, and three #1 Billboard Dance Singles.

Selena Gomez made her debut television performance of “Come & Get It” April 14 live on the 2013 MTV Movie Awards at 9PM ET/PT, followed by Ellen on April 16.  Currently adorning the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Selena has been nominated for and will perform at the Radio Disney Music Awards on April 27.  Selena will be announcing her global tour plans shortly.

Check out SELENA GOMEZ’ albums at Astroplus, Odyssey Music & Video and Fully Booked or online via iTunes.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Than 300 YFC Members Give a Hand In Estero de Pandacan Clean-Up

Here's something that should inspire other young people to make a difference.

Press Release:

Around 320 Youth for Christ (YFC) members participated in an Estero de Pandacan clean-up as part of their Greeneration project (G-project) and to help in the river rehabilitation project of ABS-CBN Foundation, Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP), which led the activity last April 3, 2013 at Brgy. 841, Pandacan, Manila.

The G-project with the theme, “Green generation for a greener nation” is an annual event under the International Leaders Conference of YFC which is attended by the participants of the clean-up. Estero de Pandacan, which is one of the 47 esteros that flow to the Pasig River, was chosen for the clean-up as part of this year’s G-project and to help in the river rehab project of KBPIP. “Greeneration is one of the advocacy ng YFC. Youth for Christ does this to be stewards of our environment, to make sure na if we pray, we put our prayers into action,” explained Lucky Dulla, YFC Greeneration advocacy head.

The activity started in a tour around Estero de Paco to see what changes has been done there and then the group proceeded with the half-day clean-up of Estero de Pandacan.

Filipino YFC members from all over the world attended the activity. Hand-in-hand, the youths cleaned Estero de Pandacan through removing trashes and cleaning its surroundings. Glis Amen, one of YFC members from Cebu said, “At the end of the day, though pagod kami, we would see ourselves smiling because we are fulfilled sa mga ginagawa namin.” The youths also gave a message to the community of Pandacan to maintain and make their environment clean.

Michi Castro, Brgy. 841 chairwoman gave her thanks to the organizers of the clean-up. She hopes that this activity, with the help of the youth and ABS-CBN Foundation, will serve as an eye-opener and encouragement to the residents of Pandacan to maintain and regain the cleanliness of the Estero de Pandacan.

According to Miko Aliño, volunteer officer of KBPIP, the clean-up activity is just part of a bigger rehabilitation process of Estero de Pandacan for this year. KBPIP is looking forward to more developments of this project in Estero de Pandacan. “Inaasahan natin na sa tulong ng mga partners tulad ng Youth for Christ at ating mga donors, at government agencies, malilinis natin ang Estero de Pandacan tulad ng ginawa natin sa Paco saka sa San Miguel,” Aliño said. They also gave their thanks to YFC who helped in making the activity successful. – Christine Kaye P. Javier

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Celebrate Summer with Nestea RTD

Turn up the heat, turn on the fun, and share the summer goodness with everyone!

Press Release:

Summertime, and the living is easy, and nowhere is summer living easier than in the Philippines. With PAGASA predicting that the heat can go up to 35˚C, it’s now the time to look for the hottest things to cool you down for the season.

Plan a trip with friends and family – with numerous holidays and long weekends coming up, now is the perfect time to take advantage without dipping into your bank of leaves.

Explore new activities. Be adventurous and go for a hike, camp in the forest, climb a mountain, or better yet, learn a new skill. Because summer time is family time, it’s the chance to bond and catch up with the whole family, while recharging your brain cells too.

Start exercising. It’s never too late to get a beach-ready body, especially in a tropical country. Look for fun activities that will keep you interested, and update them regularly. This lowers your chances of getting bored, and increases your body’s resistance as well.

Lastly, find creative ways to cool down. There could be nothing else cooler than having a refreshing drink right at your hand. Escape the scorching heat with Nestea Ready-To-Drink, the ultimate summer companion this summer. Why fear the heat when you can enjoy the heat with Nestea Ready-To-Drink iced tea to give you that instant, refreshed feeling you’ll love.

The convenient and classic iced tea bottled up in our memories is back. Taste the mouthwateringly cool Nestea Ready-To-Drink with variants that contain an extra delight you can bring when you’re on the go. It comes in three exciting flavors, Lemon, Lemon Ice, and Apple. Be among the first to enjoy the splash of Nestea Ready-To-Drink at its re-launch at Nestea Beach, Boracay.

The 16th Nestea Beach from April 18-21, and combine all these tips in one exciting go. Come with friends and family to bare your beach bod and catch the country’s hottest bands, celebrities, and international DJs partying from sun up to sun down to celebrate this summer’s theme: Ang Sarap, Ang Gaan. Expect exciting activities and prizes as you celebrate the season of the sun, sea, sand and skin.

In addition, watch the intense spikes of the country’s greatest collegiate volleyball teams as they face the finals of Nestea Beach Volley to be held at Crystal Sand Resort, Boracay this April 19 to 21.

So what are you waiting for? Bring the whole barkada with you, and don’t forget your ultimate summer companion, Nestea Ready-to-Drink, Plunge Anywhere, especially at the beach.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nestea.ph

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kaspersky Lab Signs Up to Actively Support INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation, Singapore

Press Release:

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, has agreed to work closely with the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI). This was announced after a meeting between Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, Ronald Noble, INTERPOL Secretary General, and Noboru Nakatani, IGCI Executive Director, held recently at Kaspersky Lab’s headquarters in Moscow.

Topping the agenda for the meeting were the topics of cybercrime and emerging cyberthreats, plus the importance of collective efforts in the fight against cybercriminals to better secure the Internet.

The key results of the meeting were Kaspersky Lab confirming it plans to send on secondment its top experts to the IGCI once it becomes operational in 2014, and also to provide broad functional support and threat intelligence on an ongoing basis.

Kaspersky Lab has also agreed to help with the IGCI's capacity building efforts to increase the ability of law enforcement agencies worldwide to deal with cyberthreats in general.

The IGCI will equip international cyber police forces with the tools and knowledge needed to better tackle the cybercrime threats of the 21st century for example by identifying criminals and providing innovative training and operational support for law enforcement across the globe.

The Philippines is a member country of the INTERPOL. The Philippine Center on Transnational Crime (PCTC) currently houses INTERPOL Manila, according to the official website of INTERPOL International.

"I am most pleased with the outcome of this meeting. I have been pushing for the creation of what I used to call an 'Internet-INTERPOL' for over a decade now, and at last it has finally come to pass," said Eugene Kaspersky.

"It should come as no surprise that we wholeheartedly support this initiative, testified to by our plans to second some of our top analysts over to the IGCI in Singapore. Soon cybercriminals will have nowhere to hide — not able to hole up in this or that country, as they have been able to up to now. The net is closing in on cybercriminals — both the proverbial one and the Inter-net,” Kaspersky said.

“The strong support for the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation expressed by Eugene Kaspersky, the founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, will provide law enforcement in our 190 member countries with the expertise to generate actionable intelligence to protect cyberspace and to bring cybercriminals to justice,” noted IGCI Executive Director Mr. Nakatani.

INTERPOL Secretary General Mr. Noble echoed both his counterparts' sentiments by adding that, "Transnational crime cannot be fought in isolation, and drawing on private sector expertise and support against cybercrime is essential. Fighting cybercrime requires that law enforcement at both the national and international levels works with the private sector, particularly its forward-thinking technological leaders such as Kaspersky Lab, in order to keep pace with today's cybercriminals."

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Goat Testicles, Elephant Dung And Cowboy Loo Paper, Battle The Elements, Consume The Unimaginable And Stay Alive On Bear Grylls Special

Press Release:

Bear Grylls, the world’s most iconic survival expert is back on Discovery Channel this April with a three-part BEAR GRYLLS SPECIAL where he demonstrates more life-saving skills in some of the toughest environments on earth. Premiering every Monday at 9:00 p.m., starting April 15, the BEAR GRYLLS SPECIAL features highlights from Bear’s many perilous adventures over the years. Having been to the ends of the earth, seasoned adventurer, television host and author, Bear is no stranger to extremes. In the BEAR GRYLLS SPECIAL, explore some of the most unforgettable scenarios including the most vile food and liquids he has ever had to consume to survive. The BEAR GRYLLS SPECIAL encores every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m., Friday at 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., and Sunday at 10:00 p.m.

The BEAR GRYLLS SPECIAL kicks off with a typical day with Bear where the contemporary Indiana Jones takes you around the world - Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Northern Australia, the Sahara desert, Guatemala, North Africa, Dominican Republic, Namibia, Belize, Siberia, Patagonia and the United States - and reveals his secrets and techniques for surviving the most extreme landscapes and situations. Discover how to construct emergency shelters and use what you can find to help you, including the remains of a seal as a wetsuit and heather as snowshoes. Lose your way? Learn how to become a human compass using just leaves, water, wire and your hair, and how to use the mucus secreted from mushroom coral as sun block. Also, witness once again some of Bear’s wildest hygiene tips with “cowboy loo paper” and “nature’s toothbrush”, as well as his ingenious solutions for shelter by making sleeping bags from the carcasses of dead animals or building shelters in the Sumatran jungles.

Roast skunk anyone? In BEAR GRYLLS SPECIAL, viewers are all cordially invited to dine with Bear, but be warned - the culinary offerings are more foul than fowl! In the wild, Bear has to make do with whatever he can catch or find for food – dead or alive. In the BEAR GRYLLS SPECIAL, Bear shares his personal guide to the highly unusual food and drinks that can be scavenged from the wilderness, some of which are downright the most disgusting eats Bear has ever had to swallow. The menu starts with an aperitif made with freshly squeezed elephant dung, and includes such delights as field fresh death stalker, Bouillon De Moules Et Asticots Aux Arôme De Chaussette aka mussel and maggot broth with a hint of sock, frogs legs and snails a la Bear, hand caught whip scorpion, and the Saharan Special raw goat testicles. For dessert, a special cheese board of weevil grub and goo along with some honey. And for a nightcap, a shaken not stirred snake skin martini of innards and urine. Bring your own strong stomach, it is certainly not a meal for the squeamish!

Cannot get enough of Bear and his adventures? Discovery Channel recently announced in February that he will be coming home to the network internationally in an all-new series, BEAR GRYLLS: ULTIMATE SURVIVORS, slated to premiere in Southeast Asia in the fourth quarter of 2013. An evolution of his global hit MAN VS. WILD, the six-part series takes Bear’s survival expertise one step further as he reveals the incredible stories of ordinary people stranded in devastatingly dire situations. Combined with archive footage and interviews with the survivors, Bear will pit himself against the very same dangers and scenarios, reliving their journeys through first-hand experience, and showing us how to persist through these highly challenging situations. Catch all the action in the following episodes of the BEAR GRYLLS SPECIAL:

A Day In The Life Of Bear Grylls
From bugs for breakfast to camping in the jungle canopy, relive the action packed escapades of Bear Grylls and explore a typical day in the life of a very English adventurer.

Fine Dining With Bear Grylls
Adventurer Bear Grylls presents a unique guide to the unusual food and drinks you can scavenge from the wilderness including fluid from elephant dung and camel milk.

Bear Grylls: How To Stay Alive
From snowstorms to searing heat, mountains to deserts, Bear Grylls has endured some of the world’s most inhospitable places. What are the secrets to his survival?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lifehouse At Its Creative Peak, Delivers New Album "Almeria"

Press Release:

Million-selling recording and live act Lifehouse has gotten back to its roots mindset-wise which significantly helped produced its latest album touted by both band insiders and tough crack critics as their "most daring and provocative release to date."

"Almeria," the name of the group's sixth album, was crafted without the distractions usually brought by in-between touring and personal struggles that cuff the workflow of successful talents. The band worked with producers and co-writers Jude Cole and Jacob Kasher and A-list performers Peter Frampton and Natasha Bedingfield.

"It's almost like we were reverting back to being teenagers in our parents' garages, which felt really good," frontman Jason Wade is quoted as saying. "We thought we were making this cool, 70s kind. We knew we had to shake things up creatively and go back to the drawing board, try something new."

If there's any indication of such approach, the first single "Between The Raindrops" right away sent that into the air, with inspired songwriting sparked by that "reverberating melody in Jason's head" and three and a half months of "developing the track" and "honing the lyrics," care of the whole band.

Bedingfield, whom Lifehouse met six years ago, reacted so positively upon hearing the song that she immediately overdubbed her vocals to it.

Released by MCA Music Philippines, "Almeria" is expected to be a hit among his fans in the country who always anticipate the progression of creativity in the band's material.

Equally interesting are tracks "Nobody Listen" and "You're The One" which Wade proudly noted as tracks that "just kind of came to life." It is revealed that for these songs he wrote through a process he never did before, he just "went in with this blank canvas and started throwing stuff down on tape."

"Right Back Home” on the other hand, features the legendary Peter Frampton who "completely mesmerized the room as the band watched him perform his solo and vocal." Wade's vocal and the band's energetic sound complemented well with Frampton's contribution.

Wade and his comrades, drummer Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr., current bassist Bryce Soderberg, and guitarist Ben Carey, emerged from Los Angeles during the late 90s. Then their signature song "Hanging By a Moment" became Billboard magazine's 2000 Hot 100 chart Song of the Year. Their music has been heard in TV shows like "Smallville," "Falcon Beach," "Grey's Anatomy," "Scrubs," "One Tree Hill," "Criminal Minds" and many others, as well as in films like "The Time Traveler's Wife."

Lifehouse has sold more than 15 million records with hits, also including "You and Me," "First Time,” "Whatever It Takes", "Halfway Gone" and "Sick Cycle Carousel."

Wade, emphasizing how focused they are on their craft these days, shared, "I don't even remember a lot of the shows back then because I never planned on doing that. I was just a kid in my room with my guitar and a couple of songs."

Now the band has become "well-adjusted and grown into a strong, tight and perpetually ambitious concern."

LIFEHOUSE's album “ALMERIA” under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines), is now available in all record stores nationwide and online via iTunes.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vargas Museum Opens Summer Workshop for Junior Museum Guides

Press Release:

Now on its ninth year, the Vargas Museum in UP Diliman, Quezon City welcomes participants ages 9 to 14 years old. The 8-day program will be held from Tuesday to Friday, 7-10 and 14-17 May, from 1 to 5pm. The JMG workshop will be culminated with a graduation and the launch of their very own exhibition in the afternoon of 18 May.

Junior Museum Guides is the museum’s educational program in line with the celebration of the International Museum Day.  With this year’s theme Museums (memory + creativity) = social change, JMG focuses on museums as spaces of memories where objects and experiences are collected, presented and used creatively to engage the public, create awareness and transform society.

Students will be acquainted with various museum works like guiding museum visitors, documenting and handling artworks, and planning and putting up an exhibit.  They will also engage in creative activities like drawing, animation and printmaking.

Registration fee is PhP 3,800 inclusive of workshop kits, art materials and snacks. Due to limited slots, advanced registration is encouraged.

For inquiries and registration, please call the Vargas Museum at 928-19-27; 981-85-00 loc. 4024, or e-mail vargasmuseum@gmail.com.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Finding Bigfoot: The Definitive Search For The Elusive Sasquatch Extends To Asia

For centuries, eyewitness accounts and myths have fueled rumours that the legendary Bigfoot have roamed the forests in North America and other continents. In brand new episodes of FINDING BIGFOOT 2, Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, research members James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman, and skeptical biologist, Ranae Holland continue their tenacious search in the United States, and this time, travel halfway across to world to Vietnam to track down the mysterious Yeren. This time they use bass guitars, hog callers, bread and butter techniques as well baiting methods not for the fainthearted in their relentless attempt to separate fact from fiction in FINDING BIGFOOT 2, premiering on Thursday, April 11 at 10:00 p.m. Encores every Friday at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., and Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Across eight new episodes, FINDING BIGFOOT 2 follows the team as they continue to scour North America and Asia to follow up on compelling evidence, new and old. The investigation kicks off in the Cascades of Oregon and continues in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, South Dakota, the Mountain State of West Virginia and a host of other Sasquatch hotspots in the United States. The search carries on in exotic Vietnam in search of the Wildman, a large, bi-pedal ape similar to Bigfoot in its ability to elude man. Although little is known about this creature, the country’s leading expert on the subject guides the team to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, where they brave the dangerous jungle and stumble upon some unexpected surprises. When local villagers come forward with stories of their own encounters, the team narrows in on a potential hotspot and breaks out a popular bigfooting technique to prove that the Vietnamese Wildman is more than just folklore.

The folklore around Bigfoot has many doubters and many true believers, and passionate groups like the BFRO have formed to investigate stories, analyse evidence and strengthen their hypotheses of these elusive beings. Join the four passionate researchers as they persistently continue their one single-minded mission to track down these mysterious creatures. What will they eventually find? Find out in the following episodes of FINDING BIGFOOT 2:

Virgin Sasquatch
In the winter of 2012, a dog walker stumbled upon a record number of Bigfoot tracks in the Cascades of Oregon, seventy of which were cast and documented by team member, Cliff Barackman. To get to the bottom of this, the FINDING BIGFOOT team returns to Cliff's home state to meet with eyewitnesses in hopes of finding out where these creatures are right now.

Badlands Bigfoot
The team travels to South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to meet with a retired police chief who investigated numerous reports of a possible Bigfoot running through town. In an area rich with Sasquatch history, the team meets with compelling witnesses from the Lakota Sioux, to determine where to focus their search efforts.  After zeroing in on a hotspot, the team is granted special access to a plot of private land where they just might find the Lakota's legendary Tall Man.

Bigfoot Hoedown
The team heads to the Mountain State of West Virginia to investigate photographs from a young bigfooter. In a state rich with Bigfoot history, the team meets with recent eyewitnesses and discovers deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) evidence that may prove this creature's existence once and for all. To obtain the photographic evidence they hope for, the team deploys a baiting technique not for the faint of heart.

Bigfoot And The Redhead
The team travels to Pennsylvania to investigate a video shot by two teenage boys that may show a Bigfoot walking in the background as they rode go-karts. In a state rich with Bigfoot sightings, including the famous Jacob's photos of 2007, the team assembles a town hall meeting to source out some of the more recent accounts and narrow down their search. Their efforts lead them to an ideal location in the Allegheny National Forest, where they deploy an unusual technique to try and elicit a response from an east coast Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Loves A Barbeque
The team travels to Connecticut to investigate video footage of a possible Bigfoot captured by a mother recording her children at play. In one of the most populated states per square mile, the team is challenged to pinpoint just where and why Bigfoots would roam this small state. With help from a handful of witnesses, they narrow in on a potential location, where they attempt a bread and butter bait technique to try and lure in any Bigfoots nearby.

Peek-A-Boo Bigfoot
It is off to the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee to meet with the owner of several trail camera photos that may show a Sasquatch living in these mountains.  After a promising first night out, several credible eyewitnesses and Matt’s own investigation of the mountains surrounding Knoxville lead the team to a potential hotspot for Bigfoots. In one final push, the team enlists the aid of professional hog callers in hopes that their squeals will attract a hungry Bigfoot.

Bigfoot The Friendly Ghost
The team heads to Southern Illinois to interview a local researcher who claims to have recorded Bigfoot howls in his own backyard. After examining the evidence, they meet with recent eyewitnesses who claim to have seen these creatures in some unusual locations. In one final push, Cliff breaks out his bass guitar in hopes of enticing a curious Sasquatch to come in for a closer look.

Jungle Bigfoot (premieres Thursday, May 30 at 10:00 p.m.)
The team journeys to exotic Vietnam in search of the Wildman, a large, bi-pedal ape similar to Bigfoot in its ability to elude man. Although little is known about this creature, the country’s leading expert on the subject guides the team to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, where they brave the dangerous jungle and stumble upon some unexpected surprises. When local villagers come forward with stories of their own encounters, the team narrows in on a potential hotspot and breaks out a popular bigfooting technique to prove that the Vietnamese Wildman is more than just folklore.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dive Into Eco-Friendly Summer Escapades With bobble™

You can read my event coverage of the bobble launch here.

Press Release:

From world-renowned beaches like Boracay, Puerto Galera and El Nido to natural havens like Puerto Princesa, Taal Volcano, and Mt. Pulag, vacationers will surely be flocking to their favorite destinations this summer. As everyone heads to their getaway of choice and engage in their favorite summer activities, it’s important that travelers keep in mind the impact they make in the places they visit. Undoubtedly, nature also pays the price with tons of waste left behind by tourists, including one-time use materials such as PET bottles.

For travelers who want to make the most of their trips there’s the award-winning bobble™ bottle, specially designed to be reused and help save the environment in style. It boasts of a 1:300 ratio, making bobble™ equivalent to 300 single-used plastic bottles so users can do good wherever they go. Designed by renowned industrial artist Karim Rashid, its replaceable carbon filter further purifies drinking water to let anyone from the backpack adventurer to the occasional vacationer have a healthy drink in a bottle with an ultra-sleek, ergonomic and colorful form factor. Now keeping in style while staying well-hydrated becomes nature friendly too.

Taking a refreshing drink after playing a round of beach volleyball is more fun and healthier with one’s chosen color of bobble™, and divers will have no problem knowing which one is theirs because it comes in six colors: green, red, black, yellow, magenta and blue. With bobble’s™ ergonomic design, trekkers scaling hard trails will find the curvy body of the bottle easy to lug around while keeping contaminants out.

Have a #bobbleSUMMER with these ultra-sleek and eco-friendly bottles, available for P695 at 1000-ml, P595 at 550-ml and P495 at 385-ml Filters are priced at P345.00 each.

To know more about the product, visit the Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/bobbleph.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL Adapts Bill O’Reilly’s Best-Selling Book On Lincoln Assassination

Press Release:

Tackling a monumental event in American history, National Geographic Channel’s first original scripted drama “Killing Lincoln”, based on the best-selling book by controversial political commentator and TV personality Bill O’Reilly, will hit Philippine television on April 14, 2013. The film portrays the dramatic events that led up to the assassination of US President Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and reveals the mysterious motivations of its perpetrator John Wilkes Booth.

“Killing Lincoln” is a film produced by Ridley and Tony Scott’s Scott Free Productions and written by the Emmy Award-winning Erik Jendresen, writer for the acclaimed TV series “Band of Brothers”, who based his script on the book Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever co-written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. “What people never knew, and what both the book and the film capture, is the great tale of action and conspiracy surrounding the manhunt for Booth. It is ultimately a fascinating story, and that’s what makes it the perfect fit for us at Scott Free,” said Scott.

The book was a runaway hit when it was published in 2011, placing No. 2 on The New York Times’ list of best-selling non-fiction and finding a spot among Amazon’s best sellers in November of that year. Millions of readers were captivated by the way O’Reilly and Dugard wove together a compelling narration of the historic circumstances at the close of the American Civil War that led John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Lincoln as well as the thrilling manhunt that ensued to capture a ruthless killer.

Bill O’Reilly is best known as the outspoken anchor of “The O’Reilly Factor,” an opinion-oriented news show on Fox News Channel that has consistently garnered the highest ratings among US cable TV news channels. Previously, he was a correspondent for ABC News before becoming the anchor of “Inside Edition” from 1989 to 1995. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Marist College in New York and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. O’Reilly is widely considered one of the strongest voices in media today.

The film “Killing Lincoln” is brought to life by a wealth of acting talent, beginning with narration on camera from Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks. Billy Campbell (“The Killing,” “Once and Again”) gives an impressive portrayal of Lincoln, while Jesse Johnson plays John Wilkes Booth in a breakthrough performance. “Killing Lincoln” also stars Geraldine Hughes as Mary Todd Lincoln, the president’s wife, Graham Beckel as Edwin Stanton, Lincoln’s secretary of war during the American Civil War, and Shawn Pyfrom as Private John W. Nichols. The two-hour film is directed by Adrian Moat (“Gettysburg”) and produced by Mark Herzog’s Herzog & Co. (“Gettysburg”).

National Geographic Channel’s viewership records were broken when the film premiered on February 17 in the US and recorded 3.4 million viewers. “Killing Lincoln” was hailed by critics as “fascinating,” “heart-pounding” and “constantly illuminating,” and is sure to captivate Asian audiences when it premieres in the region at 9 PM on April 14, Sunday on National Geographic Channel.

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