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It's a Battle Against Baby Blues on BIRTH-DAYS

FYI, another interesting new series from Discovery Channel!

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While it is predicted that the world population would hit an all high of eight billion in 2025, experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the challenges of overpopulation. For many countries in Asia however, their worries lie elsewhere. Asia's most developed economies like Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan are among the top six countries with the world’s lowest fertility rates in 2012. Despite growing worries about Asia’s trending aging population, there is still great reason to celebrate the incredible miracle that is life, and how far we have come. On BIRTH-DAYS, get an in-depth look into Taiwan’s ever-evolving birth scene, amidst an era of tremendous changes. From Dragon babies representing the symbol of imperial power, to the nature’s babies of aboriginal tribes, to the children of science and the new age babies of today, BIRTH-DAYS explores the traditional, contemporary and future of childbirth and parenting. BIRTH-DAYS premieres on Tuesday, January 1 at 9:00 p.m., with two 30-minute episodes airing back-to-back. Encores every Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Ancient Taoist ritual is performed for wishful parents
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A four-part series, BIRTH-DAYS explores the phenomenal wonders of procreation in today’s Chinese society; from the mystical rituals engaged to guarantee the baby’s gender or design the fate of the unborn child, to undergoing birth through the most natural way - water birth, to cutting-edge “genetic engineering” technologies that help create the perfect baby, and even to a host of new methods that will ensure the smoothest pregnancies and provide the best chances for the newborns to thrive in today’s competitive society. BIRTH-DAYS also travels back in time and unravels the 

traditional rural Chinese values which are now being slowly replaced by modern lifestyles.

Despite an increasing focus on material possessions, personal growth and career advancements, the one thing that remains constant is the baby boom that sweeps Taiwan every twelve years as many couples attempt to time their baby’s arrival in line with the Year of the Dragon, one of the most desired zodiac signs in the Chinese calendar. In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon symbolises imperial power, intelligence and strength, and is often considered auspicious and believed to bring about great luck. With the dragon being a highly regarded zodiac sign, the word “competition” is inevitably inscribed in the lives of these children as parents have high hopes for their little ones. So, would being a Dragon or a perfectly genetically engineered baby be a blessing or a curse? Discover all these and more on the following episodes of BIRTH-DAYS:

Hospitals in Taiwan are ovewhelmed by large number of dragon babies
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A mother of two welcomes her unexpected pregnancy by undergoing a mystical ritual to guarantee that her dragon baby will be a boy, while a proud expectant mom relies on ancient fortune-telling to design the fate for her unborn child. Parents of Dragon babies will do everything possible to ensure their little ones will come out on top.

It is a journey as old as humankind itself; the path through the birth canal and into the world. Modern-day Taiwanese women revert to century-old wisdom in delivering their babies. One mother chooses a water-birth while another opts for a home birth. In each case, the emphasis is on easing the baby into a welcoming world.

Talisman inscribed 'praying for son' is planced in an urn
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Assisted reproductive technology is where science meets nature. A woman seeks out new medical technologies to end the family tragedy of inheriting a fatal genetic disease that has plagued her family for generations. Another couple are finally rewarded with a pair of twin girls after many years of reproduction efforts. And a mother resorts to Chinese medicine to rotate and position her baby in the womb for delivery.

Taking note of traditions and innovations, Taiwanese women avail themselves of the latest methods of natural childbirth.  A pair of parents-to-be put their faith in hypno-birthing, while another bank on the guidance of a childbirth coach.

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