Monday, December 31, 2012

At The Beginning: the Tale of Your First Zit

There is hope after an acne outbreak. Read on ...

Press Release:

At the beginning, you had glowing clear skin. That may last until your thirteenth birthday when to your utter dismay a pimple may have grown.

Acne can be rid of with different skin care products available in the market. Ideally, acne should be treated by normalizing the skin renewal process or exfoliation; killing the p. acnes bacteria; reducing the inflammation; and regulating oil production.

Different ingredients are involved in the treatment of acne. Not all products will cater to that need.  Many explore the possibilities of different products but not all results are satisfactory. Occasionally, our experiments with different products will be cringe-worthy at the beginning of the zit outbreak.

Many products promise clear healthy skin but not all hold true to their promises. Sometimes the products we choose are not compatible with our skin types, which may react negatively to products introduced to the skin. Many try different products at the same time, juggling one product’s effects with another’s bad side-effects. The results are almost always depressing.

Getting pimples no matter how horrible the first time around is an experience everyone goes through at one time or another, and once you get past it you’ll be laughing with your friends about what you did, what you said, and how you cried, the first time you got that acne.  Many have the marks to tell the world that they once chose a product that they regret to have ever used. Luckily, we still live to tell the tale of our first zit.

Now it’s your turn to spread the word on this new-found truth. Be a Truth Seeker. Discover the story of your zit and tell everyone about it.

Tell the story of your zit and what product you used to remedy it. Conduct interviews as well with your closest friends or family and survey them on what they did during their first encounter with acne. One requirement is that you must absolutely interview a dermatologist who could tell you the truth about acne and how to care for it. The dermatologist may even explain to you what you did wrong when acne came the first time around.

Our first brush with acne may have left us unwanted scars on our faces but it is the mark that we face acne bravely and that we challenged it by boldly using skin care products that may have not worked. Thank goodness that we not only live to tell the tale, but we learned to become more discerning of the truth behind the products we use on our faces.

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