Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kicking the Habit: Keep that Zit in Check

Press Release:

We’re guilty. There’s no need to hide. We are at one point or another guilty of gross habits that aggravate our skin. They say that habits are hard to kill but it should be worth killing if the end result is good clear healthy skin like we’ve always wanted.

Some may think that their habits – like sleeping facedown on their pillows or even forgetting to wash our faces after a long day at work or school – have no consequences, however the repercussions could be unforgivable.

Interestingly, some habits are paired with other unhealthy habits that aggravate the skin more. Just imagine how much abuse your skin gets with every habit combining by the year’s end.

From keeping your sheets clean to keeping your hands away from your face to even just relaxing, kicking the habit should be easy as one-two-three. The solutions could be simple. Do you know what habits are killing your chances of getting good skin?

Now more than ever is the time to seek the truth. Be a Truth Seeker in your own right and find out what habits are ruining your skin.

Sometimes, the habit is hard to kick. There are simple solutions to keeping your habits and still keep clear skin. It could be changing and washing your sheets often, washing your face religiously, even giving yourself time to relax or even choosing products made with good healthy ingredients that help kill zits like Papulex!

Get the skin that you want, day and night with Papulex. It is specially formulated to address three root causes of acne – bacterial colonization, inflammation of affected area, and excess sebum. Papulex can be used day and night and with or without combination with other acne treatments.

What three bad habits of yours could be causing you pimples? Why do these habits aggravate acne? Create a blog post, a photo collage or better yet a video post showing your habits and explain why they are killing your chances of having clear healthy skin. Be creative!

Is it too hard to kick the habit? Tell us what you do to keep the habit and still have clear healthy and acne-free skin!

Kicking the habit is a simple solution to keeping that zit in check, but when the urge to touch your face or sleep facedown is too overwhelming, we’re lucky to have skin care products to take care of that pimple for us like Papulex.

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