Monday, December 24, 2012

Delicious El Real Pasta Recipes To Brighten Up Your Holiday Feasts

For those looking for holiday recipes, here are a couple of pasta dishes for you!

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The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without Christmas and New Year’s eve family gatherings. This well-loved season becomes healthier and even more fun with El Real Healthy Spaghetti, ideal for adventurously prepared meals that the whole family can enjoy. Or you could opt for unforgettable classic recipes made with El Real Spaghetti.

Known for its firm and satisfying noodles, El Real Healthy Spaghetti is fast becoming a favorite in many households. Each serving promises nutritious benefits from protein-packed and fiber-rich ingredients, including real carrot bits and malunggay leaves. Create more unique dishes for family members and friends with a special El Real recipe that will make the holidays more joyful -- the Amatriciana Pasta.

For those looking to make celebrations truly festive and memorable, El Real Spaghetti presents a classic recipe that can satisfy anyone’s palate -- the Chicken Ala King pasta. This traditional pasta dish becomes even more sumptuous with high-quality El Real Spaghetti that’s convenient to cook, and also easy on the pocket. Satisfy your family’s holiday cravings and create the pasta-perfect dish that’s made more flavorful only with El Real.

Amatriciana Pasta

Onion, chopped, 4 tbsp
Garlic, chopped, 2 tsp
Bacon, chopped, 5 tbsp
Tomato, concasse, 1 cup
Tomato Coulis, canned, 1 cup
Sugar, brown, 3 tbsp
Salt, rock, pinch
Pepper, crushed, pinch
Basil, dried, pinch
Oregano, dried, pinch
Olive Oil, 1 cup
Parmesan Cheese, 1 cup
El Real Healthy Spaghetti, 1 kilo

Cooking procedure: Saute and caramelize onions in olive oil. Add garlic, bacon, and tomatoes. After a few minutes, add tomato coulis and sugar to the mix and reduce. Spice up the dish with basil, oregano and pepper. After reaching a desirable consistency, toss the cooked El Real Healthy Spaghetti noodles into the mixture. Finally, top the finished product with parmesan cheese.

Chicken Ala King Pasta

Onion, chopped, 4 tbsp
Garlic, chopped, 1 tbsp
Carrots, cubed, 4 tbsp
Bell Pepper, cubed, 4 tbsp
Green Peas, 4 tbsp
Kernel Corn, 1 cup
Chicken Fillet, cubed, 2 cups
All-Purpose Cream, chilled, 1 cup
Liquid Seasoning, 2 tbsp
Butter, 1 c
Pepper, pinched
Cheddar Cheese, grated, 1 c
El Real Healthy Spaghetti, 1 kg

Cooking procedure: Sweat onion pieces before adding garlic. Add bell peppers and carrots after a few minutes, then continue sautéing. Cook the chicken fillet with the previously sautéed ingredients until it reaches a desirable texture. Add liquid seasoning and reduce. Add the green peas and kernel corns with their brine or juice, and reduce the liquid after a couple of minutes. Put in the all-purpose cream and mix thoroughly. Toss in the El Real Healthy Spaghetti noodles and season with pepper. Sprinkle grated cheddar cheese and serve.

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