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Sun Life’s Short Films Show How Life’s Brighter Under The Sun

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Press Release:

Sun Life Financial rolls out the red carpet for  SUN SHORTS, a collection of digital films that  shines the light on the value of love, family, friendship, foresight  and a positive outlook in life.

SUN SHORTS is Sun Life Philippines’ installment of a regional short film project called Experience the Sun, which is a collaboration between Sun Life Financial and film makers in Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines.  The project brings to life the power and beauty of the Sun through the eyes of top directors across the region. SUN SHORTS is an extension of this venture, made specifically for the Philippine audience.  

SUN SHORTS features five Filipino filmmakers sharing their interpretations of how life is brighter under the Sun.  Beginning July 25, 2012, these films will be shown as a series in www.experiencethesun.com.ph   .

Stories Under the Sun

Unitel’s veteran producer-storyteller Jun Reyes (The Last Journey of Ninoy, Crying Ladies) makes a trip down memory lane to tackle a love that transcends the test of time and shines brightly amidst the darkness of war in “1945.”

Most sought-after commercial director Jolly Feliciano departs from light-hearted themes to posit a lifetime of possibilities thru the eyes of a sick young boy whose hope burns brightly as the sun in “Life in a Day.”

Director-playwright Chris Martinez (Here Comes the Bride, Kimmy Dora, 100) takes on the humorous side of the generational divide as an old woman’s faith and penchant for superstitions clashes with a young man’s cool confidence in  a future well planned in “Oh My Goth!”

Up and coming filmmaker  Nic Reyes follows the travails of a young man whose penchant for  “quick fixes”  led him into  tight-hole situation  and finds enlightenment and redemption from a surprising character in the action-packed “The Debt.” 

Multifarious artist Jerrold Tarog (Senior Year, Nino, Shake Rattle and Roll, Aswang) lets his “Sun Dance” pump up the beat of friendship that empowers three young women to tackle life’s ebbs and flows with grace and elegance. These shorts show how much friends bring the brightness of sun into our lives.

Apart from the five films making up SUN SHORTS, Jim Libiran (Happyland) brings to life a film called “Araw” which forms part of Sun Life Asia’s regional  project.  Araw is based on a true story of a man who harnesses the power of the sun to create beautiful art and,  in so doing, reconnects with his roots.  

“Relationships are at the heart of SUN SHORTS, with the sun as a symbolic light source, that brings hope and a promise of a brighter tomorrow to the characters in the films. As to our use of the digital platform, this is really due to the desire of Sun Life to communicate and engage a growing segment of the market who are online, while allowing them to experience our brand promise of a life that’s brighter under the Sun. It also shows the progressive spirit of Sun Life as it explores new ways of engaging the market ,” said Sun Life-Phils Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa.

Advocate for the arts

SUN SHORTS is yet another technological breakthrough from the country’s first and longest-standing life insurer, which also pioneered financial literacy advocacy in the Philippines. These digital originals illuminate the lessons of  “It’s Time!”  which encourages the value of savings, investing and planning for tomorrow.

“We believe that inspiring Filipinos to go for their dreams is part of our mission to provide financial freedom for Filipinos. Thru the magic of movies and the powerful medium of the Internet, we hope SUN SHORTS can enlighten its viewers in ways that will make their outlook in life brighter,” affirmed Sun Life-Phils President and CEO Riza Mantaring.

SUN SHORTS  kicked off with a radio promo where listeners are welcome to share their sunny stories thru Twitter (@sunlifeph) and Facebook (sunlifeph). And another promo awaits everyone who watches the films online in “Sun Shorts  Fly to America!” promo.   After watching SUN SHORTS films online,  all the viewer has to do is like it and post a comment for a chance  to go to San Francisco, USA.

Sun Shorts digital films are produced by Sun Life Financial Philippines in collaboration with Unitel Pictures and supported by Star Magic, Cinema One and Sun Life Foundation. For more information and updates, visit experiencethesun.com.ph

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