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Nurturing Children’s A+ Development Through HP Ink Advantage Printers

I experienced using the new HP printers the other day and can say that these new machines have lots of great features that could help school children do more with their schoolwork.

Press Release:

The advent of advanced printing technologies have brought about a big improvement to education, further speeding and enhancing learning for the youth. HP, the world’s largest technology company, helps boost children’s academic excellence and creativity by opening a world of vivid color prints and crystal-clear reading materials for schools and homes through HP Ink Advantage printers. Banking on these benefits, Tin Canon, an instructor at Creative Learning Paths (CLP) in Parañaque City, relies on HP’s leading printing solutions to help her students achieve A+ excellence in school and home.  

“A big factor in educating children has to do with assessing children’s needs in learning. During the early stages of growth, most children learn through touch, then progress to the extensive use of sight and hearing as they mature. Because of this, visual stimulation generally becomes an important factor in making children more engaged in the subject being taught to them,” says teacher Tin.

Bringing the A+ advantage to children’s learning

As a teacher for 15 years and a mother with two sons aged 11 and 9, Tin believes that printers can enhance the learning experience of children. She relies on HP Ink Advantage printers to create more engaging visuals that can effectively convey lessons and concepts to her students.

“Using printed materials has helped a lot in my teaching experience. By using printouts from our HP Photosmart e-All-in-One K510a for materials such as visual organizers and reference photos, children can more than just easily grasp the idea being taught to them- it actually helps stimulate children to do research on their own,” says Tin.

Through the use of HP Original inks on Ink Advantage printers, Tin is also able to maximize the potential of their students without worrying about printing costs. “It saves us (teachers) off-classroom time as they print faster and do not need frequent ink replacement. Moreover, it makes our grading more accurate as we get to see results of their work clearer, and durable enough for proof of their improving skills,” she adds.

Empowering children with technology

Aside from making long-lasting prints of their hard work and achievements, HP Ink Advantage printers also contribute to the holistic development of children. “By shortening the time needed to make their homework, children can use more of their time to indulge in other endeavors they are interested in, helping them realize their full academic and creative potential,” she says.

“Children also need to feel that their work has value. As they interpret that adults use printers to print their important documents, they feel encouraged when they see their own work being printed out. It plays a significant part of building their self-esteem to increase their capabilities when they and their parents share a common device like using a printer” she says.

With the benefits offered by HP Ink Advantage printers, parents can now boost their child’s learning without worrying about printing costs and installation hassles. With different models that carry feature sets that will be of best value for their use, and with Original HP Inks at only Php390 per cartridge, children can learn more as their parents spend less.

Pricing and availability

HP Ink Advantage printers include the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2010 (K010a) which will have a suggested retail price (SRP) of Php 3,190, the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2060 All-in-One (K110a) will be priced at Php 3,990, the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage K109g will sell for Php 4,990.

For the All-in-One models, the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage All-in-One K209g will retail at Php 6,999, the HP Photosmart e-All-in-One K510a will have an SRP of Php 7,990, and the HP Officejet Advantage 4500 All-in-One K710g will sell for Php 8,990.

All HP Ink Advantage printers are available in HP partner stores in major malls nationwide. For first-hand viewing and further inquiries visit your nearest IT store and ask the store staff for HP printer products.

For more information and updates about HP Ink Advantage, visit the HP Ink Advantage website at

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