Sunday, July 8, 2012

Disney Junior’s Toy Doctor Teaches Kids A Thing Or Two About Helping Others

Press Release:

Disney Junior’s upcoming new show, Doc McStuffins, left a positive mark on moms and their kids in its special advanced preview at Active Fun, The Fort. Guests were given a sneak preview of the show’s first episode with two compelling stories where Doc McStuffins, a 6-year old toy doctor, heals a small jack-in-the-box and a toy racecar. 

Dottie “Doc” McStuffins is a young girl who has the ability to talk to toys and stuffed animals around her neighborhood. She runs a clinic for toys out of her playhouse and brings in all ailing toys that need her help to cure them. Doc does a checkup of the toy in need and records each diagnosis in her Big Book of Boo Boos

The kids who watched the special preview were instantly hooked to the show’s light and friendly approach to getting checkups, as well as its catchy and upbeat original music. They were able to relate easily to Doc McStuffins and her stuffed animal friends: Stuffy the dragon, Lambie the lovable and cuddly lamb, Hallie the hippo, and Chilly the stuffed snowman. 

With the help of her beloved toys, Doc teaches young ones the value of lending a helping hand to those in need as well as staying healthy and clean all the time. 

According to the moms at the event, their kids loved the show and they themselves were satisfied with it. Aside from the preview, the eager tots were treated to fun games like identifying certain characters of the show, and were given Disney Junior prizes. 

Catch this new Disney Junior Original Series with your preschoolers when it premieres on July 9 at 8:30am only on Disney Junior.

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