Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life Is Sweet. Just Ask The CANDY QUEEN!

This shows looks very, very interesting! I'll be watching! 

Press Release:

Mountains of gumdrops, piles of taffy, and confections from floor to ceiling ... Welcome to the sweet life of TLC's brand new series CANDY QUEEN. Enter the Wonka-esque workshop of Los Angeles-based event planner Jackie Sorkin as she and her team - engineer Adam and the rest of the "Candy Crew" - work hard to make their clients’ every wish turned into an over-the-top experience filled with custom candy creations. Everything that looks good enough to eat – usually is! CANDY QUEEN premieres Tuesday, June 12 at 7 p.m. Encores every Tuesday at 1 p.m., Wednesday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m.

Self-appointed Hollywood CANDY QUEEN Jackie Sorkin is LA’s favourite candy stylist. She is well-known for her creative and one-of-a-kind ideas, with an impressive list of clients including Pepsi-Co, American Idol and Sephora. In addition to her candy business, Jackie also runs a full-time family – Jackie is married to Chris, The Candy King, and they have a beautiful daughter named Isabella – “The Heiress to the Candy Empire.”

TLC’s CANDY QUEEN follows Jackie as she creates the most mouthwatering masterpieces, transforming everyday treats into extraordinary works of art. In each episode, Jackie is determined to produce candy art that's nothing short of spectacular, and pushes her candy team to their very limit. Jackie is also expanding her operations and taking on even more challenging projects to take her company to the next level. All this, with baby number two on the way! But the CANDY QUEEN is a workaholic, and she's willing to risk total meltdown if it means having all of her and her client’s sweetest dreams come true.

With her life being part food challenge and part docusoap drama in the shop as well as with the family, it definitely isn’t a piece of cake and Jackie sometimes finds herself in some incredibly sticky situations. At the end of the day, however, the CANDY QUEEN always delivers the goodies.

From celebrity events like Hank Azaria's ‘Determined to Succeed Organization,’ to a spooky candy zombie head for some Halloween-obsessed clients , to a literally Sweet Sixteen dress made out of candy, tune in to witness the mouthwatering creations take shape in the following episodes of CANDY QUEEN:

Wonderland & Soldier’s Paradise
Business is blowing up and Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin can't say no to anyone. This week she has not one, but two over-the-top candy sculptures booked for the same day: an Alice in Wonderland themed build and a soldier's welcome home surprise. Her team is stressed, Jackie's reputation is on the line, and on top of everything she's pregnant with her second child. Has this control freak taken on more that she can handle?

Candy Fair & Blinged-out
It's a big week for Jackie when she is booked for celebrity client Hank Azaria and his children's charity, “Determined to Succeed.” Jackie and her team aim to create a giant candy county fair, complete with moving Ferris wheel and hundreds of barnyard animals made out of taffy and caramel. But when Jackie takes on another job for a blinged-out birthday party, frustrations rise within the candy crew.

Cadillac Wedding & Rainbow Fiesta
Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin plans to throw a special party for her family while building a replica '64 Cadillac for a newlywed couple. Her team struggles to get the car running while Jackie insists they also build special presents for her family. There are a few crashes and tears along Route 66 as the team attempts to keep everything a surprise.

Mother Goose & Sweet 16
Candy Queen Jackie is in mega mom mode as she takes on two different birthday parties for her clients' children. She dreams up an elaborate moving build for a Mother Goose themed double birthday party, but Candy Engineer Adam has his doubts. While the team has their hands full bringing Mother Goose to life, Jackie decides to take on building a Sweet 16 dress all by herself. She soon finds, however, that crafting a sweet outfit from candy will be far from seamless. Determined to produce candy art that's nothing short of spectacular, Jackie walks a fine line between inspiring her crew and driving them crazy.

Fireman Wedding & Surfer Bar Mitzvah
Candy Queen Jackie may be eight months pregnant but she's not slowing down. She's the girl who put the "can" into "candy"! For her friend Meghan's wedding she has promised to set love on fire with a candy groom's cake for Meghan's husband-to-be fireman John. Jackie wants it to be big, red and smoking— providing her candy engineer Adam with several challenges. While the crew gets on with the firehouse build, the pressure is on Jackie to deliver the wow factor for an illustrious event planner. The brief is to create an elaborate Hawaiian surfer paradise out of candy for a client's barmitzvah. With hours to go before the barmitzvah, Jackie and her team are still struggling to create an epic candy wave centerpiece, and aren't sure they'll pull off the Big Kahuna.

Halloween Zombie & Football Baby Shower
Candy Queen Jackie takes on orders for two different events, where both clients have requested out of the ordinary candy creations. Her first set of clients think that her style may be too sweet for their scary Halloween party, which only makes Jackie more determined to gross them out. For her second client’s baby shower, Jackie and the candy crew have to figure out how to incorporate their client’s passion for football into the baby shower candy masterpiece. From a giant candy stadium with lollipops as fans to gooey candy blood and gelatin brains, the candy team pushes their creativity to the maximum.

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