Monday, June 25, 2012

General Luna Treads a New Direction with 'Different Corners'

Press Release:

The women of General Luna have just entered a more exciting phase in their music career with the release of the band's second album, “Different Corners” (Warner Music).

Two years after causing a stir in the industry as no-nonsense female rockers who happened to be pretty, the ladies are now ready to prove that they have more to offer by way of songs that persuade the audience to listen more closely.

Consisting of nine tracks that weave interrelated themes and flowing arrangements, “Different Corners” is a record which the band members themselves describe as a departure from their self-titled debut.

Lead singer and main lyricist Nicole Asencio says it's “stripped down, emotionally naked and more honest than the first album.”

Lead guitarist Caren Mangaran agrees, pointing out that “the album itself is who we really are. No pretenses.”

Rhythm guitarist Audry Dionisio believes it's “more meaningful, easier to understand, the kind of album you can play in your car and trip on while driving.”

Drummer Bea Lao opines that “the vibe now is more mellow, more direct.”

Bassist Alexis Montemayor sums it up: “It definitely has a clearer direction than our first album.”

The biggest difference is that the band wrote more originals – six songs that explore unity in diversity (the title track), recapture lost moments with friends (“Watcher”) and lovers (“Nadama”), reach out to the troubled (“Tulala”), probe sensuality and commitment (“Arms”), and express concern for each other (“Sister”).

In addition, the band collaborated with Japs Sergio of Rivermaya and Ebe Dancel who contributed the songs “Walang Imposible” and “Daan,” respectively.

The band likewise covered Diane Warren's “If This Day Was the Last Day” and Seal's “Kiss from a Rose” (the album's bonus track).

A team of respected musicians – Francis Reyes (formerly of The Dawn), Monty Macalino (Mayonnaise) and Dancel – who worked on General Luna's debut record were also on hand to help guide the band record the songs for the new album.

The album's overall producer, Warner Music A&R director Neil Gregorio, took charge of one track (“Tulala”) as well.

“Different Corners” represents a change that may lead General Luna to find its own place in contemporary Pinoy rock.

The album is scheduled to be released late-June but as a gift to their supporters, the girls will be having a “Fans Day” on June 27 at B-Side, The Collective, Makati City. During the said event, they will play a total of 8-10 songs, 4 of which will be tracks from their new album. The girls are excited because not only will they be debuting some tracks from their new album, but they will also interact with their supporters by jamming with them and relating to them their personal stories over beer and bar chow.

General Luna’s second album “Different Corners” under Warner Music Philippines will be available in record outlets and on iTunes beginning June 29. Text “Corners” to 5677 to get “Different Corners” ringback tone. Log on to for more updates on the band.

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