Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Comedy Series & An All Male Culinary Show Premier On 2nd AVE & DIVA Universal Channels On Monday, June 25

New shows! And they sound interesting!

Press Release:

Making their Philippine premiere on Monday, June 25 are “Suburgatory,” the latest addition to 2nd Avenue’s comedy series and “Hot Guys Who Cook,” featuring up close and personal 18 of the hottest hottest guys from around Asia, over six episodes.

Airing at 8:30 PM on 2nd Avenue, “Suburgatory “ is about single dad George (Jeremy Sisto) who decides to move to the suburbs when he starts to feel a little out of his parenting league. The move comes much to the ire of his sixteen year old daughter Tessa (Jane Levy) who likes her life in the urban jungle that is New York.

From skyscrapers and traffic jams, Tessa must adapt to her new surroundings of cookie-cutter homes and manicured lawns. Something her motorcycle boots and oversized backpack refuse to do. To Tessa, the move to the suburbs is her version of purgatory—it’s suburgatory

On DIVA Universal at 9PM, Viewers can expect a feast for their eyes and appetite as DIVA Universal presents, “Hot Guys Who Cook.” Each half-hour episode will sizzle with three “Hot Guys” each cooking their signature dish under seven minutes. While slaving over a stove, the guys will be sharing endearing stories and anecdotes on cooking and some personal experiences, making Hot Guys Who Cook a delicious series to watch.

Firing up the pilot episode will be Canadian-Filipino model Jason Godfrey, French- Filipino food columnist Erwan Heusaff and host Josiah Mizukami. The rest of the line-up comprises, race car driver Alex Yoong, ex-MTV VJ Utt, Mixed Martial Arts fighter Peter Davis, banker-writer Redza Minhat and actors: George Young, Tom Price, Nat Ho, Henry Golding, Paul Foster, Keagan Kang, Shane Mardjuki, Bobby Tonelli, Brendan Fernandez; and Filipino models Drew Rivera and Victor Basa.

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