Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ROBIN NIEVERA Debuts with “Overwait,” Released by Polyeast Records

I grew up listening to the songs of Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez who are both good music artists. So it's not surprising that one of their sons would follow in their footsteps. I deeply regret though that I was unable to attend Robin's album launch a couple of weeks ago because I overslept! I would have loved to listen to him sing live and see for myself how good this young man is. I guess I'd have to wait to listen to his album very soon :)

P.S. I love the album cover design! 

Press Release:

Slowly but surely, Robin Nievera has employed gracefully intricate guitar-work, eclectic, blues-y vocals and lyrics in a 10-track debut album dubbed as “Overwait”, preceded by the kick-off single “In 3s.” The debut album is now available in stores nationwide released by Polyeast Records.

Leaning more on a blues-inflected style of rock, Robin incorporates artistry honed from his parents and music icons --Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez—to his diverse musical influences like The Beatles to Incubus

The first single “In 3’s”, Robin narrates “I based the music off a waltz-- I thought it was sexy. That is the main idea of the song. I did not imagine people singing to this song. I wanted them to dance. I know that a waltz is unheard of nowadays, but I wanted to try something old school.” The first single “In 3’s” is currently heating up the airwaves and is now available on www.mymusicstore.com for downloads.

“Overwait” boasts 10 songs all penned by Robin himself since 2008 and displayed well of his clever wordplay and knack for explaining universal emotions. Musically, he's exploring the moody territory of acts such as Dave Matthews Band and Bon Iver; at the same time, he displays his debt to guitar heroes including Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer. In a span of four months, “Overwait” was recorded and mixed in Kerplunk! Studios in Makati.

“Every song on the album has a story” Robin claims, “I wanted to be very versatile with the album. I didn’t want to have two songs sounding similar to each other.” While each song varies, 'Overwait' is surprisingly persistent in its mood even when the style change is from the waltz-y first single “In 3’s” to heavier guitars 
"Sexy Strut” to alternative-rock sounding "Lost.” Other tracks include the multi-layered track "Untitled”; jazzy and funk number "Sound Tripping"; superb but simple guitar playing “Smile”; a song written for his niece in acoustic “Delight”; very laid-back “Beautiful”; rock number “Sing Along”; and pop-rock-ish “Blindsided.” The transition always feels natural and smooth as one of the few singer-songwriter albums that offer variety but remain consistent throughout.

“I wanted to call it Overwait because I'm 25 and I have been planning this album since I was 15. I have been waiting a long time for the album to actually be out,” says Robin when asked about the album title. “The concept of the album was to make original music and to sound different but not to sound like too foreign.” he added.

Robin entered the limelight when he was hailed as one of MYX VJs in 2010. Having a passion for music and hosting skills like his dad, Robin shares, “I enjoyed meeting my favourite Filipino artists while being a MYX VJ and I made a lot of friends in the music industry. MYX really showed a lot of who I am when I am not singing. I sang once and a while for some of their shows, but the audience really got to know my 'funny side.'"
As Robin prepares himself in making a name of his own, he adds “My parents are the ones who started all of this. I have been watching them for 25 years. And I couldn’t help but be inspired to do what they do. I wasn’t just their son; I was also a huge fan. I may not sound like them and may not be writing ballads but I did learn a lot from them.”

Coming from a family who have shared a legacy to OPM songs over the years, Robin grew up watching how the industry has evolved. As a young musician, he aspires to give more what OPM truly deserves from this album. He adds, “My goal is to be a Filipino artist that sounds different, and I believe we Filipinos can make incredible music. And I was hoping that this album could show that off.”

Overwait is now available in stores released by Polyeast Records. To get to know more about Robin, you may visit his Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/RobinNieverra or follow him on Twitter: @robinnievera. For more album information, you may log on to www.polyeastrecords.com. You may also follow us on Twitter (@PolyEastRecords) or “Like” our Facebook page.

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