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Command™ a Fresh Looking Home this 2012

Hey homeowners, these are good tips to read before the summer break officially starts :)

Press Release:

Time flies so fast that school ends before you know it and summer is knocking on your doors again. Be sure to be prepared as your children will be staying home for vacation. This is the time for some reorganizing, redecorating and if necessary, renovation.

3M Philippines, which offers a wide array of home space solutions, gives you ideas that will inspire you to make a fresh looking and “vacation-ready” home stay.

“At 3M Philippines, we inspire new ideas, creative transformations and powerful innovations that make life better for our customers. This summer, we are encouraging everyone to take full command of a new and balanced life – be it family, friends or career – as we empower you to initiate creative and efficient changes starting in your home spaces,” shares Vivian Faustino, Head of Construction and Home Improvement Division for Consumer and Office Business, 3M Philippines.

For a fresh new home look this 2012, 3M Philippines give the following tips:

1. Exude a natural energy inside the home. Nature helps bring a healthy balance inside your home. Neutral paints, clean or light curtains, wooden bed or indoor plants are positive pieces to maintain a balanced energy in your home.
2. Reorganize furniture. Perhaps your old cabinets, jars or centerpieces need a new positioning. Switch the indoor plants with wooden or decorated jars in your living room. Or you may simply bring more colorful plants to your gardens. Your old kitchen cabinets might also need a little makeover. Replace cover of your cabinets with decorative or wood-designed wallpapers for a new look in your kitchen.
3. Decorate art pieces. Do you want to get a fresh look for your wall but do not want to repaint or switch wallpapers? Hang art pieces. This way, you’ll be able to express yourself through your home. If you’re a parent, your kid’s little artworks can be great attractions for your home.
4. De-clutter. A staple every now and then on your daily or weekly tasks, it is still good to remind yourself to de-clutter your rooms every now and then. Keep pathways in your home clear and make sure shelves only hold enough amounts of items to keep them closed. Hold together electronic wires in a safe bundle to avoid accidents. Keep old candles in a cool, dry and safe place, away from possible heat or fire. And for those things that you will not be re-used too soon, keep them in clean boxes and store in a safe room so you will remember where to get them once needed.

Good thing 3M Philippines offers products to help you in your re-organization tasks this year. 3M Philippines provides a wide array of space and construction solutions for your household needs including Command™ Damage-Free Hanging Solutions that concretely assist homeowners in managing spaces through wall organization.

Command™ has a variety of products from picture hanging systems, mounting solutions for home de-cluttering, multi-use hooks, cord managers to bathroom organizers that will help you keep things in order in every part of your home. Command™ products hold strongly and remove cleanly without wall damage, thus, giving you the freedom to customize your home.

“We are giving you more reasons to take Command™ of a fresh, new and balanced space by creating amazing transformations for your home,” Faustino concludes.

For more information about Command™ Damage Free-Hanging Solutions, visit And for other home improvement solutions, visit

Command™ is a registered trademark of 3M.

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