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Lighting 101 for your Daily Needs

Make daily living eco-friendly as one of the country’s most sought-after architect for residential and commercial projects, Lynn del Rosario, shares her own experiences using Firefly CFLs.

Press Release:

Are you planning to renovate your home or office this year? Before you finalize the blueprint of your new house and purchase new lighting fixtures, Firefly Electric & Lighting Corp. (FELCO) invites you to do your bit for the environment by using Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) instead of the usual incandescent bulbs for your table lamps, ceiling and garden fixtures.

There are many innovative ways to incorporate eco-friendly lighting in the design of houses and offices. According to Architect Lynn Del Rosario of NSDR + Partners, “Good lighting should not be taken for granted in designing houses and offices. Just the same, achieving the best lighting experience should not harm the environment or hurt your pockets.”

Architect Lynn recommends the use of CFLs to her clients because they emit the same brightness as incandescent lamps but with longer burning hours compared to incandescent ones. “CFLs have less energy usage but the same light emissions as incandescent bulbs. CFL wattage usually ranges from 9 to 13 while incandescent ones use 60. The higher the wattage, the higher the consumption of energy and electricity, which means using CFLs is equivalent to big savings,” she said.

Architect Lynn added, “By replacing all your lighting fixtures at home with CFLs, you can save up to 75% on your electricity bill. Using CFLs is the best way to shrink your electricity bill while helping save the environment.”

Best lighting experience

Lighting a specific room, whether it be the office or the home, needs to be carefully planned and thought of. Fortunately, Firefly CFLs come in various types and color temperature that would suit the needed application and the effects and moods that people want.

For offices, Architect Lynn recommends Firefly’s Daylight CFLs, which emit a bright light that is perfect for a working environment that requires good lighting. Firefly’s Daylight CFL is also a safe bet for living rooms and dining areas where natural light is needed.

Meanwhile, for bedrooms and lounge areas where you want to have a “cozy feel,” she recommends Firefly Warm White CFLs to help accentuate the mood of the room. This kind of CFL also works best for lamp shades and other desk lighting fixtures.

Firefly Cool Daylight highlights the blue and green shades. It is often used in hospitals and conference rooms because it reflects a sanitary and fast-paced mood.

Firefly CFLs also come in various shapes and sizes. The Junior Spiral CFL is a favourite among architect and designers because of the bulb’s distinct features. Aside from being spiral in shape, it is very compact, unique in design and fits most fixtures.

According to Arch. Lynn many Filipinos are already becoming aware of eco-friendly living through “Green Architecture” or the use of environment-friendly materials in building houses, offices and stores.

“Green architecture is widespread, not just for architects or designers but even for consumers. For the past 10 years, CFLs have been a top of mind eco-friendly lighting alternative. In fact, our clients have begun initiating and pushing for the use of CFLs in their homes,” she said.

FELCO lights made available

With CFLs made available by FELCO, eco-friendly lights are now more affordable, available and accessible. “Our clients are very happy with the “greener” lighting experience from Firefly CFLs. In fact, they are now also advocates of eco-friendly living,” said Architect Lynn.

Meanwhile, FELCO Marketing Manager Jhie Greenwood affirms FELCO’s support to green architecture. “We have worked with NSDR + Partners for three years now and have seen how effective the collaboration has been. More people are becoming aware of the benefits of eco-friendly living through the use of Firefly CFLs in the local market,” said Jhie Greenwood, Marketing Manager, FELCO. “It is important that we help save the environment by promoting green architecture.”

Firefly Lighting products are distributed in more than 7,000 hardware and electrical stores all over the Philippines, including modern retail chain stores like Ace Hardware, Ace Express, SM Hypermarket, Savemore, CitiHardware, Wilcon Builders, Handyman, True Value, Federal Hardware, Workstation, Ortigas Home Depot and DIY Shop to name a few.

For more information on Firefly lighting products visit, email or call (02) 2422060 to 65 and Fax (02) 2422060 loc 707.

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