Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Give Mom a Sweet Surprise on Mother's Day

Looking for a way to surprise Mom on May 8? Give her this scrumptious dessert from Goldilocks that's specially baked for her ...

Press Release:

Mother’s Day is one of the most important days in the entire year. While other commemoration days are for big events or religious holidays, Mother’s Day is simply about appreciating the most important women in our lives.

Someone once said that a mother’s heart always knows what the child does not say. Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, makes it easier for you to show her how much you love her by giving her the Chocolate Nelusko Cake!

A triple-layer chocolate chiffon cake topped with delectable cashew praline, the Chocolate Nelusko is also bedecked with a double row of luxurious chocolate buttercreme icing and dark chocolate ganache drippings. Sweet and soothing, it's just like Mom’s comforting words after a hard day.

Treat your mom right this Mother’s Day! Drop by the Goldilocks Branch nearest you or call 888-1-999 for Go-Delivery today!

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