Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learn the Science Behind the Speed of Advil Liqui-Gel

I hate being bogged down by a headache or body pains especially during days when I need to finish a lot of things. I've had my share of trying out various ways to relieve pain but sometimes, it is still a hit and miss thing especially when it comes to alternative medicines that promise this and that without much explanations how they would help me feel better.

Read the article below to also know more about the newest innovation in pain relief medications. I took one capsule yesterday morning for my dysmenorrhea and it did relieve the cramps faster than I expected.

Press Release:

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, a division of Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, brings another effective pain medication that works fast—the new Advil Liqui-Gel. The speed of the new Advil Liqui-Gel has been scientifically and clinically proven by numerous studies done here and abroad. With the new Advil Liqui-Gel, one can be sure of nothing but fast, effective, and safe pain relief from all kinds of pain.

Almost 3X faster absorption than ordinary tablet pain reliever
Pfizer’s Research and Development Team harnessed the technology of liquid ibuprofen for the new Advil Liqui-Gel and almost tripled the rate at which ibuprofen can be absorbed by the body.

A third-party pharmacokinetic study conducted in Australia comparing the rate and extent of ibuprofen absorption showed that two 200mg of Advil Liqui-Gel (a total of 400mg) is absorbed faster than two 200mg of ibuprofen in the regular tablet format. The new Advil Liqui-Gel recorded a 35.58-minute body absorption speed, almost three times faster than regular ibuprofen tablets which recorded 93 minutes.

Works faster than paracetamol for a wide range of pain
The new Advil Liqui-Gel was also compared to paracetamol, a very common household pain reliever.

Based on two separate clinical studies, it was proven that Advil Liqui-Gel, in both 200mg and 400mg doses, provides faster relief and superior overall analgesic efficacy compared to 1,000mg of paracetamol (which is only available in 500mg in the local market).

This faster and more effective pain relief of Advil Liqui-Gel versus the paracetamol molecule is proven in a wide range of pain—from mild to moderate pains such as headaches to very tough and severe pains like dental pains (toothaches).

With science and facts strongly supporting its speed and efficacy, it is indeed clear that the new Advil Liqui-Gel is the superior choice for pain relief. For faster than ever pain relief that is proven by science, switch to the new Advil Liqui-Gel!

The new Advil Liqui-Gel is 200mg liquid Ibuprofen in a softgel capsule classified as a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID). It is also classified as an Antipyretic which can reduce fever. It is available over-the-counter in drugstores and supermarkets nationwide and may be bought in pieces or in packs of 10s.

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