Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Love Our Hair Deserves

It's true. Women need to work on looking and feeling good about ourselves. And one way to do that is to take care of our crowning glory. Need to make your hair look better? Read this!

Press Release:

When you feel loved, hormones rush through your body to your brain to trigger the part that emits the happy and giddy feeling you get when you see your partner.

Love doesn’t happen in just a snap of the fingers. The chemicals in our body trigger lust before anything else. The physical attraction is the first to trigger love in our bodies. The next phase is attraction. This is the phase where you discover more about a person beyond his or her physical attributes. The last one is the attachment. This is what keeps couples together for a long time.

Every girl may have gone through a painful breakup that makes her feel that she does not matter, which is why loving yourself first is more than just vanity. Loving yourself is a basic need and loving ourselves could be easy as taking care of ourselves and giving ourselves the best there is in the market.

We start by trying to look and feel good. One such way is to take good care of our crowning glory – our hair, with the best rebonding product in the market.

Ahglow is a revolutionary rebonding brand in the country as it is the first to offer the innovation of rebonds. Ahglow products are formulated with a secret ingredient imported from Germany for the best rebond in the market.

The Ahglow Rebonding System consists of two processes: chemical and thermal or heat application. It is a new, permanent hair straightening innovation that gives all those who deserve and love soft, smooth, shiny, and love-worthy hair. Forget three to nine hours of grueling rebond experiences using low-quality products. Your hair deserves the love that the highest-quality rebond product out there can give.

Furthermore, it uses an effective five-step system that begins with Straightening Cream, followed by Keratin Hair Protek, Neutralizer Cream, Keratin Conditoner, and HairKote. Usually, a rebond will consist of two very harsh chemicals that promises great hair immediately after the session, only to disappoint a few days later as the treated hair looks almost unlovable.

The Ahglow Rebonding System uses conditioners to really care for your hair’s health. All five products used in the system are keratin-infused, which is what makes the first layer of hair strands. This layer is also the most susceptible to damage. 

The Ahglow love also comes in affordable and convenient Stand-Up-Pouch (SUP) packaging containing 165g of the Straightening Cream (No.1) and Neutralizer Cream (No. 2) good for single use or one application.

Add the extra AhGlow love by using the Ahglow Gold Titanium Straightening Iron that does not snag or pull the hair. It also carries a warranty to ensure that AhGlow customers are really cared for in the long run. Other products that AhGlow recommends to ensure that the rebond is not merely a superficial gift to yourself, they also offer long-term treatment for your hair called Kerafix.

Kerafix includes Deep Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo, Deep Moisturizing Treatment Conditioner, Leave-On Conditioning HairShine, and Heat Protection Treatment, which is recommended for those who frequently use a straightening iron or hair blower at home. Another promising attribute of the system is also its smell. Unlike low-quality rebonding products, which smell overwhelming – literally in-your-face, Ahglow smells pleasant.

Other products that make Ahglow the perfect way of loving ourselves with quality rebonding are its keratin-based conditioners, hair repair, and cuticle treatment products, specifically formulated for rebonded, relaxed, and even color-treated hair like the original Keratin Reconstructor Conditioner, Avocado Treatment Wax, and Henna Treatment Wax.  

Love goes through a process that according to psychologists is inevitably connected to Trust. You need trust before you can give away love. When you choose to love yourself first by getting beautifully rebonded hair, do you give yourself the love that you truly deserve? 

You need a trustworthy rebonding product. Ahglow is a perfect way to love ourselves. Make sure that you use it for your hair. 

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