Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catch The ‘Law-Breakers’ Of The Deep Forests On Wild Appalachia

Someday, I would like to get a glimpse of these wild but beautiful mountain ranges in person. Someday ...

Press Release:

The Appalachians is one of the oldest mountain ranges on Earth. Adorned by ancient forests, this is a haven for the wild and dangerous. In WILD APPALACHIA, break through the forest foliage and experience the remote beauty that lies within, and the high drama of the seldom seen feral side of its inhabitants. For some, this is ‘bandit country’, a world where rangers battle raccoons that wear the classic mask burglars, famished black bears that get dangerously close to unsuspecting campers, and coyotes that muscle in on the weak and vulnerable. Shot in high-definition (HD), witness a year through thespectacular intersection of human culture and wildlife as the law of the wild meets the law of the land on their dramatic quest for food and survival. The WILD APPALACHIA chase begins Sunday, March 31 at 7:00 p.m. Encores on Monday, April 1 at 9:00 a.m.

A 60-minute special, WILD APPALACHIA kicks off with a growl when the black bears that hibernated during winter awake from their slumber for spring. Trace the growth of newborn cubs as they try to beat the odds and survive the most dangerous couple of months that follow as big male bears are on the prowl for food, some of which even feed on newborn cubs out of hunger!  Elsewhere in the WILD APPALACHIA, there have been new entrants to the woods who are more dangerous than any animal in this forest – people. Where there are people, there is food, and that is where the trouble starts. Watch the great lengths that black bears go to get their paws on our leftovers and how rangers deal with bears that get too close for comfort. Tranquilisers last for only half an hour, but will it be enough time for the rangers to get their job done without becoming the bears’ next snack?

There is never a dull moment in the WILD APPALACHIA, even during sundown. Just like thieves, opportunistic forest burglars like the gangs of raccoons are most in their element at this time of the day and are commonly seen darting about quickly and warily in case of unexpected danger. The silence of night is also interrupted by one of nature’s most extraordinary phenomena - the forest floor moving stealthily in an event that occurs only once in 17 years as millions of cicadas emerge to complete their life cycle. With their soft and fragile bodies, they rely on the cover of darkness to protect them from predatory eyes. However, the appearance of an ocean of these protein-rich insects will not go unnoticed. Will the cicadas become a fast food bonanza when daylight breaks in the WILD APPALACHIA?

More than just a striking documentary about a forest, WILD APPALACHIA takes you on an intimate trip through the layers of thicket to unmask the previously concealed lives that are shaped by landscape and seasons, surprise encounters and running battles. Butt heads with the elk as they fight for the chance to mate. Smell the rotting flesh of carcasses along with the circling vultures. Meet the secretive salamanders that are hidden within the damp Earth of the forest floor. In the WILD APPALACHIA, it is always a leap into the unknown.

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