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Breeze Enables Moms To Say Yes To Life Experiences

Read my take on why I choose to be a sige mom like the mothers in the writeup below are. Please visit my personal blog post on the Sige sa Mantsa movement ... 

Press Release:

It’s inevitable for kids to accumulate dirt and come home with stains on their clothes after spending an hour or two playing. Award-winning actress Dawn Zulueta, women and youth issues advocate Sen. Pia Cayetano, socialite and columnist Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and sought-after celebrity mom Carmina Villaroel – the fab quad who lead today’s sige moms – agree that kids will always be kids and part of it is getting literally dirty.

Tessa, Carmina, Pia, and Dawn
“Parents nowadays get paranoid when their kids play outside. They want to keep them indoors but at the same time you don’t want to compromise the opportunity for the children to learn and experience the things we experienced as kids,” states Dawn. “I encourage my son to play outdoors and be physically active. It does not only builds his immune system but it also allows him to meet other kids. That’s why we are moving from a condominium to a house of our own very soon so he can have more space to move around.”

The artist in Tessa, on the other hand, echoes in the way she lets her kids have their way in expressing their inclinations. “It’s fun being a mom and having kids,” shares Tessa, whose children were born practically decades apart, which, incidentally, allowed her to spend as much time for each of her kid. Despite the age gap and different preferences, her kids all had their share of being outdoors and pursuing their own interests. They also go to the beach during most weekends because her children are so much into wakeboarding.

Though their thoughts were somehow clouded over the amount of dirt frolicking in the playground or going to the beach may bring, these women can now kiss their worries goodbye. There is now an all-new laundry detergent that is set to change the perception of moms on their kids exploring the world around them and dealing with the least liked household chore.

Breeze with ActivBleach was developed with moms and their growing kids in mind. The global brand is now in the Philippines to help moms say goodbye to stubborn stains and at the same time increase the number of sige moms such as Dawn, Sen. Pia, Tessa and Carmina.

“My twins are very active. I want them to have the kind of childhood that I had. Laking kalye ako, hindi lang halata,” Carmina beams. “I practically let them do what they want – play with their friends, ride a bike, go swimming, play badminton. They even play with our dogs.

“Of course there was a time when I didn’t allow them to go outdoors. That was when they were still little. Like typical moms I would say, ‘Wag, kasi madumi,’ but after a while I let them be. And they also need to learn. They also need to experience na madapa o masugatan because that’s how they learn,” she adds.

Sen. Pia couldn’t agree more. Known as an outdoor person, the lady solon couldn’t hide the fact that her kids got her penchant for the active lifestyle. “My two girls play football in school so they really get dirty and my youngest, who is only two years old, seems following the footsteps of her ate’s,” she says. “Hangga’t kaya, gusto ko nakakalaro talaga sa labas ang mga anak ko because they need to explore. I don’t mind them getting dirty, not at all. And I think they will miss out so much on their childhood kapag masyadong maraming bawal.”

Inspired by the findings of child development experts stating that children learn best through experience rather than through instructions, Breeze with ActivBleach is packed with a superior formulation to help moms cope with the toughest stains due to their children’s various activities. It uses a 4-enzyme technology that removes more stains, and a patented whitening agent that brings perceivable whiteness right after the first wash. This fast-acting ingredient works right on target, freeing moms from worrying about stains and dirt. Breeze gives better results not just on laundry needs but also on what moms look for in a detergent that will allow them to focus more on allowing their kids learn from life experiences.

A unique AD system was also added for better bula, while special melamine encaps ensure better fragrance delivery and keep laundry smelling fresh and clean.

With these technological advancements in a laundry detergent, moms can now let their kids enjoy life to the fullest through their experiential activities. The business of dealing with tough stains is now a thing of the past and just like Dawn, Sen. Pia, Tessa and Carmina, they can all say Sige sa Mantsa!  by simply welcoming Breeze into their homes.

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