Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Would You Do If You Had an Extra 30 minutes?

Hey moms, you may want to read this! 

Press Release:

Decorate the house. Dress up. Cook a delicious dish. Watch Rom Com series. Beautify yourself. Polish your nails. Prepare a gift. Set a candlelit dinner. Mix a drink. Arrange a spa.  These are some of the things that can be done in 30 minutes in celebration of the Love month. As for homemakers, it takes them more than 30 minutes just to do the laundry.

The number one laundry detergent brand in the Philippines has come up with a product to save homemakers from the suds and scrubbing this love month.

Surf Matic, the brand’s newest machine wash variant, is designed to help homemakers accomplish their personal priorities and leave their machines to do the washing. Surf Matic has a powerful formula which is ideal for washing machines. The product contains a special active release agent which provides deep cleaning for the clothing fiber. The detergent’s optimum lather level helps maximize the ability of the washing machine to launder the clothes.  With just one sachet, it already provides the benefit of having clean clothes without the need of scrubbing.

Jessica Inocencio, Surf Matic’s brand manager said, “Surf Matic is the answer to every household’s problem with laundry, thereby saving homemakers the effort and the time, which they can now use for things that matter more.”

“Let Surf Matic give you the time to celebrate the month of love with your special someone and not with your laundry basket” Inocencio added.

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