Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jollibee Kids Club Members Explore A World Of Fun And Learning

If your kids are not yet a member of the JKC, they are missing a lot! Sign them up now!

Press Release:

More than just having the opportunity to make new friends and showcase their talents in exciting workshops, Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) members also get to enjoy many perks that take them to cool places. From dressing up as their favorite superheroes to discovering amazing facts about science, Jollibee Kids Club members took part in various activities in the JKC Cosplay Fun Day and the JKC Mind Museum Tour recently.

Cosplaying the JKC way

JKC members trooped to SM EDSA Skydome dressed as their favorite anime characters, superheroes, fairies, and princesses for an afternoon of treats and games at the JKC Cosplay Fun Day. With everyone’s favorite friend, Jollibee, in the lead, kids paraded around the mall grounds showcasing their unique costumes accompanied by popular characters including Megatron and the Mirage of the Transformers.

John Danielle Villanueva, garbed in a Star Giant Robot costume, won first place in the cosplay competition, while Lucas Bustos and Xyrus Yael Pragamac were the runners-up. “I love robots and I’m really happy that I got to dress as one and join other kids who are also in costumes,” said John Danielle. “I really enjoyed coming up with the design for my costume. Good thing my mom and dad helped me.”

The winners of the Cosplay Fun Day received pre-loaded Happy Plus cards and gift bags from the sponsors. The event allowed the kids to interact and have fun with other club members, promoting social development and helping them become more confident individuals.

Seeing science come alive

At The Mind Museum in Taguig City, select JKC members and their parents spent an entire day marveling at the wonders of science. From finding out about the Earth’s 4-billion-year story and listening to the sound of outer space, to watching wacky science experiments and letting their hair stand on end with the electrostatic ball, the kids were in awe as they took turns getting their hands on the interactive exhibits.

“I love being a Jollibee Kids Club member because I don’t only get to share my talents and meet new friends, I also get to visit fun places,” shared seven-year-old Jane Sophia. “I really enjoyed going around The Mind Museum. My favorites were the shows about how the Earth and the universe were born. Now I love science even more!”

“Since he joined JKC, my son has become even more sociable and active,” said the mom of five-year-old JKC Member Rayven. “He couldn’t wait for today because he was very excited about visiting the museum. It’s great that JKC takes them to an educational place where they can learn and have fun at the same time.”

“Learning becomes a more enjoyable affair for kids when they are having fun” said Jollibee Marketing Manager Coleen Niguidula-Ducusin. “And through exciting events such as the Cosplay Fun Day and The Mind Museum tour, we hope to nurture JKC members’ imagination and skills, so they can bloom and believe in their own abilities.”

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