Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Slice of Heaven with Baguio Country Club’s trademark Raisin and Banana Bread at Heaven & Eggs

I'd love to try these breads soon!

Press Release:

A trip to Baguio City, often dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, can never be complete without sampling and stocking up on fabulous food finds. Among the most sought-after baked goodies are the Raisin Bread and Banana Bread from Baguio Country Club, which have become cult favorites among food lovers and pasalubong shoppers.

Now, those with a hankering for Baguio Country Club’s trademark treats need not go all the way to Baguio, as they can now enjoy their favorite Raisin Bread and Banana Bread at Heaven & Eggs Glorietta 4. Baked freshdaily at 2am , these are  rushed down right away via the new highways from the city of pines to arrive in Makati every morning at 6am, allowing breakfast, dessert, and snack aficionados to have their fill of these pastries before they go about their day. Supplies run out fast and get sold out by lunchtime, but Heaven & Eggs has bread lovers covered as a second shipment sometimes arrives in the shop in the afternoon.

Dense and moist, the Raisin Bread is chockfull of raisins and has a hint of cinnamon, while the Banana Bread is filled with the sweet goodness of ripe fruit. Dab a tinge of butter on the Raisin Bread, or have either of the baked goodies solo, they’re perfect partners for breakfast, midday snacks, and steaming cups of coffee or tea. Raisin Bread fanatic and loyal Baguio Country Club Member Raymond Ilusorio Yap comments,“The Raisin Bread is very special and can only be made in Baguio.  The secret is Baguio’s atmosphere that gives it just the right amount of fresh air and humidity. It’s just not possible to bake it moist the same somewhere else. So I found a way to share my favorite breakfast everyday in Manila. Credit is due to new and fast vehicle engines that can make the 250km trip daily.”

Enjoy Baguio’s best from the city below heaven and above the clouds, indulge in Baguio Country Club Raisin Bread and Banana Bread only at Heaven & Eggs, located at the ground floor of Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati.

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