Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom Wizards Club is coming this April!

FYI, EK has workshops and other activities for kids this April and May!

Press Release:

There is something more to be excited about this coming April at Enchanted Kingdom. The leading theme park in the country is cooking up something big and exciting for all the kids from 6 to 12 years old and teens from 13 to 18 years old, in the upcoming pre-launch activities of the Enchanted Kingdom Wizards Club (EKWC). This is not wizardry, but definitely something more magical.

EKWC is an organization which supports and develops youth programs designed for leadership, values formation, cultural appreciation, learning skills, and the performing arts. With EKWC, Enchanted Kingdom hopes to offer an organization for the youth that will help them reach their full potential.

A preview of EKWC this summerific month of April!

To start off, Enchanted Kingdom is going to host a fun-filled Easter Sunday on April 8 for kids and teens. The Easterrific Egg Hunt for kids 6-12 years old and the EKstremely EGGciting Race for teens 13-18 years old are simultaneous activities which will be the most exciting egg hunt one will ever experience. The registration for this activity starts at 11:00 AM, Egghunt follows at 2:00 PM and the awarding of winners at 5:00 PM. It’s going to be the most interesting and exciting activity this Lenten season for the park guests this coming Easter Sunday.

As part of the pre-launch of the EKWC, Faber Castell partners with EKWC through a series of art workshops which will kick off on April 20 and will run on all Fridays of April and May. Kids and teens will surely make their friends and family proud with an art exhibit to culminate their summer art workshops. Kids will surely enjoy and learn from the activities because EKWC and Faber Castell has a lot of artistic and magical activities in store for them.

To make the kids and teens more excited, EKWC and Tender Juicy Hotdogs will host the EKWC Magical Kiddie Chef Challenge at Enchanted Kingdom. 30 lucky kids age 6-13 years old will get the chance to show their expertise in cooking on April 28.

Be truly excited and watch out for more promising activities from EK Wizards Club, Faber Castell, and Tender Juicy! All these and more from the country's first and only world-class theme park, Enchanted Kingdom.

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