Thursday, February 10, 2011

Money Matters Exhibit for Kids at Museo Pambata

I believe that kids learn best when they are exposed to hands-on learning. Bring them to this interactive exhibit where they can learn more about money matters while having fun.

Press Release:

It’s never too early to teach kids about the value of saving and wise spending.

Thanks to Citibank, the country’s largest foreign bank, and Museo Pambata, the lone children’s interactive museum in the country, parents and teachers can now engage young children to understand the value of money in a fun and exciting way.

Ongoing until February 18, 2011, the “Money Matters for Kids!,” interactive exhibit will be open to the public for free at the Museo Pambata Multi-purpose Hall. The exhibit features hands-on tools that will encourage play and study while exploring various money-related themes, from earning it to spending it.

According to Aneth Lim, Country Corporate Affairs Director for Citibank Philippines, the exhibit will surely capture the imagination of young children. “Money as a concept is difficult to grasp, unless you can experience holding it, spending it, getting something in return, and using it all up. This exhibit makes it very easy for adults to start a conversation about money with kids as young as three years old.”

Known as a place of hands-on discovery that encourages kids to be more inquisitive and eager to learn, Museo Pambata provides the perfect venue for this endeavor. “We are excited to house this exhibit,” says Museo Pambata President/CEO Nina Yuson. “’Money Matters for Kids!’ is a must-see for all families, most especially young children. When we start them young, children can grow up to be wise savers, careful spenders and smart consumers.”

In support of Citibank’s commitment to promote financial education, the exhibit is open to the public free of charge. “Thanks to a grant from the Citi Foundation, we were able to design and produce this exhibit, which has been toured in Metro Manila as well as neighboring Tagaytay. More than 90,000 kids have seen it along with their parents and teachers,” related Lim.

Visit the Money Matters for Kids! and enjoy guided tours on the different exhibit sections. “An Age-old Issue of Trust” explores how money came to be and how it evolved. “Face Value” introduces children to the faces of the Philippine peso. There is a child-friendly ATM machine, as well as cash registers and a mock grocery store.

"We encourage parents to experience this exhibit with their children as this can encourage discussion on 'needs and wants'. Often kids cannot distinguish what is a need such as food, clothing, shelter and would choose a 'want' item as cell phone, an extra TV in their room, electronic games,” explained Yuson.

Visitors who participate in games can also win copies of Money Matters For Kids Workbook, a very useful reference on learning the different values of money, particularly the Philippine peso. There will also be fun activities about everyday concepts such as earning, saving, spending and sharing money wisely.

(L to R) Rene Fortuno of Phil. Business for Social Progress and Aneth Lim of Citibank Phils. 
with Museo Pambata’s Nina Yuson and Maricel Montero

“We’d like to thank our partners for supporting us in our commitment to promoting financial literacy – Museo Pambata, the Philippine Business for Social Progress and United Way. This exhibit presents us an opportunity to reach out to a new and young audience, and we encourage everyone to come and experience this new way of learning,” added Lim.

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