Sunday, May 10, 2015

Shakey's Celebrates Four Decades of Good Times and Great Memories

My family and I frequently visit Shakeys to order many of their bestsellers. We also often call the delivery hotline in the middle of the night whenever we're craving for pizza or Bunch of Lunch. Hubby and I even joined the Shakey's Color Fun Run, which was held last March to celebrate the brand's 40th year. I am sure many of you reading this also have your own Shakey's stories to tell. So, what's your favorite among their delicious meals? :)

Shakey's latest pizza flavor
Press Release:

Since they first opened their first store 40 years ago in 1975, Shakey's has become a family restaurant, encouraging hearty eating and family bonding over delicious meals they have made famous: Pizza, chicken and mojos. With their restaurants serving as a haven for Good Times and Great Memories, each and every one of their Guests definitely have their own wonderful Shakey’s story to tell.

Shakey's Hemady branch
Four decades later, Shakey’s has successfully adapted through each passing generation. And they did it through their creative innovations and unyielding passion to serve a great dining experience. The brand has expanded its presence beyond the plate by getting involved with the community and continuously developing new and fun ways to serve and interact with their Guests. 

Managers Choice Pizza
Who could forget the feeling of getting an extra free pizza or other exciting rewards when they order with a Shakey’s SuperCard? There’s almost always something to be excited about and to love with Shakey’s and this has helped them earn a growing number of loyal Guests.

Shakey's Evia
Shakey’s has now opened more than 150 stores in the Philippines. Even though things have evolved in order to keep up with the times, one thing that remains true to this day is their solid commitment to their Guests, which is the main source of their inspiration and will always be the driving force that pushes Shakey’s to greater heights. 

Chicken 'n' Mojos
In 40 colorful years, Shakey’s has indeed built a legacy that has captured the hearts and tastes of many generations and because of this, Shakey’s, through time, will always feel brand new – still the family’s favorite place for celebrations – still the brand that constantly serves Good Times and Great Memories for more years to come.

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