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Get Higher Chances of Conceiving by Knowing When You Ovulate

I know women who have a hard time getting pregnant. Just in case you're one of them, here are useful tips that you might personally find helpful ...  

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There are several ways to know when a woman is ovulating, according to

One is by checking her cervical mucus. When a cervical mucus resembles that of an egg white and is stretchy, it is the fertile cervical mucus. Some women may also experience a very light spotting during ovulation. It’s usually a very light pink colored spotting and some women get painful ovulation cramps which doesn’t sound like good news at all but some women do experience cramps when ovulating. 

Another sign of ovulation is breast tenderness. Some women get breast tenderness when they’re nearing their menstrual period but this can also be a sign of ovulation to some women. A lot of women will also experience an increase in sex drive during ovulation. If you are unsure of these signs and don’t want to just depend on what your body shows, you may also use some tools like an ovulation predictor kit, a BBT thermometer, or an online ovulation calculator to pinpoint your ovulation. 

A common cause of infertility in women are ovulation difficulties, meaning she is not ovulating regularly. If you don't ovulate, you can't get pregnant because the sperm needs the egg to fertilize. There are dozens of different types of over the counter as well as prescription fertility drugs on the market that assist with ovulation stimulation. Take note though that with ovulation stimulation comes the greater chance of conceiving twins. Now that could make pregnancy more exciting!

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