Thursday, December 4, 2014

Be A Lifesaver: Share the Chance to Go Love Life with the Philippine Red Cross and Sangobion

Sangobion ladies! Share your healthy blood through this worthwhile advocacy that aims to help save lives!

Press Release:

Did you know that 1 out of 7 Filipinos who enter the hospital are in need of blood? That’s about 2,000 to 2,500 units needed daily. We all know that reliable blood supply is essential to health care practice, especially in treating diseases such as dengue and cancer. So there is a great demand for blood and yet not everyone gets to have access due to lack of supply. 

The Philippine Red Cross has been actively supporting different hospitals nationwide by providing 25-30% of the country’s needs.  But even then, the supply still doesn’t reach the targeted amount. That is why Merck Inc. partnered with Philippine Red Cross to start a project that aims to help reach the blood requirements of the country. This program will be propagated by one of Merck’s leading brands, Sangobion–an organic iron supplement that helps women fight the signs of iron deficiency so they can Go Love Life. As it boosts iron, it also keeps the blood healthy, thus it helps women who take Sangobion to look, feel, and perform at their best.  

With a shared vision, Sangobion and the Philippine Red Cross will run a blood drive called Be a Lifesaver. Together, they will encourage women to extend their hand to other women and take the role of a ‘lifesaver’ by simply donating their healthy blood. 

The Be a Lifesaver project is the fourth and last phase of Sangobion’s Go Love Life program–a campaign that aims to encourage women of today to take care of one’s self, to change one’s lifestyle so they can go and enjoy the life they love. Last March, Sangobion launched the campaign through social networking sites and an online promo that challenged women to submit their pledge to change for the better while taking Sangobion daily.  For the first leg of the promo, the winners had a total beauty blowout! Forty lucky ladies had a hair and make-up treatment courtesy of Shu Uemura and Blo Blow Dry

As for the second leg, the new set of winners got a fabulous surprise – a shopping spree and their own little fashion show. Through such events, Sangobion aims to show women the value of taking care of oneself better and why they should not lose focus on their own lives as they concentrate on their family and career. And through the last part of the program, the Be a Lifesaver project, Sangobion aspires to empower women to make a positive difference not just in their own lives but in our society as well. By sharing a small amount of their time and blood, women can show support and care for each other. 

Do you want to be a lifesaver? Join the Sangobion Go Love Life campaign and Be a Lifesaver on December 5 at SM Fairview! For more information about Sangobion and the campaign, visit

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