Friday, September 6, 2013

The Family, A Movie to Watch Out For

I've seen the trailer and want to watch the whole film! It looks really hilarious! 

Press Release:

Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeiffer return to their Mafia roots in the dark comedy, The Family.

When a notorious mafia family crosses the mob by committing the ultimate crime of snitching, they are put into the Government Witness Protection Program and shipped off to Normandy, France.

Although they pretend to want to change their lives, old habits die hard, and they soon resort back to their old criminal ways of doing business and settling scores.

Academy Award winner Robert De Niro (The Godfather Part II, Raging Bull) is the dad. Michelle Pfeiffer (Married to the Mob, Scarface) is the Mom. Dianna Argon (Glee) is their daughter and John D’Leo (The Wrestler) their son.

Tommy Lee Jones plays a CIA agent that does his best to keep the family from tipping off their whereabouts with their bad behavior. This movie is directed by Luc Besson (Taken, Transporter).

“The Family” is released and distributed by Captive Cinema. Coming to Philippine theaters soon!

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