Thursday, September 5, 2013

Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid, Animal Planet’s Monster Week Creeps Back Into Homes This Petrifying September

Witness the first-ever, and only, footage of the elusive 18-metre monstrous squid and a host of man-eating beasts and legendary mythical creatures starting September 8!

Press Release

Animal Planet presents MONSTER WEEK, a two-hour programming special every night beginning Sunday, September 8 at 9:00 p.m., featuring stories about some of the world’s most legendary and mysterious creatures. This week-long special digs deep into the fascination with the unknown and proves that there are still real monsters lurking out there! From the depths of the sea to some of the most remote areas of the world, MONSTER WEEK uncovers the most enigmatic creatures to ever live and even takes on some of mythical origins. Elusive giant squids, great white sharks, man-devouring crocodiles, snakes and prehistoric fish still inhabit the Earth; but what about legendary cryptids like mermaids, Bigfoot and blood-sucking chupacabras?

MONSTER WEEK kicks off with the planet’s greatest mystery of the deep as the first-ever footage of a live giant squid is revealed in LEGENDS OF THE DEEP: THE GIANT SQUID. Come face-to-face with a full-grown, 18-metre razor-toothed giant squid (“Architeuthis” to scientists) whose eyes are the size of dinner plates. Considered by many to be the Holy Grail of natural history filmmaking, previous attempts to capture a live giant squid on camera in its natural habitat had failed. The groundbreaking footage of the massive predator swimming in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean was captured by scientists – 530 metres below the surface and 1,000 kilometres south of Tokyo; it was a culmination of an ambitious decade-long project to film the creature in its natural environment. Utilising the latest cinematographic techniques and technology, including two deep sea submersibles with panoramic views, ultra-sensitive high-definition camera systems with light invisible to squid, bio-luminescent lures and secret squid attractants, the mission involved 285 hours in the abyss and 55 dives – some at depths greater than 914 metres.

Also premiering as part of MONSTER WEEK is the all-new four-part series – SWIMMING WITH MONSTERS WITH STEVE BACKSHALL. Follow the wildlife expert and adventurer as he joins forces with behavioural experts and scientists to get closer than ever before to some seriously monstrous beasts and attempt the unthinkable – swim with these animals, discover their true nature and challenge the myths and misconceptions that surround them, something no scientific team has ever attempted due to their unpredictability and extremely aggressive behaviours. The journey is fraught with fear as Steve attempts to uncover the behaviours and personalities of the world's biggest snake – the anaconda, the fiercely territorial and ferocious hippopotamus, the great white shark – the ultimate predator, and the voracious Humboldt or ‘Jumbo’ squid.

Next, catch the premiere of MERMAIDS: THE NEW EVIDENCE, as Animal Planet continues to look into the possible existence of these sirens of the sea which have long captured the collective imagination of people since the beginning of recorded time. This science-fiction special is a much-anticipated sequel to the haunting MERMAIDS: THE BODY FOUND that revisits the topic with more in-depth investigations of these fantastical creatures based on scientific and evolutionary theory.

Then, it is an invasion of apocalyptic proportions as killer beasts take over beaches, attack boats, ravage livestock and ambush humans. In MAN-EATING SUPER SQUID, go along on the hunt for these vicious and intelligent creatures which grow to be more than two metres long and have up to 40,000 teeth. Next are the pythons that started out as pets but have evolved into killers as they grow, interbreed, and multiply in DEVOURED: MAN-EATING SUPER SNAKE RETURNS.  

And finally, the Philippines’ very own “Lolong” gets its own documentary in MAN-EATING SUPER CROC. The saltwater crocodile weighing over a tonne (1,075 kilogrammes) and suspected of killing two people was declared the largest such reptile in captivity in the Guinness Book of World Records. Can these man-eating beasts be stopped, or is this the beginning of a monster Armageddon? Explore the wilder side of the animal kingdom – and beyond – on MONSTER WEEK.

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