Sunday, August 18, 2013

National Geographic Channel Presents New Original Series "I Wouldn't Go There"

I was invited to the exclusive screening but begged off because I didn't think my heart could take it :) My husband joined the trip to Clark though. Click here to read his personal account of their experiences there.

Photos courtesy of Trails Unlimited. For more pictures, please check out this Facebook page album

Press Release:

Last August 16, 2013, National Geographic Channel (NGC) treated members of the press and honored guests to an advanced screening of their new documentary series, “I Wouldn’t Go There”, a show about historical places around Asia that that have gained a reputation among some locals for being haunted. The private screening was held at the abandoned Clark Air Base hospital, which was where the events that were recounted in the Philippine episode of the show took place.

Viewing “I Wouldn’t Go There” at the Clark Air Base Hospital, where numerous hauntings have been reported, gave National Geographic Channel’s guests a unique viewing experience. Seeing the hauntings re-enacted onscreen while occupying the very halls in which they occurred immersed them in what witnesses in the program claim they experienced.


“I Wouldn’t Go There” will feature noted sites around Asia that have been steeped in rumors of the supernatural over 10 episodes, backing up the re-enactment of reported hauntings with eyewitness testimony of ghostly encounters. In the Philippine episode, witnesses to sightings of ghosts and apparitions in Clark Air Base Hospital will be interviewed, and a deeper inquiry into the roots of these stories will be made.

Clark Air Base once housed 15,000 servicemen at its peak and was the base of major operations for the US during World War II. In particular, the base hospital and its morgue had seen many horrors throughout its existence. Thousands of dead or horrifically wounded soldiers were flown in during the Vietnam War, and many lives had been lost within its walls.


The opinions of experts on history, culture and the paranormal lend “I Wouldn’t Go There” an authenticity that goes beyond that of the usual paranormal show. In this show, NGC highlights the historical value of such places of horror around Asia, as well as the rich culture of superstition that pervades throughout the Asian consciousness, allowing witnesses to see and believe the unimaginable for what they are.

Besides the Clark Air Base Hospital in the Philippines, other places that will be featured in Asia on “I Wouldn’t Go There” include Yeongdeok House in Korea, Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, Tat Tak school in Hong Kong, and Jingmei Detention Center in Taiwan. Many locations have bloody histories that have remained in the locals’ psyche and shaped their beliefs through the years.

NGC’s viewers can catch the premiere of its newest investigative series “I Wouldn’t Go There” on August 23, 2013 at 9 PM. “I Wouldn’t Go There” will show every Friday at 9 PM, only on the National Geographic Channel.

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