Thursday, August 1, 2013

If You Can Dream It, They Can Build It! Tanked Returns With A Splash For More Out-Of-This-World Aquarium Building

This is a fascinating show that will almost always leave you amazed!

Press Release:

The mention of an aquarium may bring to mind images of goldfish swimming in a bowl, but the guys at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) would much rather imagine sharks and alligators gliding in a massive tank! Get reeled into the wet and wonderful world of larger-than-life aquariums this August on TANKED 3, where bigger is always better. No creative project is too outlandish for Wayde King and Brett Raymer, co-owners of the Las Vegas-based family business that has built the most jaw-dropping aquariums for top celebrities, Fortune 500 businesses, millionaire homeowners and more. 

After successfully swimming their way through crazy builds in previous seasons including the world’s tallest smoothie cup aquarium and a smoking hot tank with fire on the inside, can ATM top it off in TANKED 3 or are they submerged way over their heads? Viewers are in for a wild, wet ride on TANKED 3 every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m., starting August 7. Encores every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Saturday at 3:00 p.m. and Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

A 20-part series, TANKED 3 sees ATM wade into dangerous territory as it takes on more mind-blowing projects that push the limits of creativity - and even safety. The team has to build a mammoth indoor tank that will house alligators and sharks, a donut-shaped aquarium made to look dunked into a cup of coffee, a syringe-shaped tank containing a beating heart, and even a stingray tank for National Basketball Association (NBA) star, Dwayne Wade. In this season, Wayde and Brett also face their most difficult clients yet – themselves! ATM is moving into a new shop and needs a personalised tank to complete the look. How can the world’s most successful aquarium builders outdo themselves when they become the harshest critics of their own masterpiece?  

Even after taking more than 200 projects every year with aquariums ranging from 50 to 50,000 gallons in size, every day is still a surprise for the high-decibel family-owned business. Can there ever be a tank large enough to contain the massive personalities of the exuberant cast including Wayde’s wife and Brett’s sister Heather King, her father “General” Irwin Raymer, Robbie "Redneck" Christlieb and Agnes Wilczynski? Get dunked into a massive pool of creative fun in the following episodes of TANKED 3:

Wayde and Brett let Robbie show off his Recreational Vehicle (RV) knowledge by letting him design an RV aquarium. The guys step into dangerous territory as they construct a massive indoor tank for some of the deadliest creatures around – alligators and sharks! Wayde and Brett must figure out how to keep these ancient hunters from battling it out in the same aquarium.

Wayde and Brett get physical when they build a multi-activity tank for fitness mogul Mark Mastrov. Down south, the guys are building an enormous hexagonal shaped tank for a casino in Alabama that must include a scaled replica of the famed Middle Bay Lighthouse. The duo jump aboard a boat and check out this historical landmark to make sure that the replication is spot on.

Wayde and Brett have the coveted task of creating a stingray tank for the National Basketball Association (NBA) star Dwyane Wade as he launches his new shoe line. As it is a temporary installation made especially for Dwyane Wade’s party, the guys must deal with the hefty task of installing a functioning tank for a myriad of celebrities and professional athletes, and then tear it all down within a mere 36 hours! In North Carolina, the ATM team makes an aquarium filled with sushi and burgers for a restaurant specialising in the new burger-sushi concept called ‘bugushi.’

Wayde and Brett dive into a brand new undertaking that involves transporting an operational beer fermenter for a new brewery in town. They then head south to create an iconic donut-shaped tank inspired by Dunkin' Donuts. The aquarium will be dunked into a replication of a steaming hot cup of coffee, and everyone gets in on the fun when it is time to choose the coveted hand model needed to create the tank.

Wayde and Brett tackle a strange request by a healthcare provider for a syringe-shaped aquarium. When Brett makes a blunder, the guys end up being forced to put a beating heart inside the tank! The duo ends up having to construct a tank for themselves as ATM has moved into a new shop and must build its own signature aquarium. It is all hands on deck in order to create mini replications of ATM’s off-the-wall aquariums that will be included in the massive new tank.

When a shopping mall enlists Wayde and Brett’s help to turn a seating area in their new food court into a one-of-a-kind sailboat tank, the guys look to the United States Naval Academy for inspiration. Back in Vegas, a friend of Heather’s commissions ATM to transform a vintage popcorn machine into a functional freshwater tank for her Popcorn Girl store. Before the guys can get cracking, they must first track down the perfect popcorn machine.

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