Friday, May 4, 2012

“Green Hornet” actor Jay Chou as Kaspersky Lab’s New Brand Ambassador for Asia Pacific

I have Kaspersky Internet Security installed in my netbook and I am very satisfied with its performance! Glad to know that Jay Chou feels the same way :)

Press Release:

Kaspersky Lab, a leading secure content and threat management solutions developer, is proud to announce the appointment of creative genius Jay Chou as its latest brand ambassador for the Asia Pacific, as part of the unique branding strategies of Kaspersky Lab to protect more than 300 million users globally.

Chou hit the international market with the remake of the Green Hornet, where he portrayed the character of Kato (formerly played by Bruce Lee in the TV series).

The Taiwanese actor is also a film director, singer-songwriter, music and film producer, a one-man entertainment juggernaut, who effortlessly combines Chinese and Western music styles in an eclectic mix of R&B, rock, pop and ethnic music. He is also gifted with a personality that wins fans and friends globally.

With his versatility as an artist, Chou earned the respect of millions of Asian and Western artists and fans.

His popularity has also earned him the spot of becoming the Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab's award-winning products, services and technologies have exceptionally high and accurate malware detection rates, meeting Jay Chou's needs as an individual user and as a corporate network owner with important personal and corporate information to keep safe.

Under this partnership, Chou will work with Kaspersky Lab to launch new releases of products for home users and corporate users.

“Jay Chou is an amazing multi-talented entertainer and entrepreneur with a uniqueness, innovativeness and creativity that is an ideal match for Kaspersky Lab. As an individual and corporate user of our products who has a great interest in technology, Kaspersky and Jay Chou is an ideal match. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to much great collaborations with Jay,” said Kaspersky Lab Asia Pacific Managing Director Harry Cheung.

Cheung said that the brand works towards achieving ever higher levels of security and threat management for a safer digital environment and is constantly on the lookout for ambassadors who can take the important message of security to a wider audience.

“Kaspersky has been experiencing tremendous growth over the past few years due to our market leading products and innovative campaigns. We are the only security brand working with high profile brand ambassadors who are able to embody the values and benefits of using our products,” Cheung said.

Chou, for his part, said that like the core values upheld by Kaspersky Lab, he also values quality of service and satisfaction of audiences. He understands that protecting one’s investments from a harsh digital crime is paramount and that all Internet users must also be able to put in place all the necessary precautions.

"I trust Kaspersky Lab fully as updates are speedy and constant. There is no downtime, no security breaches and malware gets dealt with quickly and efficiently. I have the peace of mind of the best protection. Kaspersky is my only choice for IT security protection'' Jay Chou said.

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