Monday, January 17, 2011

Children's Craft Book Promotes Recyling

This month, Museo Pambata opens a new room called I Love My Planet Earth which is centered on helping save the environment. In line with this advocacy, the interactive museum also launched a book entitled 101 Crafts to Make With Toilet Paper Roll Tubes. It shows children how to creatively reuse toilet paper tubes that usually end up as trash.

101 Crafts to Make With toilet Paper Roll Tubes features 116 colorful pages of step-by-step photos. With these, kids can make their own toys, games and gifts from various items found in their homes. This is Museo Pambata's way to inspire children to use their creativity and imagination in turning waste materials into useful things.

The book is now available at the museum's Pasalubong Shop and will soon be available in other bookstores.

*Museo Pambata is the Philippines' premier children's interactive museum that has various exhibits and programs promoting love and care for the environment.

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