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CHARICE: Filipino Superstar

If you haven't yet seen and heard Charice Pempengco sing live, this is your chance. Start the New Year with a bang by catching her at Enchanted Kingdom this coming January 9. Read on for the latest updates on this remarkable young lady.

Press Release: A Magical Tale

A Star’s Humble Beginnings. Not everybody knows that Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, or simply Charice, was a neighbor of Enchanted Kingdom’s beloved wizard, Eldar, as she was born in Laguna on May 10, 1992.

She and her younger brother were raised by a single mother who had not been afraid to share their story – how they struggled, and how Charice was pressured to help support their family by joining whatever singing trysts she can find. She had been attending amateur tilts in fiestas beyond her hometown, where she shares that she had been part of almost a hundred singing contests, exercising those magnificent vocal chords since she was seven years old.

Charice also tried her luck in local show business. In 2005, she joined Little Big Star where she had been eliminated right after her first performance. Luckily, she was called back in as a wildcard contender and made her way to the grand finals. She only emerged a runner-up and was then forgotten after her stint at the talent show.

But, as they say, if it is not a happy ending, then it is not yet the end.

YouTube Sensation. Call it fate, luck or whatever term applicable. In 2007, a supporter using the pseudonym FalseVoice began posting a series of her performance videos on YouTube. These videos instantly received over 13 milion hits, catapulting Charice to YouTube Singing Sensation status. That is where her meteoric rise to stardom happened as if overnight with her first guest appearance on Ellen, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, who discovered the petite singing sensation on YouTube. After that, respected talk show host Oprah Winfrey, also one of the most powerful and wealthiest women on earth,  invited Charice to guest several times in the show and moreover dubbing her as the Most Talented Girl in the World. More doors were opened for Charice as she also appeared in other shows and had her very first stint in Hollywood in one of the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

Shortly after releasing her first hit single Pyramid with fellow artist Iyaz, Charice will forever remain in history as the first solo Asian artist to land in the Top Ten of the Billboard 200 album chart. Pyramid is a very inspirational song with beautiful lyrics and a testament to how powerful her singing voice is. She is indeed a small lady with a big voice!

Of course, numerous offers to appear in shows and endorse products and corporations poured in to overwhelm this talented young lady who had never shown that her feet have left the ground. She continues to captivate people not only with her mesmerizing voice and brilliant performances, but also with her humble and bubbly personality.

Move over, Leah Michelle. The star of the hit musicale TV series, Glee, along with the rest of the cast and crew confessed to being blown away with the powerful voice of Charice, who appeared as a guest star named Sunshine Corazon. The world watched as she sang her own rendition of Beyonce Knowles’ “Listen,” which made the whole Philippines stop and cheer for joy after her flawless performance. She also was able to sing her version of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” among her many superb performances in the program.

Charice is currently working on her sophomore studio album, in which she will collaborate with another talented superstar, Sean Garrett. And while she is not breaking barriers with her jaw-dropping voice and performances, more and more people have been noticing her, like international singing star, Josh Groban who states that her voice is the most beautiful that he has heard in a long time. Composer David Foster noticed that Charice also has the ability to mimic the voices of other people, which is one of the best abilities of only the best singers. Going back to Glee, its executive music producer, Ryan Murphy, perfectly describes her voice by stating, “When that girl opens her mouth, angels fly out.”

Pretty soon, Charice will come back home to Laguna, where she is bound to make Eldar’s Enchanted Kingdom of 15 years much more magical than it has ever been. Brace yourselves on January 9 for EK’s Enchanting Christmas treat for all as Charice comes home and gives a powerful concert at the park grounds.

Entitled Enchanting New Year’s Cheers with Charice, the concert is still part of EK’s 15th anniversary celebration. It will definitely be a New Year treat for all to cherish. Admission is free.

For more details, contact Enchanted Kingdom’s Makati Sales Office at 812-7232, 584-3535, 584-4326 to 29, or log on to their website at You can also read the other press release about the show in my other blog.

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