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Happiness By Way of Ramen is Found at Hanamaruken

Aren't the names of the dishes at Hanamaruken so creative?! Do visit one of their branches located in Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, or Rockwell and try their various offerings!

Press Release:

In the Manila food scene, a trend picks up, catches fire, and eventually fizzles out. Thus, when the ramen trend hit several years ago, numerous ramen restaurants sprouted around Metro Manila faster than you could slurp up a bowl of miso soup. Today, ramen restaurants are a dime a dozen, challenging the remaining competitors to set themselves apart. How? By meeting three criteria—quality, authenticity, and (for the bolder chefs), innovation—and that's exactly what Hanamaruken seems to be so good at.

Hana Champion
Hanamaruken Ramen found its beginnings in no less than the mecca of Japanese cuisineOsaka, Japan. It was founded by Takaku Arakawa, a man whose family was in the piggery business. As the one whose job was to sell pork wholesale, he developed a passion for it, and wanted to find a way to integrate his favorite cut into ramen, the Japanese national food. 

Signature Happiness Ramen
He discovered “Tonkotsu” which is stewed pork cartilage—a cut that was not only delicious and flavorful, but one that could easily broken by chopsticks. This is what set his ramen apart from the numerous ramen restaurants in Osaka, and is what birthed what many like to call his masterpiece ramen: The Signature Happiness Ramen. This joyful bowl includes a shoyu tonkotsu broth ramen topped with a tender, slow-braised custom cut soft bone rib. Over 40 restaurants later, Hanamaruken has found its new home in Manila, thanks to ramen enthusiast, technopreneur, and restaurateur Charles Paw. He frequented the restaurant so often during his travels that he decided to bring it here as a franchise. Why keep this joy to himself, after all?

Hana Abura
The Signature Happiness Ramen is one among 7 options to choose from, on a menu that is simple and straightforward, but nonetheless appetizing. The Sparerib Ramen and the Potbelly Ramen are certainly menu stars, but the other selections—the Curry Tan Tan Mien, the Spicy Tobanjan Ramen, the Salary Man Ramen, and the Chasyu Ramen can certainly hold their own as well. And for a small fee of Php50, you can add an Aji Tamago, a traditional marinated soft boiled egg.

At Hanamaruken, meat is taken quite seriously, and thus must be enjoyed in different forms and ways. The Hanamaruken Rice bowls capture the Filipino palate's fascination with rice, and topping a dining staple with meat so good you could cry about it. But happiness must come first! Customers are raving about the Happiness Rice Bowl, which includes the famous pork rib over steamed rice, as well as the Drunk Man Rice Bowl, which includes kukuni with two fried eggs on rice—because there's nothing quite like a bowl of carbs and protein for nursing a hangover. 

fried rice
Other must-tries include the classic Gyoza and the Ebi Tempura. One can never truly go wrong with Japanese comfort food, especially when assured of topnotch quality. “We strive to provide only the best quality ingredients to satisfy our customers. We settle for nothing less,” insists Arakawa, who speaks of his restaurants with as much tenderness as a father would of his son. “I put my soul and passion into making this ramen,” he boldly declares.

enjoy eating!
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