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Wingstop's Ambassadors Serve Flavor to the World

Recently, the Flavor Experts launched a digital exhibit of personalities to represent its 14 unique flavors. Know more about each of them below. In addition, there's a Flavor Invasion promo that you may want to check out so you can get Wingstop freebies! Read about that one, here.

Press Release:

Wingstop, the Flavor Company, is on a mission to serve flavor to the world. With a selection of 14 flavors designed to cure every kind of craving, Wingstop guarantees that no matter your personality or preference, there’s always something for everyone! 

Wingstop's Glorietta 2 branch
To amplify this, the brand launched a one-of-a-kind digital exhibit featuring some of the most influential individuals from a range of industries to represent their flavors. Wingstop selected ambassadors to match each one of its distinct flavors based on the conviction that every one of them is able to embody the hunger, hustle, and crave that their flavors represent. 
Yuki Tansengco is a multi-hyphenate millennial who is a fashion stylist, blogger and founder of the social enterprise White Elephant. She represents the brand's wildcard flavor Mango Habanero. For her, serving flavor to the world is to continuously surprise people with what she has to offer—just like the flavor's unexpected combination of sweet and heat. “I like reinventing myself, and changing things up. I like keeping things new and exciting for people.”

Yuki and Wil
To represent  Hot Buffalo, Wil Dasovich says that it’s all about taking risks. “My motto is to do something new every day that I've never done before.” As a Fil-Croatian Youtube sensation and actor, finding the hustle is how the comic video blogger keeps things hot and interesting. 

Travel and fashion blogger Camie Juan brings the Lemon Pepper flavor’s zest to life when she’s out discovering new places and hungering for adventure. “I say yes to opportuni-ties that I normally wouldn't have in my line of work. I try to step out of my comfort zone.” 

Camie and Ornusa
Renowned female DJ and model Ornusa Cadness knows exactly when to be spontaneous, both on the turntable and in her everyday life. Just like the Spicy Soy, she keeps things exciting, especially when it comes to her music. “I like to mix things up when I'm spinning for people. I like to keep them guessing.”

Representing the intense heat of the Atomic, Tricia Centenera is not afraid to be different. As a lifestyle blogger, dancer, and model, she fuels the fire that comes with the hottest flavor on the menu. “You need to act with conviction. Whatever you do, you have to do it for yourself, and not for anyone else.” 

Tricia and Ashley
Musician, gamer, cosplayer, and blogger Ashley Gosengfiao insists that flavor is all about being authentic and being real about who you are. As someone fascinated by Japanese culture, she represents Teriyaki, “I serve flavor to the world by being real. When I post online, what you see is what you get. I don't try to be anyone else.” 

Fashion blogger and positivity advocate Cher Lui Pio is all about keeping it real. “I serve flavor to the world by being the best version of my genuine self, spreading good vibrations all day, every day.” Representing the unique flavor Korean Soy, she tries to put a different twist to anything and everything she does. 

Cher and Jelito
Photographer Jelito de Leon says that when it comes to a good meal and doing good work, it’s all about keeping things simple. Just like the Garlic Parmesan, he strives to be versatile by using his creativity to turn something simple into something interesting. How does Jelito serve flavor to the world? By being fuss-free. “I go with anything. I’m easy and flexible.” 

For other ambassadors, it is about making connections with people. Musician and songwriter Gio Levy represents Cajun – a bold flavor with a lot of soul. As a performer, his goal is to bring his brand of flavor to people and bring happiness to the world. “Wherever I get on stage, I try my best to cater to the crowd.” 

Gio and Natalia
Fashion blogger and model Natalia Ortega wants to bring the same sweetness of the Honey Garlic flavor to every person that she encounters. Her goal is to spread positivity. Just like her flavor, she admits that she is as sweet as honey with a bit of spice. She sweetens her life by building solid relationships with her family, friends, clients, and colleagues. “I take care of my relationships by trying to be the same person with my family, my friends, and at work — I treat everybody the same way.” 

One of the country’s foremost male lifestyle fashion bloggers, Paul Chuapoco, channels his inner cowboy as the ambassador for Hickory Barbecue. For Paul, it's all about injecting fun wherever he goes, sharing positive energy and good vibes. Just like an easygoing ranchero, he shares, “I try to be good company, whoever I'm with, wherever I am.”

Paul and Reese
Reese Lansangan believes she serves flavor to the world through her diversity as an artist. “I feel like I offer a very different set of talents and skills in one package—I'm a musician, artist and author. I don't believe I have to be just one thing, and I think that’s what makes me different.” As a woman on a mission, she juggles her numerous roles by keeping her calm, just like Mild Buffalo. “I'm relaxed. I don't let stressful situations bother me. I find solutions instead of freaking out.”

Social media specialist and blogger Rhea Bue represents Honey Barbecue and is as interesting as this flavor combination. “I may look like I'm sweet on the outside, but on the inside I am pretty fierce.” She gives her work everything she's got. “I give my all to everything that I do. I never do anything half baked.”

Rhea and Tony
Radio DJ Tony Toni Bueno is the ambassador for Louisiana Rub—a flavor he describes as a party in your mouth. He chooses to celebrate life, no matter what. “I decided to change my mind set. When you decide to be grateful for what you have, that is when you can be happy and become a voice of inspiration and hope to others.”

Seize your own flavor at the Wingstop branch nearest you. For more information, LIKE Wingstop Philippines on Facebook and FOLLOW @wingstopph on Instagram.

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