Monday, June 8, 2015

Sharing Good Vibes: Manong Guard as the “Unlikely” Hero

Sharing this because we all need to be reminded of, and acknowledge, the inherent goodness of people and that, we too, should conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do ...

Press Release:

With the volume of people going in and out of malls everyday, being a security guard tasked to ensure everyone’s safety is no joke. A security guard is expected to be quick on his feet and always mentally alert especially since security risks these days are getting trickier. That is why security personnel always have to undergo regular training.

Mr. AV Paule led the presentation of Plaque of Appreciation 
given by all accredited Security Agency Providers to 
P/SUPT PERGENTINO NOBLE MALLABED JR, Chief of Police, Sta Rosa City, Laguna 
as a gesture of thanks and gratitude on his precious time and efforts 
shared before the graduates being the guest speaker
Being the biggest mall in the country in terms of number of branches and daily foot traffic, SM handles security as a top priority. Apart from the training, the SM Security Force also rewards exemplary performance from its ranks. In a recent graduation ceremony held at SM North EDSA, several security guards were given recognition and commendation for their honesty, alertness, and dedication. 

Not too many people realize this, but the amount of cash that security guards find and turn over to mall administration for return to customers is big enough to test one’s moral virtues. The value ranges from as “low” as PhP 22,000 to a staggering US$ 2,000! Any lesser human being would have easily ran away with the money; but not these security guards, who believe that honesty is –  as the cliché goes – the best policy.

Aside from cash, these security guards also face the temptation that goes with electronic gadgets left by customers like cellular phones and music players. Again, others can just as easily say, “finders keepers” and run to the nearest gadget stall to sell the goods. Only security guards with integrity would take the high road and surrender the found items to proper authorities. 

(from left) Mr. AJ Alabe, AVP CRS, Mr. Jayred Martin, CRS Rep, SMCM, 
Mr. AV Paule, SVP for EDD Security Affairs, and Mr. FH Buena, SAVP, CRS SM Retail. 
 Mr. Martin has been bestowed the SM Alertness Medal with 1st Bronze Equilateral Triangle.
The commended security men were also responsible for the arrest of salisi gang members, shoplifters, pickpockets, and swindlers. Bear in mind that they are not police officers, and therefore do not carry firearms whenever they are inside the mall. For them to catch these criminals is courageous that not any regular Juan can do.

Perhaps it would help us customers to remember that the life of kuya sikyo is always on the line while he looks after our own. His job may not be as dangerous as that of a soldier, but risky and daunting just the same if you take into consideration the thousands of civilian customers and tenants he has to look after, day in and day out. 

So, to SM security guards like Jayred C. Martin, Norberto S. Bautista, Jr., Angelito P. Fuentes, Dominador O. Apawan, Lourince Z. Olog, Dexter P. Gadot, Melvin O. Muramatsu, Rowell R. Condolon, Oliver M. Maramag, and Ramon P. De Leonsaludo kami sa inyo, mga sirs!

On our part, it wouldn’t hurt to give manong guard a short smile or acknowledgment once in a while. Try it the next time you go to a mall :)

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