Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Seven Easy Ways to Be a Smart Shopper

These are good reminders for every shopper … not just the compulsive ones! Please read!

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Is shopping your favorite pastime and “Shop 'til I drop” your mantra in life? If you often find yourself in the mall itching to buy something you don’t really need, use, or want, chances are, you are among the one out of 20 adults who fall into the attractive trap of compulsive buying. 

Compulsive shopping has little to do with grabbing the glitziest or trendiest things out of want, and everything to do with creating emotional safety nets to seek relief from stress or even boredom. We all know that giddy and accomplished feeling that shopping could give, but sometimes, a bit of planning and a lot of self-control can turn a bad habit into a productive hobby. 

Before hitting the malls and the cha-ching sound of the cash register becomes music to your ears, here are seven easy tips that can help you shop wisely:

1.   Look at the price, and then some.  One of the most common mistakes shoppers make is to purchase solely on price, buying the “best” or “lowest” priced products. Before falling victim to the price myth, keep in mind that purchase decisions should always be based on value. Ask yourself these questions: Would I consider paying full price for this item?  How often will I use the product?  For how long will I be able to use this? Once you have answers to these questions, price justification will come easy!

2.   Examine warranty policies before making a purchase. Warranties are important particularly for major items like gadgets. Before going straight to the cashier, know the duration period as well as the coverage of the warranty. These are also good add-ons to your purchase so it pays to consider these before finally deciding which item you will get. Since warranty coverage usually ranges from months to years, filing them together with the receipts can make warranty claims easier.

3.   Don’t shop hungry.  You are likely to buy a lot more than you need if you head to the grocery with a grumbling tummy. Make sure you eat something before you do your grocery so you can focus on what you actually need to buy – and not on your cravings. Struggling to stay within the budget? It actually helps to choose the smallest cart available.

4.   Always compare. Pop into different shops to have an idea of what options are available for you. This not only gives you an idea of the product’s price range but also allows you to see which store offers better value.  When in the supermarket, look at the cost of items by unit pricing, that is by looking at the cost of items by weight and comparing value for money.

5.   Save receipts. These come in handy when you need to return or exchange unused items that you recently purchased. Keeping your receipts, especially when you used a credit card for payment, also allows you to double check your monthly bill and see if it is accurate.

6.   Use a product as soon as you buy it.  If you bought a camera for next month’s road trip, make sure to test it to ensure that it is properly working. If you’re the type who shops early, it’s wise to do the same for gifts that you intend to give at a later date, including making sure all parts are included in the packaging.

7.   Take advantage of your rewards. Loyalty cards, such as SM Advantage Card, give you bigger bang for your buck since you earn points every time you purchase particular items, which you can then use when you go shopping at participating retail outlets.

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