Friday, May 24, 2013

Donnalyn Bartolome Conquers YouTube; 1st Single LM4M Now Out on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Mp3 and Spotify

We really have a lot of talented young people in the Philippines! Wishing you more success Donnalyn! 

Press Release:

Fairly recently, “unknown” singer and songwriter Donnalyn Bartolome (Donnalyn who?) was a guest in a mall show in Quezon City. From out of the woodwork emerged crazed fans of all sizes and shapes – all 2,000 of them! The security force of the mall and bouncers hired for the occasion were powerless to the avalanche created by her brief appearance. Puzzled and bedazzled show organizers asked, “Who is she?! Where did she come from?!”

The internet. That is the answer.

For the last couple years, a charismatic young woman, cooped up at home taking care of her siblings, did covers of “Pretty Girl Rock,” “Teach Me How to Dougie” and OPM hits “Buko” and “Gayuma” for the entertainment of her friends. These friends started sharing her videos, and the videos soon became viral.

Her fan base grew incredibly and she now gets P10K additional fans PER DAY, with 700K fans on Facebook. Her YouTube videos are shared by over 24K fans and the cumulative views are climbing towards – hold your breath – one billion (1B)!

This is just the beginning. Donnalyn has started doing guest appearances in malls and other events – this sans TV and radio presence. Somehow, her fans literally fill the venue.

This summer, Donnalyn is shedding her "online-only" persona and stepping into the spotlight with her first single, LM4M (Love Me 4 Me), an anthem to all of her friends, family, loved ones, and fans who have loved her for being herself all this time. LM4M was released on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Mp3, Spotify, and many other online retailers on May 15. Her mobile ringback will be out soon. 

Check out the preview of LM4M here:

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