Sunday, September 4, 2011

Five reasons why real friends need offline bonding moments

It's great that a lot of us get to communicate with friends easily via all the techie gadgets we have. But, if you are really good friends with several people, nothing beats seeing and talking to them in person. I agree with Greenwich, we all need offline bonding moments once in a while and not be content just chatting or sending messages via email.

Press Release:

Celebrate Friendship Day everyday with your barkada in the best way possible—by spending quality time together in person. And as you schedule your fun get-togethers, budget will be the least of your worries because Greenwich, the Philippines’ favorite pizza chain, now offers presyong kaibigan for their pizzas and pastas. Face-to-face moments with the barkada can now be easier and scheduled more often so you can enjoy the many other perks of real-time face time with friends. All it takes is to round up your friends with “Greenwich tayo!”

1. Live emoticons. Virtually nothing gets lost in translation when interactions are face-to-face. To rule out misinterpretations among friends, make your kwento or latest update come to life by sharing it in person, complete with real feelings in your face and voice. Have a joke to share? Sure you get the smiley, but there’s also nothing more infectious than hearing the LOLs of friends in person. Wanna make it extra fun? Throw in a special barkada treat- Greenwich Special Overload - with 13 premium toppings! Double-size for only P229 that’s good for 3 friends.

2. Celebrate! Happy status update? New gadget? Great day at work? Share and celebrate with the barkada! Kilig moments with a new significant other? Go ahead and tell everyone what happened. Nothing beats the feeling of getting giddy together and painting a rosy picture of your future with those who know you best. Make it feel extra festive with Greenwich All-Meat & Cheese Overload. Barkada-size for only P349 that’s good for 4 friends.

3. Barkada date. Forget about your ‘single loneliness’ and enjoy the day with other single friends instead, together with your favorite comfort food. In their company, you’ll have plenty of special someones. Go and get cheesy together over a favorite John Lloyd Cruz-rom-com flick, or lose yourselves in an action thriller. In the physical company of your friends, you’ll always be comforted and never have to feel alone. Certainly not when you’re also crowding over 7-Cheese Overload. Double-size Overload Pizza for only P229 that’s good for 3 friends.

4. Real hugs and comfort. When shared face-to-face, bad news becomes lighter because you can look into the faces of your dearest friends. Nothing beats having them around to physically comfort you and let you know it will be okay. Rally them and feel their support as you pour out your troubles. Be there for them, too, whenever they need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. The comfort level just goes through the roof when you top off the moment with the certified Philippines’ favorite Ultimate Hawaiian Overload. Double-size Overload Pizza for only P199 that’s good for 3 friends.

5. True-blue ‘trending’. Know what your cool friends are wearing, and most importantly, how they pull it off in person. Watch the hottest music videos together or share a pair of earphones to listen to new indie bands and share reviews live and on-the-spot. By sharing new interests and passions together and in person, friendship bonds are strengthened. And the kwentuhan lasts longer with a Greenwich Lasagna Supreme for only P79.

Missing your friends yet? Send a PM now and invite them out. And with Greenwich’s pizzas and pasta dishes now presyong kaibigan, you can have as many get-togethers as you want and enjoy the best of real moments together.

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