Thursday, March 31, 2011

Discover a Safe Way to Combat Vaginal Dryness

Feminine hygiene is not such a sensitive topic nowadays as seen in TV commercials about various products for women's most delicate body part. However, many Filipinas remain very reticent when it comes to discussing physical problems that have to do with intimacy.

I am sharing with you a writeup about a product for women who are undergoing menopause or who experience pain and dryness during sexual intercourse. I hope that this may be able to help women who still can't bring themselves to talk about their condition even to a doctor.

Press Release:

During the natural course of a woman's maturity, several changes are present in puberty, pregnancy, and, of course, menopause. These changes can bring about symptoms that manifest physically, emotionally, and physiologically.

One of these symptoms is feeling a sudden fatigue after doing the same old routine you've been doing for a long time. This inexplicable fatigue can be followed by hot and cold flushes that can trigger irritability and impatience. These symptoms however can still be endured without any eliciting further physical pain. But there is one condition most women go through but dare not talk about.

Characterized by tightness due to lack of moisture in the vaginal walls, resulting to pain and discomfort, vaginal atrophy can be considered as the heaviest baggage menopause brings. And sadly, most women who suffer this often opt for self medication using ordinary lubricants.

Dr. Bernabe Marinduque, Cosmetic Gynecologist and Medical Director of Beverly Hills 6750, sees this situation as normal, especially in a society like the Philippines. The treatment of sex and all that has got to do with it as a taboo is still very big, that is why women lack the proper education regarding these kinds of conditions.

Combining the taboo-like treatment of sexual health in the society, plus the lack of proper medications available in the country make vaginal atrophy hard to eradicate. However, a breakthrough technology that is making waves in the US has finally landed on Philippine shores. Scientifically proven safe and effective, Replens is an FDA-approved vaginal moisturizer that works better than the usual store-brought lubricants.

Made with polycarbopil, hydrogenated palm oil and mineral oil, Replens provides no harmful side effects like irritation even when used regularly. Once applied, it stays in the vaginal area for three days without the need to reapply or the fear of dripping that most lubricants bring. Unlike most medications, Replens does not have any hormones or estrogen; instead it encourages the vagina to produce its own secretion, thus preventing dryness. It is a safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Nobody deserves to be gripped by vaginal atrophy. Use Replens for comfort that lasts longer and live everyday without worry, pain and discomfort.

Replens is available upon request in all Mercury Drugstore nationwide. For more inquiries, please contact New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation at 836-5838 to 47.

There is also another product called RepHresh that is recommended for younger women. Please click here to read more about it.


Tubal Reversal said...

great and awesome reproductive blog...i am really impressed to see it...
I recently see a site of an very experienced doctor name as DR Morice and specialized in woman issues like Tubal Reversal,Fertility treatment,Cosmetic Surgery,vaginal tightness and much more like these..

marilou chan said...

i am only 42 years old and definitely not yet menopause but recently i experience dryness during the sexual intercourse. can i use this product instead? thank you in advance

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